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Avatar f tn There are breastfeeding strips you can buy to test your breast milk, my lactation consultant said to throw it away if it had alcohol content in it, of course. So you can pump a little and test it, and if it's still positive for alcohol, wait another few hours and test again.
Avatar n tn Yes it does, you're getting rid of the milk that is contaminated with alcohol. Alcohol doesn't stay in your system that long, so if you dump a couple feedings worth it is out of the system and not in the new milk.
2207301 tn?1340994467 I did find at Babies R US they have test strips that you can test your breast milk to see if the alcohol levels are low and safe for you to feed that milk to your baby. It's what I plan on doing, I got pregnant 2 months after I turned 21 and my hubby turns 21 next year and I wanna be able to drink with him but I will be breastfeeding.
Avatar f tn hi, in planning to breast feed and wondered if it means you shouldnt drink alcohol or any others things you should avoid eating also?
Avatar f tn If you have a drink or two you can wait 2 hours before you can breastfeed again but in your case if you pump milk before drinking everything is fine. Alcohol doesn't stay in the breastmilk so you don't even have to pump and dump the milk. I am breastfeeding as well and also have a drink once in a while. Hope this helps.
7473580 tn?1398232210 Oatmeal is awesome in helping produce more milk!! Also try Taking fenugreek capsules with another herb called blessed thisle. Both in capsules 3/5 times daily. There is also a great tea to add to those remedies, it's called Mother's Milk, it's awesome and very successful in helping increase milk supply (healthy lactation). You can find these online, in your local herb shop and some local grocery stores may carry them as well!! Congratulations mama!!
Avatar f tn You can also purchase a breast pump that will help to get milk out from the breast, but only if there is already milk in there. You must eat healthy and well balanced meals and also drink lots of fluids, milk and other dairy. If your diet is poor and you do not drink enough, that can stop the milk. Once the milk stops, you will not be able to get the breasts to produce milk again until you have another baby. Sometimes a baby may come out in a body rash.
Avatar n tn my question is specfic to liver problems in baby since birth to toddler years and being exposed to alcohol in the breast milk. can that be a cause for elevated liver functions tests? also if so, then isnt that the same as exposing the toddler's liver over and over to alcoholic breast milk, and in turn doing damage like an alcohlic does? couldnt he develop chronic hepatatis or cirrhois of the liver thru nursing high levels of alcohol?
Avatar f tn So my boyfriends roommate told me that if you drink one beer a day it will help with the production of breast milk..he has a son and said thats what the nurse told his chids mother while breastfeeding...dont really know if i should believe it and would like some insight. i am currently trying to breastfeed my 1 week old daughter but im having a little bit of difficulty beacsue she was 4 weeks preterm.
Avatar f tn There's a lot of controversy on this but I was told once you're sober the alcohol is out of your system and out of your milk so pumping and dumping is pointless. I've also heard that the amount of alcohol in your milk isn't enough to effect your baby when you do drink because it does into your body and say your blood alcohol content is .08 which is the legal limit then the amount in your milk would only be a very small percentage of that.
8023513 tn?1404356555 Just wondering how alcohol affect breast milk and how bad it is to drink while breastfeeding. Not saying I'm going to be drinking, I'm just curious!
167 tn?1374177417 about 12 oz (6 out of each breast) but I noticed that the milk from my left breast was blue! I was alarmed and thought something might have been in the bottle to make it that color. It looked really thin, too. I pumped more and then it was the usual white/creamy looking milk. I realize after doing some research that it was foremilk, but I'm thinking I should maybe just dump that blue milk bottle and not give it to him since it's mostly water anyhow? Have any of you seen blue milk when you pump?
Avatar n tn As long as the alcohol is in your bloodstream then it will stay in your milk. So if you were legally intoxicated(.08 blood alcohol content(bac) is the limit in Texas) it takes approximately 1 hour for your bac to go down by. 02 for most people however some people metabolize things slower than others so it can take up to 3 hours.
Avatar m tn After this, i freaked out a little and immediately rushed to I wash my penis with lots of water, soap and alcohol swabs. 2. She was lactating (very very little) and I sucked a few drops of that. The milk was slightly yellow in color and was a little sour. Does the sourness of milk is a leading indicator of some disease? She didnt have any pain in her breasts and they looked healthy. 3. She gave me prolonged blowjob, and I came in her mouth. 4.
1523804 tn?1316564509 Link: Tips for Growing Milk Thistle
Avatar f tn If you are a woman with no history of alcoholism who is at moderate to high risk for heart disease, the possible benefits of a daily drink must be balanced against the small increase in risk of breast cancer. If you already drink alcohol or plan to begin, keep it moderate - no more than two drinks a day for men or one drink a day for women. And make sure you get plenty of folic acid, at least 600 micrograms a day.
Avatar f tn I've heard, but haven't confirmed, that alcohol stays in your milk like it stays in your blood. I've seen milk test strip at stores like Buy Buy Baby ,to test your milk before feeding. But again, I don't know how accurate they are. Isn't The Rule Of Thumb After Drinking To Just "Pump and Dump"?
Avatar f tn amount of alcohol I'm your breast milk is the same as your blood alcohol concentration. So of you have say 2 drinks in an hour, your blood alcohol and your breast milk will have 0.08% alcohol. This amount is almost the same that is found in normal juice (yes there is naturally very very trace amounts in all juice). As long as you aren't drinking heavily and nursing at the same time, you are fine to have a drink every now and then without worrying about harming your baby.
362119 tn?1223141536 is it still normal for him to sleep most of the day?? also....I am breast feeding and was wondering about alcohol and feeding him... is it safe for a small amout? lets say.. one glass of wine?
10515800 tn?1419230634 And pumping and dumping will do nothing if alcohol is still in your blood stream.
Avatar f tn so i stopped breastfeeding but i had to keep pumping so i wont lose milk. and my milk was green the color of the nyquil for two days after drinking it for that one day. so i hope that tells you. that anything you drink will be in your milk for at least a couple of days.
128449 tn?1192829269 That great news! At least pumping is working! Even if you can only use breast milk in a bottle - you are's still great for her & you feel good about it. I've never heard about a car seat test...interesting...
Avatar f tn If you are concerned about too much alcohol, there are test strips you can purchase to test your breast milk to test if it is okay for the baby.
Avatar n tn Alcohol goes to your breast milk. If you have any doubts, smell your own milk when it's "clean" and then again after you have drank. The breast milk smells sour if it has alcohol in it. The rule of thumb according to my La Leche League consultant is to pump and dump for every drink. If you have two glasses of wine, the next two times you are supposed to nurse, pump the milk and dump it down the sink.
1530342 tn?1405020090 com/s/nm/20110627/us_nm/us_breastmilk_arrest CHICAGO (Reuters) – A lactating Ohio woman was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after she sprayed sheriff's deputies with breast milk as they tried to remove her from a vehicle, police said on Monday. Stephanie Robinette, 30, was arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault linked to a domestic dispute, as well as resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, the Delaware County Sheriff's Office said on Monday.
Avatar f tn They have these breast milk tester strips that they sale at target that will tell you if the alcohol got into your breast milk.. if you're gonna drink I would suggest picking those up..