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Avatar f tn I also had access to a very sophisticated pathology department at Women's College Hospital in Toronto, Canada who made my diagnosis, despite my original diagnosis of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. I feel good about you in that you are feeling well other than the breast lump, and have not had any changes since the biopsy. I would get a second opinion if you need to be sure what you are dealing with - we all need to be strong advocates when it comes to our medical care.
Avatar n tn I had a breast scan 18 mths ago after finding a breast lump and it was all clear. Is this periductal mastitis? And id the lump in my armpit the lymph gland doing its thing to fight the infection?
Avatar f tn I've taken a warm bath and pumped right after and I hardly get any milk from the infected breast. Now it feels like it's getting bigger and every little thing I do hurts. Why isn't the lump getting smaller what can I do about it? And how long will these flu symptoms last? Help please it hurts so bad! !
Avatar f tn After the ten days the lump on my R breast was still the same. And was starting to hurt. In February 2011 and after a couple of ultrasounds I had a biopsy in two parts of my R breast. My breast was purple and redish after the biopsy which I understand it's normal. Thought the biopsy was going to give the answr to my problem but the Dr.
Avatar f tn I went to my family MD with a breast lump, lump under my arm, and all the classic Mastitis symptoms. Mammogram and ultrasound did not detect a problem. 4 rounds of antibiotics and 2 rounds of steroids later, still have a lump. Had a repeat ultrasound last week that detected a 1cm by 3/4 cm lump and 5 enlarged lymph nodes. Biopsies on both came back benign, thank God!
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with mastitis two weeks ago without breast pain, fever or redness symptoms and I am not and have not breastfed in a year. I had discovered fluid leaking from my nipples (both). I was prescribed Amoxicillin which hasn't had an effect it seems, I have three days left of antibiotic and my nipples are still leaking. Was this a misdiagnosis?
Avatar n tn hi i was told i had Granulomatous mastitis a few months ago after an ultrasound scan and a needle biopsy i was giveb pain killers for the pain but the lump is still there and the pain sometimes its really itchy aswell when i went back to my doctors i was given more painkillers is this normall for it to be there this long and will it ever go ?
Avatar n tn What is granulomatous mastitis of the breast- does it always clinically involve a lump? What are the symptoms? Are there skin changes of the breast?
Avatar n tn How many have had mastectomy after a diagnoses of idiopathic granulomatous mastitis? I have gone through "conservative" treatments with steroids and several antibiotics. The side effects are awful, I can't see hardly anything, I never sleep, and my blood pressure continues to creep up. I also have had 2 surgeries for abscesses and one to check for inflammatory breast cancer. Nothing seems to be working and am fearful another abscess is accumulating now.
Avatar n tn Hi, I too am suffering from a lump left over from mastitis. Was in hospital for 3 days a week after having my third child. Needless to say the mastitis was bad enough but a year and a half later i still have a lump under my right nipple. The lump itself is always there and the nipple is always inverted. When my period is close to arriving the lump gets tender and I get shooting pains through it.
1844398 tn?1318890000 a couple times, but I have had a DOUBLE partial mastectomy (one on each side) from GM. BOTH have been successful, somewhat. I originally got GM in my right breast, after years of begging, finally got that taken care of. My GM in my left breast showed up about a year or two after surgery on the right. I've never had a flare up since on the right side. I have had a couple smaller lumps on the left since having a partial mastectomy...
Avatar n tn Hi, Granulomatous mastitis is a benign inflammatory breast disease of unknown origin that usually affects young women of childbearing age. The recommended treatment for granulomatous mastitis is complete resection or open biopsy with corticosteroid therapy. The chances of recurrence are high and so a regular follow up is essential. Let us know if you have any other doubts or if you need any other information and keep us posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I have just been diagnosed with granulomatous mastitis. It was originally mistaken for a breast cancer until I had a core biopsy. I have an abscess now which does not clear completely. My doctor has advised expectant management for the time being so I am having no treatment at the moment. I will see him again in 10 days. I am very worried about taking steroids and I intend to look into chinese medicine, at least to relieve symptoms.
Avatar f tn I too have finally been diagnosed with GM w/ abscess. It first occured in my left breast and after multiple episodes of resolution after antibiotic therapy & needle biopsy, I finally got relief from open excisional biopsy (also 2 in office aspirations after surgery). I was asymptomatic for approx 3mos and now I am having the same problem in my right breast! My flareups occur upon having my period. I have not taken any steroids yet as my doctors seem to not know much about this problem.
Avatar n tn (after 5 previous thrush infections) I was diagnosed w/ a severe thrush infection unlike any that I had previously (blistering and ulcerations of the nipple, sorry if TMI), which my OB believes lead to mastitis. At that time I developed the classic red streaks on one breast and a very large, painful swollen lymph node in my armpit that would not go away, even after a course of Cephalix (sp?).
Avatar m tn In granulomatous mastitis, you may experience discharge from the breast, along with tenderness in the breast and inflammation, which can cause the breast to feel hot to the touch. Usually a mass can be felt inside the breast and it can feel quite similar to a tumor.Your doctor may recommend testing such as an imaging study to look inside the breast and a biopsy to examine cells taken from the mass of tissue.The biopsy result will show if the mass is granulomatous in nature.
1102211 tn?1430690401 Two months later I got a breast abscess, then hormones all over the place followed by having to have a hysteroscopy, removal of the coil and a full abdominal ablation. A week after my operation I found a large breast lump which has now been diagnosed as GM. Is there a hormonal link does anyone know?? Rhuematology has ruled out any findings?
Avatar f tn He never took a culture or referred me to a breast specialist. After 2 months of being on antibiotics, my other breast became inflammed also. During all this, my doctor declared I had mastitis from breast feeding. This struck odd because I never breast feed any of my children. Needless to say, I ended up hospitilized for a week and they did surgery to drain it. It was said it was a staph infection. Since that time, I have had 6 surgeries and even had a duct removed and this keeps coming back.
Avatar f tn I was just diagnosed with mycobacterial granulomatous mastitis after a benign result from a 4 sample core biopsy. My lump started out small, but over the now 8 weeks of this it has involved close to half my breast tissue. The surgeon is concerned an incisional biopsy, which is needed to get additional tissue for the cultures that have to be done to pinpoint the mycobacteria and devise an antibiotic regime, would create a blood environment that will aggravate the situation.
Avatar f tn I went to my family MD with a breast lump, lump under my arm, and all the classic Mastitis symptoms. Mammogram and ultrasound did not detect a problem. 4 rounds of antibiotics and 2 rounds of steroids later, still have a lump. Had a repeat ultrasound last week that detected a 1cm by 3/4 cm lump and 5 enlarged lymph nodes. Biopsies on both came back benign, thank God!
Avatar f tn Hello, Like several others on this forum, I am 31 years old, have a 3 year old child, and breastfed for 18 months. 2 months ago, a large, painful lump/breast appeared overnight. 6 biopsy's and one lumpectomy, I was scared to death. I was told it's a possibility that I do have breast cancer, although, after surgery, it was determined that I did not have cancer, rather Granulomatous Mastitis. Currently, I live in Germany, and so far have been treated here.
Avatar n tn my fiance just gave birth and she is breast feeding she started getting this hard lump almost like a ball in the back of her breast after 3 days of brest feeding?
646779 tn?1281999641 Pain and sensitivity especially when breast is full; Concentrated pain on the left side of left breast; other is fine; Pain when removing milk, that becomes a little less painful when breast is close to empty; Don't think I have a clog as I've had one before and this is different - i don't detect a lump, but am apprehensive to prod too much as it hurts to do so; I am tired and drained as I express at 3 am, always seem to get to bed late, and am up early taking kids to school.
Avatar n tn I have black discharge leaking spontainousley from my left breast with a lump about 3cm accross under the nipple and I am awaiting an appointment for a mammogram/ultrasound/fine needle biopsy. Initially, when i went to the doctors i was told that because of my age and level of fitness I could probably expect it to be an infection and was given antibiotics. However, since taking them i feel no better, although I'm in no pain.
Avatar f tn I had a lump in my right breast, then I went to a surgeon he felt the lump and drained some fluids from the lump,then told me he was going to remove it that day which was in mar 2010 now its may 2010 and the same lump is back and in the same spot. the only thing the surgeon said was the biopsy did not show cancer. so my question is how could this return again and the same spot. I am 35 years old.
301354 tn?1211814120 I haven't said anything, but for the last few weeks, I have felt a lump on the insde of my left breast. It continues to increasingly get larger. It is sometimes tender, but not always. Most of the time, it just feels like a constant throb like someone is repeatedly poking me with a needle. To touch it, is not tender.
Avatar n tn My boyfriend saw his Dr. a month ago for a lump under his left breast. It is tender to the touch. After no change with a round of antibiotics, his Dr. is now sending him for a mammogram and then on to a surgeon. My boyfriend is in excellent health, runs, eats right, and very trim. I'm terrified it's cancer. What can you tell me.
Avatar n tn My wife is breastfeeding and has a (sore)lump in her breast (close to the aereola)that will not go away. After pumping or breastfeeding she has a tingling/burning sensation that lasts 30-45 minutes. She has tried heat/ice massage, hot water baths, epsom salt bath, ultrasound, lecithin, etc.. and nothing is making it go away. We have tried to contact lactation dept. at the hospital, ob/gyn, and other health professionals and no one seems worried.