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Avatar n tn Had mastectomy breast hard and painful scar under arm painful from auxiliary web syndrome or cording.
6337597 tn?1396556014 Just pull through!! I had to pump 3 ounces out of each breast before I fed my baby. She wouldn't latch correctly because my breast were so hard so all she would get was nipple. Also whenever she tried to feed my stream was so strong that it would hit her in the back of the throat and she would choke.
Avatar f tn There are conflicting opinions about whether soy-containing foods are harmful or helpful in relation to breast cancer and/or the risk for breast cancer.
14346590 tn?1451854557 Look up some massage places near you and see if they offer prenatal massages (more than likely they do) you should also ask them what products they use (many will use organic products which are safest for baby)
Avatar n tn A 2006 review article stated the opinion that not enough information is available, and that even if isoflavones have mechanisms to inhibit tumor growth, in vitro results justify the need to evaluate, at cellular level, the impact of isoflavones on breast tissue in females at high risk for breast cancer.
Avatar f tn I just had a massage that finished with some intense body rubbing. The masseuse insisted on taking off her pants but I told her to leave them on. There was kissing, breast sucking, frottage with my penis over and into her vagina(while she kept her pants on) and fingering of her vagina with pants on. Does this constitute as a risk for any std? Super anxious. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have NEVER had an issue with dairy products. However through my pregnancy I feel as though I'm almost developing a mild intolerance to it. It wasnt bad in the beginning, but now at 37 weeks any time I take in dairy it upsets my stomach. Kinda makes me afraid that my little one may also have an allergy to dairy then since I plan to breast feed. Any one else ever encounter this??
Avatar n tn Massage massage massage!!!! It might be little painful but it was the only thing that helped me!! Use both hands and make circles and apply some pressure....
Avatar f tn I use shea moisture superfruit complex massage oil and the body scrub. I use the scrub in the shower and then put on Palmers stretch mark lotion right when I get out.
Avatar f tn Dear Experts, Much thanks for a Forum like this. It's our light at dark times. I am afraid of a scenario I've been in. I had a massage 5 months ago with the masseuse giving me a handjob about 5 minutes into the massage. The masseuse did not use any oil or gel, she used Talcum Powder on my groin area and did the massage till I climaxed and she cleaned up with tissue paper.
915119 tn?1341948989 I have been having pain on both of my breast. The pain is on the sides of my breast. Even after I pump they feel full from where the pain is. Is this normal? I can't even touch them because they hurt so bad. I can't even get my arms too close to my breast because of the pain. I also have been having a fever, but the doctor said I had pnumonia. Could it be because of the pnumonia or is it something else?
Avatar f tn I recently went to Indonesia (HIV rate is high), and had a massage. My intentions were clear. I did not want a sexual massage, and I also thought that the massage was clean (it was a hotel massage). To my surprise she asked if I wanted a happy ending. I obliged. She gave me a anal fingering, which I told her not to. I am worried her fingers might have cuts. I had a blowjob with condom (exp 2018.), and a boobjob. During the boob job (mammary intercourse), she lactacted.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, I've been having a massage while the girl used her breast to massage my penis and putting some massage oil to my penis then she give hand job to me and rub my penis to her breast and nipples. I eject and she keep touching my penis to her nipples. Am I in the risk of HIV transmit? Being worry for long time! please help me.
Avatar f tn I delivered my son at 33+5. He is doing great just a little stay in the NICU. well neway I'm pumping right now till he able to latch the breast. Yesterday my pump got left in my husband car an he was at work which is a 45 min drive. An I couldn'tgo out cause its cold ffor me to be out. Now my breast are HUGE an SORE!! I think my milk bagged up from that one day. Any help on what to do at least sooth the pain. I'm still pumping tho!
Avatar n tn Best wishes...
Avatar m tn if there is any problem applying olive oil in breast and vagina , which oil is good for massage ladies inner parts of the body , for men applying oil in penis good or bad
Avatar f tn s massage) and i kissed her breast ,but because she was a sex worker, maybe on her breast have hiv semen by former customer,most important i dont know if i have wound on my lip and i kissed her breast so do i have a risk ? thanks!
Avatar f tn [ ] Insurance info, hospital forms and birth plan (if you have one) [ ] 2-3 pairs of warm, nonskid socks that can get ruined (for walking the halls before and after labor) [ ] A warm robe or sweater you don’t mind sacrificing to the cause [ ] 2 maternity bras -- no underwire -- and nursing pads (whether or not you plan to nurse, you’ll appreciate the support and leak-protection) [ ] Lip balm (hospitals are very dry) [ ] Toiletries and personal items -- hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste,
Avatar m tn Hi, I hv an encounter for massage, this lady had given me a handjob with oil lubricate, and body massage (she had her pants on, only do breast to breast and breast to penis), she sucks my nipples and there is no vagina sex. However, i did finger her outside of her vagina ( I didnt open up her vagina to finger her) How risky am I to any of the STDs??? Please help, as im very worried.