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Avatar n tn I am 21 years old and I just had my first son february 15, 2009 but this is my second pregnancy. I had breast feed him for two weeks after he was born. Well yesterday I was checking my breast and there is an lump on the right breast by my nipple more on the left side. It was not there the day before or any other day and it is a little tender and it feels bigger than a marble. I wanted to know your opinion on what it could be?
Avatar n tn Hi, Aside the possibility that this lump could be a cyst or a fibroadenomas, this could also be a blocked milk duct which happens quite frequently when breast-feeding.There are milk ducts that go up near the armpit. Try nursing first from the breast with the lump, apply warm compresses before nursing and massaging in the direction of your nipple and see if the lump goes away after a few days.
Avatar n tn my fiance just gave birth and she is breast feeding she started getting this hard lump almost like a ball in the back of her breast after 3 days of brest feeding?
213739 tn?1215489609 I'm kinda nervous about it- anyone had this happen or should I go to the doc.? There's no LUMP if I do a self breast exam but it's quite annoying. It's worse when I'm nursing him on that side and then gets better when he's not nursing on that side or if it's not itching, it will be fine when he nurses on the right side but as soon as I switch him and he nurses on that side, it starts itching. Any thoughts or has anyone had anything similiar to this?
Avatar m tn My doc did a mammogram and an ultrasound and decided it was a normal lactacting breast. That lump went away after my milk dried up. Now the new lump is in the same spot and feels about the same but I never had one while I was pregnant before. I am worry wart and just wanted any opnions. I did contact my doc and he said to wait until my next OB appointment. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I urge you to NOT TAKE ANY MEDICATIONS WHILE YOU ARE NURSING!!! MANY MEDS CAN GO RIGHT INTO THE BREAST MILK, AND GREATLY PUT YOUR NURSING BABY AT GREAT RISK FOR DANGEROUS SIDE EFFECTS!!!!! I think you are a wonderful mom, to think about these things, and to ask the tough questions!!! Read on, and let us know how things work out for you! ***************************************************** Some GASTRIC REFLUX TIPS (without acid blockers): GER=Gastro-Esophageal Reflux. (Gastro=stomach.
Avatar n tn i gave birth n monday night my milk came in on friday morning i have noticed that i have a little lump on my right breast i hae been told that it is just milk however thats the only lump i have im very concerned and i just wanna know how i can tell if its just milk or sumthing mre serious
Avatar n tn My wife is breastfeeding and has a (sore)lump in her breast (close to the aereola)that will not go away. After pumping or breastfeeding she has a tingling/burning sensation that lasts 30-45 minutes. She has tried heat/ice massage, hot water baths, epsom salt bath, ultrasound, lecithin, etc.. and nothing is making it go away. We have tried to contact lactation dept. at the hospital, ob/gyn, and other health professionals and no one seems worried.
676713 tn?1226252646 I had an Ultrasound done because I am nursing my 4 month old son. The surgeon did a FNA after he got the report back. (Findings in above comment) Thanks again!
Avatar f tn So I stopped BFing DD 2 yrs ago after nursing for 13 months, over the past couple of months I've noticed what I think is a lump almost under my nipple, this area is very tender at times (that's how I found it) I can only feel it from one angle, i can't feel it from the top or sides, just underneath it. I've been to the Dr who couldn't feel it and I had an U/S done which was normal. I can only feel it when I am leaning forward, not when I'm lying down. (I am small busted).
Avatar f tn the doctors took out all together 5 lumps.but still a lump is present.they could not remove it.i didn't had any problem after the surgery.the incision was done around the nipple. will i the one lump effect my health?is there a chance of reoccurance?will it affect in lactation in further days ?
Avatar n tn I also found a lump on left rib under breast. I already have an annual Dr. appointment on the 26th of Oct. so after reading about all the others who have the same symptom, decided to wait till then to have it checked. My mother died of Lymphoma. She was 87 yrs. old also. I still am worried. Any words of comfort from anyone to hold me till my Dr. appointment. I too hope there is a simple explanation. There aren't a lot of results as to what this is on this site.
535884 tn?1270902071 After everything else I was dealing with I have now (a month and a half ago) found a lump in my breast. Of course I immediately went into denial and insisted everything would be ok, It's just hormonal etc etc etc. FINALLY realised it was getting sorer and causing me a lot more discomfort. So off I went to the doctor and had a Mammagram and Ultrasound as I am having a reasonal amount of discharge from the breast as well.....
661911 tn?1292349402 Hello- I’ve been bf for a year and yesterday morning I woke up with a big lump in my right breast. My daughter has been bf last night and I pumped this morning some milk came out but this hard lump will not go away. It’s hurting me and makes me worried. Please help what should I do and if this is normal. This is the first time happened to me.
Avatar n tn kind of like a milk duct infection, yet she is not pregnent or nursing. Her gyn gave her an antibiotic after which she developed a rash on chest and neck. Dr change antibiotic but rash spread to legs. Although the mass still is there, it is less painful now. Should she question the dr about IBC? Isn't it strange for a non nursing woman to have a breat infection? I am obsessivly worried and would love some good news!
Avatar n tn The nipple peeling may well be due to some of the breast feeding problems you had. A lump associated with breast cancer wouldn't come and go either. Keep that appointment but relax a little, OK ?? Regards ...
Avatar n tn About 2 days ago, my right breast became very painful. I started feeling it and there is a small lump there close to my nipple. I had heard that cancerous lumps are not usually painful. I haven't nursed for 15 months; however for the last week, both nipples have been leaking. This feels like a clogged milk duct. It is not red at all, but does seems slightly larger. I'm 28 years old and have 3 children. I had mastitis with my first over 6 years ago.
Avatar n tn I started having breast pain on the left side while nursing my second child.My breast seemed to not be expressing the milk well--just one or two streams. I did all the treatments for clogged milk ducts/mastitis, but nothing really helped. The pain would come and go, but my breast never expressed like it had with my first baby. My left breast became noticably larger than my right. I thought the pain and swelling would go away after I stopped nursing/pumping.
Avatar f tn I found a hard ,tender, smooth and round pea size lump on the side of my right breast about middle way up the breast. I went to the doctor and he said that is was very distinct but that was the only one that he could find. He told me to do warm compress and massage the lump. When i do that it does get a lot looser and it goes down a small amount. I did stop nursing on October 23 and just received my period last night. It was more tender today than before and i am feeling good otherwise.
Avatar n tn By late fall my right breast seemed back to normal, however my left breast still ached and there seemed to be a thickening in the deep tissue. Just before Christmas I found a lump deep in the breast about in the center of were the tissue thickening is located. My Ob has ordered a mammogram to be done. How concerned should I be and what steps should I pursue. I am worried since I have 3 small children to raise.
868575 tn?1250191618 Thank you for responding. It appears it may not be a breast issue at all... perhaps. THe last several days I have had severe burning bilat. Sometimes discolored, but mostly not. Ice is all that helps. But it has spread across my chest to my axilla... so I would fair to guess it is not my breasts. I am being worked up for other things, sich as MS which can cause burning such as this. I thank you for your answering me straight when I was just a head case with worry.
Avatar f tn It started in the last few months of nursing my first child, continued after nursing, during my second pregnancy and again during nursing my second child. A few months back upon weening my second child the pain in this area became much more intense and then returned to the "normal" level upon completion of nursing. I have had two ultrasounds...the first was inconclusive as I was still nursing and all they could see were the milk ducts, however, in the second they fould a cyst.
599813 tn?1219646818 for which I taken some homoeopathic medicine and resolved in 2 day then it occur two to three times all time resolved in one to two days with homoeopathic medicine, but with this or after these episode I developed intermittent shooting pain in my right breast which is unbearable. The pain occurs mainly on empty breast and during feeding.
Avatar n tn I received a brochure to sign up for a breast cancer walk after I had my annual routine Bi-Lateral Mammagram. The next day I received a letter from the imaging center telling me to call my doctor to discuss the report and suggested additional tests called: Quad Compression MLO View as well as Laterally Rotated CC View and an Ultrasound. I can not find much information regarding these tests.
Avatar n tn When I thought that I had found a lump on my breast, my general practitioner examined it first. He did a thorough exam, and I was done there. He also squeezed my nipples to check for fluid. I would definitely mention it to the family doctor.
Avatar n tn Now, I went to another OBGYN and asked her about my scares as I am still having white dc in 1 breast, both bs feel lumpy and I still have arm lump. I'm a mess. The OBGYN said she didn't see or feel anything other than the armpit thing(she said she didn't think it was a big deal) however, she referred me to a surgeon to check my bs but I have decided to go to a diff dr to check things immediately or on site. Is there anything else positive that this can be? I am so scared.
Avatar f tn I did have a lump after my son was born at was from breast finding and I got it removed like 8 years lader!! At never want away by its self at was nothing to worry about jest my dockter said u should remove it jest in case at my become samthin!!