Breast massage just above the urethra

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Avatar n tn There are many websites (looks legitimate) saying possibilities of infections other than just the above 3 cases of direct contacts. Maybe, other cases are like "almost-no-possibility" cases. overly-exaggerated? As you've consulted many people, I want to know whether you've heard of people infected other than the 3 cases of direct contacts. I really hate to worry about things like "anything can be harmful" sort of way. It's just mentally unhealthy.
Avatar m tn Once I got there i told the lady immediately that I wasn't looking for sex but just a massage and maybe me masturbating in front of her. After the massage I have started to frottage the lady, I kept my trousers and my underwear on while she was wearing her panties (quiet thin) during the frottage, she also sat on my genitals alwasy doing frottage always keeping trouser,pants and her panties on. I then decided stupidily to touch her panties did not put my fingers under her panties.
Avatar m tn But that also allowed the virus to get my urethra or penis head. Also the fact that she gave me a massage in her potential condition. The fluids in condom and so forth. I don't know the relation between HIV and other stds. But I think that there is a grey area when it Comsat to transmission. I literally rubbed the inside of my urethra with her fluids while urethra was being irritated. I understand that HIV is unable to reproduce outside it's host, but I never heard the doctors say that.
Avatar n tn I went to a massage parlor on Oct 6th, had massage with underwear, but after that she offered me breast massage and my penis was between her breasts and rubbed vigorously for 3 minutes.She was wearing her pants throughout. I had already posted in the community forum and really value the responses I received from Grace and Riverlover, but wanted an expert opinion as well. 1.
Avatar n tn Since June 05 have had red/white/flesh colored pin sized small bumps on the head of my penis, concentrated on the tip and inside the urethra. Initially, the tip of my penis was very sensitive to touch (sharp sting when touched), as well as pain in the left glan. Bumps are not painful nor blistering. More visible during erection. No pain urinating, but stings after urinating as urine dribbles out after I think I'm done.
Avatar m tn The worst thing came, she then gave me a masturbation using her hands, I did not know if there is any cut or wound or blood on her hands, the masturbation just took about less than one minut until I ejaculate, and I did not touch any vaginal fluid since she did not take off any of her clothes.
Avatar n tn He examined my penis under white light for any lesions or tears around the urethra and along the shaft and told me he did not notice anything. He was surprised the hospital didnt prescribe a course of antibiotics and antivirals as a precautionary measure, so he prescribed a 5 day course of Acyclovir with 400mgX3times a day as a preventative measure for any herpes infection and Azithromycin 400mg once a day for 3 days for Chlamydia.
Avatar n tn i mentioned to a massage therapist what that other poster in the breast cancer forum suggested (about pinched nerves in the spine area) and how that can cause breast pain when i went in for my massage today. she agreed that yes it can. it felt a lot better when she massaged my mid-back and there were lots of knots to be found. also, she massaged mt ribs (directly under my breast) and felt knots there as well.
Avatar f tn I feel its because I recently had a breast reduction and my nipples and hyper sensitive now so I'm super aroused by just my clothing up against them. The problem I think that I have is the compulsion to masturbate because of the arousal.... why can't i just forget about it?
Avatar m tn Some are quite itchy others not at all and I have noticed they always appear in the same areas. Few on the lower right of my left palm, a few just in the hair line on the left side of my scalp at the nape of my neck and a few just on my left shoulder blade.
Avatar n tn And coupled with the fact that the route to the penis is also inefficient (urethra), vaginal sex is really inefficient. There is a new study done that shows that uncircumsized men might be more at risk for vaginal sex, but that test is yet to be duplicated and confirmed. But I would NOT spilt hairs. if you're worrying. just get tested once at the 6-8 week mark. Good luck!
1035252 tn?1427231433 but to be honest I'd rather take a strong painkiller when they get bad and just deal with it the rest of the time..I hate the preventative meds they all have awful side effects. and I can't afford anything that'll cause weight gain I used to be very healthy 120-135 but then I got very sick in college and gained a bunch of weight...and 2 babies and a miscarriage later and I'm still trying to lose's very depressing.
Avatar n tn A good deep massage incorporating the techniques I mentioned above to release the hamstrings by an experienced masseuse can go a long way to helping you feel better. The sooner the better.
Avatar n tn I am THE BRAIN, i just received my next sharp painful experience with my epididymitis. ITS BAAAAAAAAAAAACK . just went to a doc and got some vicodines and some antibiotics for the infection. i also strongly believe that it is a case of backed up sperm that causes infection. i like to have sex once a day but i haven't in a week and BAAM it hits all of a sudden when i was lifting something heavy (once again). but it is a very common deal so don't trip out.
Avatar n tn There is a nerve located between your anis and testicles or on a woman between her anis and vagina the nerve sometimes gets in a pinch or twist which sends vibrations through to the tip of the penis or on a woman just above the clit area.
298579 tn?1192250448 I too experience the exact same symptoms, very intense cramping after orgasm ~ probably 85% of the time. The pain is so intense at times that I am in tears. I have tried Tylenol prior to sex, stretching before & after, but nothing seems to help. The pain at times lasts up to 30-45 minutes after.
Avatar n tn Mine happens always at night and wakes me up. It happens in a small section of the lower back just above the tail bone. The first couple times it happened it scared the **** out of me and it actually felt like I was laying on my cell phone and it starting to ring on vibrate. This was not just a small twinge of vibration but strong, strong enough to wake me up.
Avatar f tn I had joint pain and just over all pain, but according to the psychiatrists and psychologists it was just in my mind, lack of serotonin, I was depressed and I needed to give the antidepressants more time.
Avatar n tn The sensations do not hurt, it just is concerning me because I have never experienced this before. Has anyone ever had the same experience, or does anyone have any idea what could be causing these vibrating/buzzing sensations?
Avatar n tn I had been told I had genital herpes with the genital ulcers about 10yr ago I have not had any problems but lastnight I went to the er because I have leftside shoulder blade pain through my breast and it just hurts to touch but nothing is visible they (er) of course said nothing wrong take motrin it probably a pulled muscle but I just have this pain that is not going away and it hurts so bad any ideas what it could be I feel hopeless nobody is understanding the pain!!!!!!
Avatar n tn BUT this time I'm printing this out and making an appointment to talk about this and we'll take the time! Now that I know it isn't just me. I rarely get a yeast infection, but just started to feel one come on a few days ago and took the homeopathic AZO pills - I never got the yeast infection, but did get the cuts (it is a few days before my period) but worse this time.
Avatar m tn I have been on a few rounds of antivirals for herpes just to see if there is a reaction, the antivirals seem to help the symptoms but herpes test was neg. I am thinking this maybe undetected herpes infection accompany with a fungal overgrowth due to excess antibiotics. Also my CBC came back normal but WBC was in the low range. Any idea what this is? Please help.
Avatar n tn They think it's my prostate that's causing the mayhem. I just want an MRI of my prostate and the duplex. I know it seems like you can read, read, read and schedule all the appointments but u never come to a knowledge of anything. I'm just glad it works. It's not like it used to be but it works. It has restored a little bit since asia. It's not as rubbery and unresponsive. I've got to stay positive. What's so bothersome is even flaccid it doesn't feel right.
Avatar n tn I've been having this itching for about 4 months now. Just on one side of the labia. But the itching is sometimes so unbearable. I've tried the anti-itch cream, creams for athlete's food (I was desperate because I don't know what it is). I now use Vick's Vaporub and that seems to help the symptoms but doesn't cure it. I'm going through menopause, haven't had a period in a year. My doctor doesn't know what it is. The weird thing is it's only on one side! Is it the same with everybody?
485259 tn?1519050626 one is above my belly button to the left, then the belly button one, then one below the button to the left again and then one just above my bikini line....if I were to have a bikini line LOL. She told me that she found the discrepancy when she got in there....
Avatar n tn For the last 6 months I have been getting tearing (look like paper cuts) in my vaginal area (1/4 to 1/2 inch long). I get the tears at least once or twice a week and they last from 2-4 days, go away for a few days and then come back. They continue to occur in the same locations; 1. Inside the vaginal lips on the sides almost always in the crease (between the labia minora and majora?) 2. Between the anus and vaginal opening (perineum) 3. Above the clitoris in the "hood" area.
Avatar n tn The thing I'm worried about is that the site says that LB and CV are always cyclic - the symptoms are worse just before your period and then they disappear during your period. Do you know if that is always the case? Because my symptoms don't deem to be related to my cycle - they certainly don't disappear with my period. So could it still be LB or CV? I just want these horrible symptoms to go away!!
Avatar n tn Since then i can get it once or twice a month, other times i dont get the pain at all. and most the time the pain is only just bareable. I usually just sit or stand depending on level of pain and grin and bare it. I dont have any children and when i seen the doctor about it she said i might have a slight case of endometriosis, and that was after i had test down, she said sometimes endo doesnt show up!
Avatar f tn This and the other thread (10 things I learned...) has really helped me! I'm having surgery to remove a dermoid on April 12. My doctor too said 2-3 days of recovery (using the DaVinci laparoscopy surgery), but I fear that is being too optimistic. Here's my question... I work at home sitting in a recliner with a c-shaped pillow on my lap where I place my laptop (the "arms" of the c-shaped pillow are then my arm rests). It's very comfy, but it's still a sitting position.