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Avatar f tn Blood on towel when drying - unsure if free flowing earlier due to any trauma during massage. Not previously bled. I remember her cleaning her arm during massage. Maybe my blood or her blood was present? I'm petrified I have HIV due to blood transfer. 1 month later I was admitted to hospital 6 nights with atypical pneumonia which is unusual in healthy young people. Again I'm worried due to HIV. Too scared to take test.
Avatar f tn Im 20 weeks and my breast have been itching and painful everyday. Is it possible they could have milk already? Any ideas on how to reduce the pain?
Avatar f tn Now I am drug free, symptom free. I just wear clay against my breast every night. I jog. I feel great, rarely ill. I am two pounds heavier than before I started Prednisone. The thing with me that is different compared lots of women with this disease is that all my trouble was local to the breast. I never had joint trouble, weakness or any other inflamation in the body. I contined to jog through the disease (but I had to hold my bandaged breast against my chest the whole time).
Avatar m tn 1) I was vigorously touch her breast and play with it with no possible breast milk (as i remember) and received penis - breast massage with my pre cum on it. Can i contract HIV or any other STI's if my precum were somehow touch her breast milk or other (although i don't recall her to have breast milk) in this penis - breast contact ?
1315180 tn?1274027164 Yes, you should talk to your doctor about the T3 and T4, but make sure you specify FREE T3 and FREE T4; otherwise, you will get TOTAL T3 and TOTAL T4, which are obsolete. Any doctor dosing, based only on TSH is not doing you any favors, as you have no idea what the actual thyroid hormone levels are and those are the levels that need to be adjusted to alleviate your symptoms.
Avatar n tn I went to a licensed massage therapist for a massage. During the massage one thing led to another and got a hand job and sucked breast. I wasnt worried since i knew this was safe. The 2nd time i went to the same massage therapist i guess i expected the same thing at the end of the session. But i got oral sex without a condom and then protected sex with a condom. I also sucked her breast. When i did suck her breast a layer of something ended up in my mouth.
Avatar f tn Omg tricare dosent cover them i would think military insurance covers something like that now i have to go buy one
Avatar f tn I just had a massage that finished with some intense body rubbing. The masseuse insisted on taking off her pants but I told her to leave them on. There was kissing, breast sucking, frottage with my penis over and into her vagina(while she kept her pants on) and fingering of her vagina with pants on. Does this constitute as a risk for any std? Super anxious. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Massage massage massage!!!! It might be little painful but it was the only thing that helped me!! Use both hands and make circles and apply some pressure....
Avatar f tn Hi doc's, just to clarify my doubt. I went in for a massage and had a happy ending at the end. The only sexual thing we did is that she touched my penis and wanked it thats all and i pressed her breast and just once sucked on it but not deap at all. There was no fluid in contact with me from her. I am just worried if i am at any risk of STD or HIV. Please advise me to have a free mind and get away from this crap. I learnt a lesson and will never go again for any of this ****.
Avatar f tn Get a manicure/pedicure, a prenatal massage, go bowling, go shopping, go to a pool hall, the movies, the zoo.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if Medicaid covers a free pump in NC? I exclusively breast fead my now three year inks until 22 months and plan to do the same with this one except I will be going back to work.
Avatar f tn I iust asked my sister said to massage your breast and put a warm towel on them to help with milk flow.
9571159 tn?1419571005 ll get annoyed and not touch my belly. Then he gets mad when I ask him to massage my back because it hurts.
10909590 tn?1416437106 Mine will have no games, I feel it's too many people for games. We are putting onesies of different sizes on the tables for guests to decorate.
Avatar f tn my babyshower is june 14 and i don't have any games in mind could you mommys help me out?
Avatar f tn I went to get an erotic massage. The lady rubbed her breast up and down on my bare penis for a few minutes until I ejaculated. Is there any risk for any type of std? Also, is there any risk for hpv?
Avatar f tn You have to call and see. I received my free breast pump a few days ago through my insurance (United Healthcare). Its a double electric one that UH paid for.
Avatar f tn My cousin owns her own massage parlor and I cannot wait to get one (once I actually have a free minute to get one lol) since I get it for free then I just have to tip.... More than worth it!
Avatar f tn I asked medicaid if they offered free breast pumps and they don't. They did say to ask WIC though, so I'll ask them. Not sure if anyone else had medicaid, but there's my experience just in case.