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Breast massage with happy ending

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Avatar m tn Hi. I am male. Recived happy ending massage from a male masseus. He gave me a hand job without protection, that resulted in a happy ending. He stimulated my annus with a latex glove. Although he was naked at first, lateron h put on his underware when his body touched mine. No genital to genital touched, no signs of any warts in his body, no oral, no kissing. How risky was these?
Avatar m tn Each time there is a happy ending with the hand, breast or buttom of the masseuses. From the latest massage, there is almost 4 weeks. Do I have any risk of HIV and STD (e.g. syphilis)? There is no discomfort for me up to now. I am a little bit of scaring syphilis as some physicians say that a few people with the infection of syphilis may have no symptom, i.e. no chancre. Please help me and thanks a lot for your professional answering.
Avatar m tn There is zero risk from unprotected hand job with oil? Zero risk from 3-5 mins massage around the anus area with oil? What about Herpes, Genital Warts and Syphilis? As these can appear after a few months, is there any chance I can pass them onto my girlfriend from now onwards? To be sure, I went to the doctors and she gave me a Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea test - I will receive my results today. They said very low chance of testing positive.
Avatar m tn Later in sometime i went for a massage and had a happy ending. It was just her hand to Penis contact. Once done she cleaned my genital with wipes and also with warm towels and it was clean. Once i reach home, i cleaned it completed with soap and some disinfectant liquid and after shave lotion since it has some alcohol and the bleeding in the wound started again since i was applying the lotion to it, which stopped after sometime. I am worried if i m prone to any STD or any other disease.
Avatar f tn My ocd about hiv started when i went to massage parlour and got happy ending massage...6 weeks after that incident i tested for hiv and the result was negative...i felt a bit relieved. Then 1 week after that incident i went for foot reflexiology for a relaxed massage coz previous body massage scared me of contracted hiv so i changed to foot reflexology that made me so calm and relaxed..
Avatar f tn Hi doc's, just to clarify my doubt. I went in for a massage and had a happy ending at the end. The only sexual thing we did is that she touched my penis and wanked it thats all and i pressed her breast and just once sucked on it but not deap at all. There was no fluid in contact with me from her. I am just worried if i am at any risk of STD or HIV. Please advise me to have a free mind and get away from this crap. I learnt a lesson and will never go again for any of this ****.
Avatar n tn Hi, I(male) happened to visit a massage parlor and after the massage the lady gave a happy ending. The massage lady gave me the happy ending with condom on my penis. I touched her boobs once. Do I have the risk of catching STDs or Herpse. Would be very helpful if you can clarify? I am extremely nervous now.
Avatar f tn I did not want a sexual massage, and I also thought that the massage was clean (it was a hotel massage). To my surprise she asked if I wanted a happy ending. I obliged. She gave me a anal fingering, which I told her not to. I am worried her fingers might have cuts. I had a blowjob with condom (exp 2018.), and a boobjob. During the boob job (mammary intercourse), she lactacted. Breast milk dripped onto my unprotected penis head. No vaginal sex was done.
Avatar m tn If you got a happy ending massage with fingers, and nothing else happened, you are at no risk for anything. No need to freak out at all. If you have questions about it, you should create your own question so we can address specific details of your encounter. If you are on a phone, at the bottom of this page, you'll see a button for "Ask a Question". Just tap that and fill it out.
Avatar m tn I stop to get a massage yesterday. Well it was a happy ending massage place, hand job only. I had my eyes closed and when I opened them I noticed she had my penis between here breast, I told her to stop, and she continued with the hand job. does this carry anyrisk of HIV. The female is in her 40, Asia decent. What do you think? I am also married stright male, slight hypocondriac. Thank you Much Sir......
Avatar m tn Today I went to a massage parlour and got a happy ending massage, the women was fully nude and she let me suck her nipples, I didn't suck hard and only for about 5 seconds., as far as I am aware she wasn't pregnant or lactating. I have a habit of biting the skin off my lips and the inside of my mouth, sometimes it bleeds but this is only if I bite too deep or hard - I am sure it didn't today.
Avatar m tn My masseuse gave me a "happy ending" at a massage parlour. During this, she inserted one of her fingers into my anus, "finger-*******" me for about 30-45 seconds. Although I did not check thoroughly, it seems fairly certain that she did not have any large cuts on her hands or was bleeding profusely (surely I would have noticed this!). She looked clean and proper (i.e., not a junkie).
Avatar m tn In the last month, I have gone to several massage parlours and had many happy ending massages. To be precise for 7 times in last month, i got happy ending massage from different masseues. Only handjob. No oral, vaginal or anal sex. The masseuse was fully dressed except 2 places and I have touched their breasts. Is it possible to get HIV from happy ending. I was massaged using an oil in full body. Is there a chance of getting hiv? In last 2-3 weeks, I noticed my eyes becoming slightly red.
Avatar f tn I visited a Thai massage parlour and received a massage with a happy ending.
Avatar m tn I did something very silly yesterday and had a happy ending massage at a unlicensed asian massage place. I feel so bad about it because I have a fiance. I found a tiny red spot on my penis head today and want to ask whether this may be some kind of STD. Can I still have unprotected sex with my fiance? Would any STD appear so quickly? I am going out of my mind with worry.
Avatar f tn 3 days ago I went for a massage session and it was ended with a happy ending with oil. I didn't touch the lady. She just massage my whole body. Now is m really worried about if there has any chance for HIV, STD like HPV, herpes, syphilis etc. I couldn't able to check her hands whether she has lesions or any wart.
Avatar f tn I am male white 31 yo in good health. I visit massage parlor once a month for happy ending only no intercouse or blowjob. I hope I am not worried for nothing.
Avatar m tn What STDs would be transmittable through a 'happy ending' massage? If masseuse gave the same service to an infected customer immediately prior to me (and failed to wash her hands thoroughly) what is the likelihood of me contracting something? If relevant, the masseuse massaged my arms, shoulders and back for at least thirty minutes before any hand to genital contact.