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Avatar f tn My cousin did. As a professional massage therapist I recomended a swedish massage twice a month. It's cheaper than seeing a therapist, or medications and if you need those they'll refer you. But you might as well take the option that just plain feels good, and gives you a moment to focus on you and feel better faster.
Avatar f tn There was no anal or vaginal or oral sex. Not even handjob. The therapist has a 8 months son and she has breast milk. She removed her top. She did not remove her pant and panties. She touched her nipples and upper part of breast few times touched my body especially my chest and I think nipples of mine too. Can we get hiv if the breast milk touch my nipples from her hand. Due to lack of knowledge I am asking this question. Internet will confuse me.
Avatar f tn Okay here it goes, yesterday i go to a massage parlor to get a massage, then the therapist tells me to get naked she give me a typical massage first then she lay me up front then she sat in my lap with panty on, and then she take out her bra and start rubbing her boobs through out my penis to my chest and i notice after she got a single blister in her upper right breast and a little bit in her stomach now sirs can i get an herpes from that action?
Avatar n tn I went to a licensed massage therapist for a massage. During the massage one thing led to another and got a hand job and sucked breast. I wasnt worried since i knew this was safe. The 2nd time i went to the same massage therapist i guess i expected the same thing at the end of the session. But i got oral sex without a condom and then protected sex with a condom. I also sucked her breast. When i did suck her breast a layer of something ended up in my mouth.
529482 tn?1212781495 Im am a 20 year old mother of 2 i am a 32 A -cup iv tried everything i could to get a loan to help me out to get new breast im done having children and have a very low income i have avery low self Es-steam because of my very flat chest wit strech marks ect..
Avatar f tn I'm 28 years old married man. I had an exposure in massage spa therapist did hand job and I sucked nipple for 1 minute I don't she is breastfeeding or not. After 12 days I had heavy fever. I'm very worried about hiv now.
Avatar n tn Maybe the way it's being touched? I hate touching mine, but if I massage the breast and work my way up to that. I avoided breast play a d sort of still do. It just feels... Annoying? Ugly? I cant explain it really. But I found a breast massage is somewhat makes messing with my nipples tolerable.
Avatar n tn As I am a massage therapist. Most massage therapist will not massage you during first trimester because if something goes wrong with baby you might feel it's there fault and Sue them. But I give massage in first trimester I walk then through it. Also some massage therapist might ask for dr note.
Avatar f tn hi I recently visited a massage palor and the therapist removed her top and massaged me. She was doing a handjob and I started to suck her breast for 30 seconds. After completing the hand job she told that small quantity of milk will come from her breast rarely. I did not taste milk in my mouth. She said she is having a 4 year kid. I got scared. I washed my mouth and used listerine mouth wash. I don't know about her status. No intercourse no oral sex nothing. Whether I need to test for HIV.
Avatar f tn I'm a massage therapist an actually u shouldn't get a massage in the first trimester but it is fine to get a prenatal massage
Avatar n tn Sounds like a muscle spasm of the muscle Subscapularis You could have pain from it that radiates kind of into the breast and nipple region First see your doctor and get a referral to see a Physical Therapist or go to a massage therapist, They can stretch this out (some thing you probably couldn't do to this muscle on your own).
Avatar f tn I have found relief with myofascial release treatments from my massage therapist. I have also found that self breast massage (my massage therapist taught me to do this and it also helps to clear your lymphatic system) can help to loosen things.
Avatar f tn Yes! I worked at a massage place but the massage therapist has to, has to know how to do prenatal massage. It's very important!
Avatar f tn Hello if you want to go natural have you thought of going in for a massage? being a massage therapist. I know for the most part it can help with massage where do you live? I can help you find a good one if desired...anyway hope your getting better...
4364093 tn?1365869659 Lol I got a lot of breast milk storage bags at my shower, and a double pump breast pump. And if she will most likey only eat 2-3 times then I feel a lot better. Haha I'm sure ill get some sort of system down.
Avatar f tn If your Surgeon confirms it, I would urge you to consult a massage therapist as soon as possible that specializes in lymphedema treatment. These therapists have been specially trained to do the massage correctly. If neglected, your condition might get worse since there is no cure for lymphedema, but it can be controlled if treated promptly. Best wishes...
Avatar m tn which i do during at the spa or massage parlor just a massage and i always touch her thigh/breast(female therapist) and it ends with hand job / thigh job / foot job / *** job.
Avatar f tn when you lay on your tummy your boobs’ fats kinda spread out to the side, so I’m not sure) — i did ask the massager and she said that she doesn’t massage the breast but the “fat wings” on the side of my chest and it won’t affect my breast size. 2. Did by breast’s size growth were affected by my diets back then? Especially with the heating machine that burns my whole body fats :(.
Avatar f tn ======================================= Exactly 20 days back, i had a protected sex with a massage lady and i am worrying about the hickey i gave her on the breast. I neither tasted blood nor have any sores on my mouth. I heard that the massage ladies are tested every week. But i am very anxious that i might be affected. I visited a local hospital and started taking PEP in 17hrs of exposure. Still stressed and worried. Can anyone tell me whether i am at risk.
2065676 tn?1331422440 I also am a Massage Therapist, Bodyworker and have recieved Massage all through my treatment. No Problem. I have seen a handful of clients who were going through treatment and they loved getting their massages. Actually, it was the first person I saw going through treatment that made me think I should get tested for Hep C. So I did. Low and behold....God works in mysteries ways... Get your massage...PS, I get Deep work done on me because that is what works for me.
Avatar n tn Hi, my mom was diagnose for breast cancer about a year ago or more , she went through breast surgery and chemotherapy . Her Dr asked her to avoid lifting heavy object which she did not really follow that advice , after a couple of years she started having pains on her arm ,right arm where she had the surgery and this pains increases at night if she has been working that arm the previous day .
Avatar f tn Hello Doc i am a male I need your help yesterday may 21 2019 i go to massage parlor the massage therapist offer me a Dry hump she was wearing panjamas and t-shirt and she sit my penis within 5 to 8 minutes and me im wearing a brief and my brief are cover towel during dry hump i touched her breast and the women therapist are play my nipples This is my question 1. Doc this possible to get STD like syphilis ,HPV es pecially HSV from this event 2.
Avatar f tn I had 9 lymph nodes removed due to breast cancer. I have completed my treatments and feel great with the exception of some very minor swelling in my wrist. It feels like a deep bruise. Is this a common symptom of lymphedema? Thank you in advance for your answers.
Avatar n tn I am HIV + and was getting a planned non-sexual massage. During the massage I had some pre-cum leak out even though I was not aroused/erect. The pre-cum got on the massage therapist hands which I didn't realize at the time. After the massage I had told the massage therapist that I was HIV + and they were upset telling me they got precum on their hands. They had washed their hands after the massage. I told them I didn't believe there was any risk to them.