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Avatar f tn I went to school for nails! At my school they all so teach massage therapy! 3 girls in my class were pregnant! The senior class would all ways come and ask if they would like a prenatal massage. They have a special drop table for prenatal massages! The girls in my class loved it! And it was free to them! But the schools cost is half of what the other places charge and they have instructors checking on the students! I go and havent had any problems! Its $35 an hour!
Avatar f tn The only relief I get from migraines are from massage therapy, with a well trained therapist. Massage therapy also helps with depression. This I learned all from experience. I commend you on your search and diligence in your effort to do anything necessary to help your son. There aren't enough moms out there like you! Good luck.
Avatar n tn ve read in a site that smooth massage can help the blood circulate more in the breast. When I massage my breast it lessen the pain. But thank you for your kind responds. I appriciate it well. Is it normal to have painful lumps in my age?
Avatar f tn On Ess's advice I'm trying this again with more clear wording. :) I hadn't meant to imply "alternative to DMD" but additional therapies. Does anyone use any *complementary* therapies? Have you had postive results with them? I'm asking because the TN and occipital neuralgia pain had gotten so bad I was having a lot of muscle tension in my neck and back from the pain. I decided some massage therapy couldn't hurt and might help.
425312 tn?1279966179 That should be added to the Thomas Recipe....Massage Therapy Detox by 12%.....I think. Thanks for the input How are u worried? Good I hope. Glad to see ya.
Avatar f tn I had Reflexology class in massage therapy school... there r certain pressure points in ur feet that correspond to organs MD other things... but be careful cuz she could press a point that puts u in labor!! I remember that Frm school...
Avatar n tn After doing that, I began to have pain around my right breast in the intercostal area. When I am standing , walking, I have no or little pain, but when I am sitting or laying down, I have pain around right breast. It feel if something in the area would pop, it would feel better. Does anyone else have this. I have been to rheumatologist . Had a ct scan of cheat, all normal, I also have had heart checked and stomach checked. All normal.
181575 tn?1250198786 so, take massage therapy as you will, if you have not experienced therapeutic massage i can understand why you might feel a certain way toward it. ok, enough for now, feel free to comment back. i realize this sounded like i was on an angry rant, but i'm not, i 'm just super passionate about sharing my beliefs and teaching others about massage. So if you dont feel massage can benefit hep B, that is perfectly fine, what do you do to make your symptoms better?????? I am still curious.
Avatar n tn l2-l3 disc bulge l4-l5 severe disc extrusion At this point after about two months of physical therapy, acupuncture, massage therapy Im usure about what im sapost to do to get better. I cant go to school because its very uncomftorble to sit in a chair and I cannot stand for 1-2 hours for each class.
Avatar m tn 3) And is there any risk from the hangnail on my finger for I did touch her body and breast and she did massage my finger and fingernail area where the hangnail is. Thanks for reading my question and assessing my risk. If possible, can you please answer question 2 and 3 separately?
Avatar n tn Saliva by will20, 2 hours ago Question. I am concerned about a massage experience I had a few days ago. THe other day I went for therapuetic massage which turned out to be more therapuetic that I thought. After getting the massage I was offered a HJ or **. I rejected both. BUt I did end up getting a breast massage, in which I put my penis between the women's breast and she stroke me using her breasts - I came.
Avatar f tn I almost hate that my sessions are soon to come to an end. I have a Groupon for a massage at a massage parlor that does prenatal massage. When I finish my chiropractic sessions, I will go to my ob and make sure that is okay to get the massage... anything that may safely ease discomfort is definitely welcomed (in my opinion)...
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome - I'd like to reiterate what Sandy said, PT does help as does massage therapy for me. You can google "Migraine Physical Therapy" and will find youtube videos that show you exercises to do, I tend to move in clusters with my headaches but I have many less now than I did. I have a really good massage therapist who is also going to school for PT, she does TMJ massage for me and it is so helpful to my headaches.
1315180 tn?1274027164 I am noticing that many refer to t-3 and t-4 I am not sure if the Dr did those in my routine physical. My TSH was 8.24 I think or somewhere in the 8.2's I was started on 50 mcg's of synthroid. should I call and ask about the t-3's and t-4's. I had been seeing my obgyn for the past 3 years as I have been pregnant or breast feeding with my 2 being 18 months apart in age. He never caught it...
Avatar n tn ” As a treatment for breast cancer, the drug slows or stops the growth of cancer cells that are present in the body. As adjuvant therapy, tamoxifen helps prevent the original breast cancer from returning and also helps prevent the development of new cancers in the other breast.The cost of Tamoxifen varies,depending where you live.The information could be given to you by asking your local Pharmacist. Please check the link below for additional information about Tamoxifen. http://www.cancer.
Avatar n tn I had radiotherapy 10 years ago for right breast cancer, everything has been fine except for the last 9 months where a hard lump with subsequent pain has developed. I finally had a mammogram and ultrasound and the verdict was due to radio therapy. They want to do a core biopsy. The pain in my breast is waking me up at night and I need to know how to relieve it. I am 65 years old. I have tried using a hot water bag and massage but had to resort to a pain tablet.
Avatar f tn when you lay on your tummy your boobs’ fats kinda spread out to the side, so I’m not sure) — i did ask the massager and she said that she doesn’t massage the breast but the “fat wings” on the side of my chest and it won’t affect my breast size. 2. Did by breast’s size growth were affected by my diets back then? Especially with the heating machine that burns my whole body fats :(.
Avatar n tn Anyway, I have been feeling pretty bad since that massage... I know the reiki therapy is supposed to relax you... what do you guys think? Im trying to do anything that might relieve some stress and pain. If you read my other post I have bulging disks in c5.6 & 7 and i have a 7-8 mm chiari 1 malformation. Anyone's comments or opinions on this would be appreciated. He also wanted to try craniosacral therapy, has anyone had any success with that?
Avatar f tn s best to go to a massage therapist because there are some precautions, especially if in the first trimester, most therapists or chiropractors will want a note from your dr saying it is safe. I was going to massage therapy school but had to drop, and be careful of foot rubs, getting into the reflexology part of it we learned there is a spot on the side of the ankle that relates to the overies and uterus and can send a woman into labor.
Avatar f tn I iust asked my sister said to massage your breast and put a warm towel on them to help with milk flow.
Avatar n tn Hi, my mom was diagnose for breast cancer about a year ago or more , she went through breast surgery and chemotherapy . Her Dr asked her to avoid lifting heavy object which she did not really follow that advice , after a couple of years she started having pains on her arm ,right arm where she had the surgery and this pains increases at night if she has been working that arm the previous day .
627388 tn?1222198212 Massage helps me tremendously!! I end up with slightly more energy, but mainly with far fewer symptoms and less muscle tightness when I get my once-per-week massage. Lately, I haven't been getting my massage regularly and my symptoms are out of control! I feel like my vision is fading, I'm dizzier and more wobbly than ever, and my leg cramps wake me up at night. Massage seems to eliminate some toxins from my body. For days to a week after a massage, I usually feel better!!
Avatar f tn I was told that my risk following radiation therapy will be 10-15% for dcis and +/- 4% for invasive breast cancer. My current risk is 30% for dcis and 8% for invasive cancer. Does this really warrant radiation therapy? Also, how much flexibility is there for weight loss during radiation therapy? Is a one kilogram weight loss per week during radiation therapy (proposed 5 weeks) acceptable? I have borderline personality disorder and it is making this decision so much harder.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your response. Neither manual lymphatic massage nor compression bandages were mentioned to me the other day by the new surgeon that my PCP sent me to. What are they, exactly, and is it usually done when you first start treatment and wearing a compression sleeve?
897648 tn?1241801939 What kind of physical Therapy can I do to help my golden with hind leg atrophy. She does have hip dysplasia, was diagnosed at 2. So she actually has done extremely well with Homeopathic Product. I have started the Rimadyl a few months ago. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I found a lump in my breast over two years ago. Had a mammogram and ultrasound, but they were negative. It began bothering me again this year, and growing, so I had another mammo, and an MRI. Again nothing. The lump is in my right breast, under the arm, actually. It is a couple cm. wide, and maybe 3-4 cm long, and the doctor says it is boomerang-shaped, although I could not detect that.
Avatar f tn It certainly sounds as though it might be connected with early or mild Lymphedema. I would suggest that you contact a Physical Therapist who is specially trained in the treatment of LE. Without proper treatment this may get worse and involve the entire arm. Treatment at this stage would be rather simple ... perhaps a compression sleeve or glove and some massage therapy that you can easily do at home. It's best not to delay even if it turns out to be something other than LE. Regards ...