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8023513 tn?1404352955 Just wondering how alcohol affect breast milk and how bad it is to drink while breastfeeding. Not saying I'm going to be drinking, I'm just curious!
2207301 tn?1340990867 I did find at Babies R US they have test strips that you can test your breast milk to see if the alcohol levels are low and safe for you to feed that milk to your baby. It's what I plan on doing, I got pregnant 2 months after I turned 21 and my hubby turns 21 next year and I wanna be able to drink with him but I will be breastfeeding.
Avatar f tn You certainly can drink and breastfeed as long as its a reasonable amount you are drinking (roughly one drink per hour). Firstly pump and dump is a waste of milk no matter how much you pump the.alcohol in your milk is Dependant on the alcohol in your blood and how quickly your body metabolizes it. Test strips are also a waste of money... Also just because you have a drink or two over the course of about an hour doesn't mean that your breast milk has the same alcohol content as your drinks.
Avatar f tn Pump and dump is not gonna help and the teat strips are a waste of money. Alcohol metabolizes through your breast milk at the same rate that it metabolizes in your blood. Meaning if you have one drink, regardless of how much you pump and dump it'll still take about an hour for your body to fully metabolize the alcohol. With that being said the concentration of alcohol in your breast milk also reflects that of your blood.
Avatar f tn There's a lot of controversy on this but I was told once you're sober the alcohol is out of your system and out of your milk so pumping and dumping is pointless. I've also heard that the amount of alcohol in your milk isn't enough to effect your baby when you do drink because it does into your body and say your blood alcohol content is .08 which is the legal limit then the amount in your milk would only be a very small percentage of that.
10515800 tn?1419227034 And pumping and dumping will do nothing if alcohol is still in your blood stream.
Avatar f tn Buy the testing strips. They test for alcohol in your breast milk.
Avatar f tn There are breastfeeding strips you can buy to test your breast milk, my lactation consultant said to throw it away if it had alcohol content in it, of course. So you can pump a little and test it, and if it's still positive for alcohol, wait another few hours and test again.
Avatar n tn Yes it does, you're getting rid of the milk that is contaminated with alcohol. Alcohol doesn't stay in your system that long, so if you dump a couple feedings worth it is out of the system and not in the new milk.
Avatar f tn They have these breast milk tester strips that they sale at target that will tell you if the alcohol got into your breast milk.. if you're gonna drink I would suggest picking those up..
Avatar f tn And yes alcohol is bad for your baby. It is secreted in breast milk. They also sell tests strips for breast milk.
1169085 tn?1263245274 ok here are the facts... Another point to remember is how long alcohol remains in your breast milk. Alcohol doesn't stay in breast milk - it returns to the bloodstream as mother's blood alcohol level declines. Therefore, pumping and dumping breast milk will not remove the alcohol present, or speed up the process of removing alcohol from breast milk.
Avatar f tn As for drinking you need to pump before tou drink and at least twice after you are finished if you are not sure on if you have alcohol in your system they make alcahol testing strips for your milk I recommend getting them
Avatar f tn Also, Im pretty sure that pump and dump isnt really make sense unless your drunk or under influence,when you do it, once alcohol leaves your system, it also leaves breast milk. So you only dump when the alcohol is likely in your system still, at a rate of 1 drink per hour. If you have 3 drinks in an hour, wait three to four hours to feed baby, or to pump and save milk.
362119 tn?1223137936 is it still normal for him to sleep most of the day?? also....I am breast feeding and was wondering about alcohol and feeding him... is it safe for a small amout? lets say.. one glass of wine?
Avatar f tn You always want to make sure you have enough nutrients.
Avatar f tn so i stopped breastfeeding but i had to keep pumping so i wont lose milk. and my milk was green the color of the nyquil for two days after drinking it for that one day. so i hope that tells you. that anything you drink will be in your milk for at least a couple of days.
Avatar f tn Maybe if you pump after u drink it I got confused sorry I've seen woman had wine pump the milk out then breast feed later
Avatar f tn Drinking while breast feeding is it wrong? And how long does it take for the milk to stop producing from the breast please don't judge me im a Ftm........
Avatar f tn I had 2 mixed drinks around 7 last night and was wondering when my milk will be alcohol free and okay to feed my son safely. I have milk stored as well as formula but I want to nurse again asap. Do any of you ladies know from experience how long I need to wait? I've read o should be OK by today but I just want a few opinions.
Avatar f tn I am lead to believe pumpin and dumping doesn't work. The alcohol stays in your milk while its in your system. When you sober up, your milk should be fine. But i would definitely recommend alcohol test strips to be safe.
Avatar n tn I just took a class on breast feeding instructed by a international liscenced board lactation consultant. She said that the concern is not how much alcohol is in your breast milk...the concern is how capable or intoxicated you are. If you drink a beer or get a little buzzed its still okay to feed your baby. If you get drunk or wasted its not okay to hold and feed your baby because its not safe. She also said that the test strips are a waste of money.
Avatar n tn Too much alcohol.
Avatar f tn the nurse i talked to (and she checked their nursing book to make sure) said that its so little alcohol that gets threw the breast milk u just have to wait a few hours. and if u have one drink (beer or wine only) u can start nursing right away. it did say if u do want to have a few drinks that the best time is to wait till night after u feed your baby n his put to bed.
Avatar f tn hi, in planning to breast feed and wondered if it means you shouldnt drink alcohol or any others things you should avoid eating also?
Avatar f tn I have never used the strips but have. Also read that as soon as you no longer tipsy its fine.