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Avatar m tn Could the cording be caused of the lymphatic system "drying out"(not being used, drained)? Would it be necessary to reconnect the Lymph system? Is this at all possible? By removing the Lymph nods for Biopsy dose this increase the chance of Cancer traveling further if the cancer recurs? Is there a way to replace lymph nods? Any suggestions for links Thanks This discussion is related to <a href=''>Fascial cording</a>.
Avatar n tn Google "how to drain your lymphatic system naturally" for all answers. You can do lymphatic massage with a massage therapist. You will find some acupuncturist/chiropractors do this. You have to read their websites to determine. Anti inflammatory diet best (AIP), juice cleanses. There are a number of herbs for lymphatic drainage.
Avatar n tn As a result, germs grow, our blood loses needed protein, the immune system falters, and we become defenseless against attacks by viruses, fungi, and bacterium. As a circulatory system, optimal flow must be maintained within the lymphatic system. Unlike the blood, whose circulation is driven by the pumping of the heart, the lymph does not have its own pump.
Avatar n tn It has been my understanding that mets is related to cancer cells being present in the lymphatic system and that a piece of a tumor breaking off would be almost unheard of in the case of Breast Cancer. I believe the original poster was speaking of RISK rather than actual occurrence.
158939 tn?1274915197 Because of the severe bone/muscle/abdominal pain and all of the stress my fiance bought me a 90-minute massage. The massage therapist was talking to me before the massage and when I told her I was going to be evaluated for lymphoma/leukemia she told me she cannot massage a patient with those cancers because of the impact on the lymphatic system and the chance of metastases.
Avatar f tn I have found relief with myofascial release treatments from my massage therapist. I have also found that self breast massage (my massage therapist taught me to do this and it also helps to clear your lymphatic system) can help to loosen things.
620048 tn?1358018235 Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a form of massage that stimulates the lymphatic system with gentle massaging strokes. The light rhythmical massage encourages the lymphatic system to eliminate metabolic waste products, excess fluid and bacteria. " If you notice, none of my massage treatments resemble Swedish massage or any technique that involves working the deep tissue and muscles. I have stayed away from that thinking it might aggravate my spasticity rather than give relief.
Avatar f tn ve been told the fascia needs to be loosen at my scar area, and that the lymphatic fluid needs to find an alternate route to drain since I had axillary node dissection and removal of 2/3 or my nodes. The arm pit area towards the back is poofy... the scar that ends at the arm pit seems stiff still and the scar area on top of my chest is still somewhat stiff. I'm not sure if the discomfort is normal, or if this is the start of lymphedema -- my arm seems to be OK.
Avatar f tn Sorry to say, exercise, elevation, compression, and/or lymphatic massage is the best help. Do you know how to do the lymphatic massage? Do you have a sleeve and gauntlet? If not PLEASE have them send you to a physical therapist to learn the massage and get a sleeve for the arm. When my arm aches (and it doesn't ache a lot but when it does it really hurts), the massage and elevation are the best remedies. Sometimes I'll take some Motrin if it's bad.
Avatar n tn t cautioned about the possibility of developing lymphedema following the excision of lymph nodes. Once the lymphatic system is compromised lymphedema is forever a possibility. You should consult a Physical Therapist who has been trained in treating LE and stop the weight training until you are advised by the therapist as to proper exercise activities. LE is something that can be controlled with proper treatment but never cured.
Avatar f tn Lymphovascular means that there has been invasion into the vascular system (blood stream) and LV space means invasion into the lymphatic system / or / the vascular system /or/ both.
Avatar n tn Try a lymphatic drainage massage by a certified lymphatic massage therapist. as a supplement to your weight loss program. By itself this massage will detoxify your system plus a temporary loss of water weight. But by adding this detoxification to your weight loss program you will boost your sluggish metabolism and see faster more permanent results. Remember to only use a massage therapist who is certified in lymphatic manual drainage massage.
Avatar f tn Treatment would be fairly standard; surgery or removal and since the malignancy has invaded the lymphatic system, some form of Chemo and possibly Radiation also depending on how widespread this is proven to be. Regards ....
Avatar f tn a condition involving a length of the lymphatic system. It will resolve itself in time and you might get some additional information by putting the term "Cording" in search. You could also mention it to your Dr. but I'll tell you that some Dr.s don't even believe this exists; my Surgeon being one of them. .. :).
Avatar f tn It is also imperative to keep your lymphatic system well running, as your body MUST process efficiently the waste from the die-off and chemical by-products , neurotoxins from LD along with all the other "normal" clean-up work! Proper breathing (visit the normal breathing website) is extremely important as it engages the Thoracic Duct - the largest lymph vessel- Physical activity stimulates the lymphatic system.
Avatar f tn Any time the lymphatic system is compromised / interferred with, the flow of lymphatic fluid can be compromised also which may cause a swelling below that area. You might want to have this investigated by either your Dr. or a Physical Therapist who is trained in the treatment of Lymphedema. You don't mention the time lapse between the removal of the nodes and the swelling and if the removal was very recent this might resolve itself on it's own but I'd still have it ck.d out.
Avatar f tn You may have had an infection in the mastoid sinus (behind the ears) which caused the first lymph gland to swell. From that point it may be overloading your lymphatic system, causing the other glands to become sore.
492898 tn?1222243598 ) I, like you, had about 20 lymph nodes removed and most of them were cancerous. Jennifer explained that the lymphatic system sort of resembles the vascular system in that it is spread out throughout the body. The lymph nodes themselves are connected through/by lymphatic vessels. Our surgeons removed the nodes but he/she did not remove most of the vessels. In turn, just like is true for other tissue, those vessels become scar tissue, and scar tissue builds up over time.
Avatar n tn I was thinking that perhaps you were thinking about the lymphatic system when you talk about fluids and toxins, because that is what the lymphatic system does. it is also true that this major important system has pretty much been ignored in the US and little about it is taught in Medical School.
Avatar f tn What happened was that the radiation may have caused some damage to the lymphatic system/drainage of the breast that can give you this sore feeling. These damage to the tissues would usually resolve over time, but the time varies from one person to another as each person reacts uniquely and differently to radiation (some can have symptoms for up to 2 years). However, i would still suggest that you have this looked at by your surgeon to rule out other causes such as a possible infection.
Avatar f tn According to my doc, he said that the injection was to follow the path of the lymphatic drainage system from the nipple to the armpit. From there he would pinpoint where the injection landed in the first lymph nodes it found. I had 1 node positive. Perhaps other SNBs were done differently because of their location in relation to another lymphatic flow, perhaps deeper in the tissue? Just guessing here. At any rate, what course of treatment are you going to go through?
1763947 tn?1334055319 Lymph nodes are, from what I understand, swollen when your immune system has been fighting a bacterial infection (which Lyme is), because the job of the lymph system is to haul away all the trash left behind by your body fighting off and killing an infection. The lymphatic system is parallel to the blood stream, but the function of the lymph glands has to do not with taking nutrients to the cells in your body (as the blood does) but to transport other stuff.
Avatar m tn t do anything that would endanger the arm and present infection. The lymphatic system is what flushes out fluids and infections. However, having said cases where you cannot get blood from anywhere else (ie running out of veins in the good side), you can take a chance (knowing that there is a possibility of infection) and draw from that side where the lymph has been removed. I've done it once, only because I had already had the other side tapped so much that day.