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Malaysia 38c breast massage lady

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Avatar m tn Near one year ago I had a trip to Malaysia, I went to Massage parlor , When lady who was working there finished my body massage, she asked me about happy ending and I accepted. After I ejaculated she cleaned my penis and scrotum with small towel. It seemed clean and I forgot that it was dry or wet. Now I’m worry about that if that towel was stained with other customer’s semen, because I’m not sure that they wash the towels or not. Please answer to me.
Avatar f tn I live in Malaysia and wanted to experience the body to body massage with a happy ending (blow job) , i had experienced three girls , one was in the 14th of Dec , me and the girl showered together she cleaned my peins with here hand , then we went the massage , prior that i have asked her for her stds status and the lady was freaked thinking that i might have any std , then she said she is clean and nothing is with her , at the end of the massage she performed oral sex on me with protection (
Avatar f tn First I was in 36 a n went to 36c n my second child 36c to 38c n now third child same 38c n fourth same but my mom she went 38c in 40d wierd im 23 she was 21 when had me
Avatar m tn Hi doctors, i recently had a sex with sex worker in malaysia. it was a massage parlour. but i mistakenly ****** her without condom. both of us didnt realize it. i just ****** her for 1 minute and cum in her. but i had protected blowjob. after that i didnt notice about my condom. im very afraid that i will get HIV or STD or other infections. can help me on this? immediately i went to clinic after the intercouse and got an injection to prevent all the std desease. thats what the dr said to me.
Avatar f tn re going to sag after my son is done breast feeding and my nipples are the size of my palms. Idk what to do I honestly just hate them so much.
Avatar m tn Once the massage towards the verge of completion the lady ride on my top and start massaging my breast. I oly touched the lady body. After the massage I masturbate. She was wearing jeans. I am aslo wearing underwear (sort of massage underwear). The lady told after the massage that she had orgasm. I dont know in which period. I never touch her during masturbation. Please reply is their any risk of HIV transmission through this act. Pl help..
Avatar f tn I got an erotic massage at an asian massage parlour in malaysia. The lady performing it for me was Thai.She gave me a body to body massage while we were both fully naked while i had no condom on.She finished me with unprotected oral. I think both our genitals made contact while she was grinding me and at one point she hold my penis quite near to her vagina.Im going nuts because i keep wondering if she did inserted my penis into her vagina when i wasn't looking.
Avatar m tn My lady friend that I had unprotected sex 10 years ago was from Malaysia. She had a cyst operation about 2 years ago. Do the Malaysia hospital test for HIV/AID prior to such operation?
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm a 31-year-old male from Malaysia. Earlier this month, I went for a massage and my masseur is a 27 year old female from Vietnam. When I was sucking on her nipples, I tasted something salty and I believe this to be breast discharge/milk.
Avatar m tn Hi, I hv an encounter for massage, this lady had given me a handjob with oil lubricate, and body massage (she had her pants on, only do breast to breast and breast to penis), she sucks my nipples and there is no vagina sex. However, i did finger her outside of her vagina ( I didnt open up her vagina to finger her) How risky am I to any of the STDs??? Please help, as im very worried.
Avatar f tn Hello Dr. 3 days before I was in Malaysia and I do oil massage With Girl From Thailand Then She do massage for my Penis without gloves (handblowjob)Until ejaculation I'm afraid.Question Is there a risk, Should Ido test for hiv or For any other disease .
Avatar f tn Im a 38C now and 9 weeks, anybody have any idea how big they will actually get? Im hoping to breast feed since il be a stay at home mommy. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn Dear Dr , on 5 of August I had a body to body massage. During which there was no intercourse neither anal or Vagina. She gave a hand job. My question is touching the upper lips of vagina with Penis tip can cause HIV? Also I had fever for 3 days around 38c and little soar thoart. Now I'm facing itchy skin. Please help me out. I'm living in UAE So I cannot get the HIV test normally. Please please help me out.
20868945 tn?1553311328 Hello, recently got invited to a massage parlor where i met a very pretty lady. the lady gave me a massage and a hand job. Im concerned if im at risk for an std or hiv? The reason i ask is because i sucked on her breast and fingered her vagina. after ejaculation she cleaned my penis. I would say after 2 days i feel like i have a yeast infection because of swollen skin around my penis.
Avatar m tn Hello All, I have visited a massage centre for body to body massage and during the process, the lady started massaging my naked penis in between her breast for 10-15 mins and it was kind of rough. I have noticed a skin lesions near her breast. What are the chances for HSV getting transmitted this way?
Avatar n tn Hi HIV forum, could somebody help answer my small concern on the transmission of HIV through HIV infected breast milk to adult if I happened to swallow several drop of breast from message lady who just finished breast feeding her son a few months ago? Does thei risk change if I have sore throat last 7 days but on anti-biotic? I know there is numerous answers on that just would like seek assessment and assurance?
Avatar f tn I went to massage few months ago. A lady offered me a breast massage and i tried it .She first place my penis between her breast and then she used her nipple to rub my penis few times . my biggest concern was when her nipple touched my penis .i am afraid of my glans touched the secretions from her nipples and enter my urethra. 1)am i safe because the virus is already exposed to air and can't infect even secretions enter my urethra?
Avatar f tn Does leaking while pregnant increase my chance of milk supply during breast feeding?I just had to stuff my bra with tissues.
Avatar n tn hot shower and massage them for a little while your in the water
Avatar f tn U didnt have any risk from what u describe so no testing is needed
Avatar m tn dear, recently i went to a massage parlor and the lady massager gave me a massage using her breast. She was lactating too. am not sure whether breast milk has entered by urethra and will cause HIV/AIDS. Not only that she sucked my nipples too. Dont know whether she is infected with HIV/AIDS. Can i continue sex relation with my wife. When should i go for a test, in case if required.
Avatar f tn Website advertised a nice clinic but instead derelict apartment with oriental lady. Had massage. Her hands were rough. Hand job and breast suckling. When I got home and showered noticed bleeding in groin or scrotum. Blood on towel when drying - unsure if free flowing earlier due to any trauma during massage. Not previously bled. I remember her cleaning her arm during massage. Maybe my blood or her blood was present? I'm petrified I have HIV due to blood transfer.
Avatar f tn And as I walk in amd sit down the lady who was helping me and my husband says that I am huge and asked if I was expecting multiples. I was shocked at her comments. I'm only 25 weeks. Not due till February.