Breast lump after mastectomy

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Avatar m tn My relative aged 32 years unmarried had a lump in right breast. The FNAC and core needle biopsy were negative. Lumpactomy was done and the biopsy report showed two lumps of 5.5 cm and 2 cm with grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. The mastectomy was done with removal of 27 lymph nodes. No further tumour were shown, lymph nodes were not involved and margins were free. Her ER/PR is negative, but HER2/neu is amplified in FISH method. Chemeo FEC have been started, which will run for six cycles.
Avatar m tn My relative aged 32 years unmarried had a lump in right breast. The FNAC and core needle biopsy were negative. Lumpactomy was done and the biopsy report showed two lumps of 5.5 cm and 2 cm with grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. The mastectomy was done with removal of 27 lymph nodes. No further tumour were shown, lymph nodes were not involved and margins were free. Her ER/PR is negative, but HER2/neu is amplified in FISH method. Chemeo FEC have been started, which will run for six cycles.
Avatar f tn If the mastectomy was a must why did you not have it right after the biopsy and path report? In my particular case I chose a mastectomy after the biopsy and path report because I did not want chemo and/or radiotherapy and I did not accept the AI oral treatment, not because I am scared but because this is my second primary cancer issue.
Avatar n tn Some find it very devastating and others value their life much more than a breast. I'm curious if a mastectomy has been recommended in your case. If so then there is nothing to consider ... if you have been given a choice and the surgeon feels a lumpectomy could be done with clean margins obtained then I wouldn't choose the more extensivesurgery.
Avatar m tn Hi. The new lump that your wife can feel on the previous mastectomy site could be a scar tissue or ( I hope not) a breast cancer recurrence.Please tell your wife to have it checked out by her surgeon/Oncologist to be more certain of the cause. If a biopsy is recommended I hope that it turns out to be scar tissue or other benign pathology. Take care and best of luck to both of you...
Avatar f tn Two months ago i had a simple mastectomy with sentinel node biopsy. Stage 1, no lymph involvement so no chemo or radiation. Since then, I have a hard area growing immediately under the incision. It looks like a "hot dog" under the skin. It runs the entire length of the incision, sticks out about an inch from my chest and is more than an inch deep at its "tallest" spot. I've asked my surgeon, who says it's not uncommon to get "lumps and bumps" after mastectomy.
Avatar n tn My breast surgeon removed my surgical drain five days after my mastectomy and this lump grew large and painful a few days later. The plastic surgeon manually drained it and said that everything should be alright. Well, that was five days ago and the lump has reappeared along with the pain. I have been taking tylenol with codine since my surgery. It helps alittle. I don't know if I'm causing this to happen.
Avatar n tn This was done in April 2008 (The first reconstructive surgeries were June and August 2007) The plastic surgeon that did the April 2008 surgery told me that I had a lot of scar tissue that she had to take out when exchanging the implant and told me to massage the breast to avoid it in future. I have noticed a new lump on the same side of the mastectomy (in 11:00 position). It is a little sensative and at times it feels as if it is connected to the implant because I feel a tightening.
2078635 tn?1331987349 It is very common for radiologist to describe findings,(post lumpectomy or mastectomy) that could be consistent with scar tissue or recurrent breast cancer.So soon after your mastectomy and certainly followed by recommended treatments,this finding in your breast is more likely to be scar tissue or fat necrosis which can happen when surgery or injury to the breast heals and leaves scar tissue that looks suspicious on mammograms or ultrasound.
Avatar n tn Saline implants. 4 rounds AC. Neg nodes. BRCA2 positive. Last week I found a lump on my left breast.(Same breast as original diagnosis) It is under the skin, maybe 5ml., very hard. It is not a part of my implant. I do regular exams so it is 'new'. Went to Dr. right away and am scheduled for a mammogram/sono to check it out. I can't find any info on new cancers or much info on reccurance after 10 years. Any thoughts or ideas. I am 45, post menopausal (oopherectomy in 2005).
Avatar n tn I had a modified Mastectomy on left breast Thursday morning, the 18th of April. (Lobular carcinoma) Tomorrow morning, April 22, I will return to the hospital for a bone scan and a cat scan. Is this regular procedure after surgery? Also, After the surgery they took blood from my arm to test. Can it be told by this blood test if I still have some remaining cancer left? Or is it just a blood test to see if I am amnemic, etc., as a regular blood test is?
Avatar n tn Will my doctor make me get one for my mastectomy? I know people say you won't want to get up after it and the catheter will help, but I am exactly the opposite. Nothing will be better than to move around post-op. It's how I've always been post-op. Can I tell my doctor I don't want a catheter? Ahhhhhhhh.
Avatar n tn If the determination that a biopsy is recommended the surgeon will usually propose the least invasive method that can give the most information. For your peace of mind you may want to seek the opinion of a breast specialist to evaluate this lump, to figure out what is going on with your breast.
Avatar n tn The worst part was the stinging of the needle to freeze the breast and the loud sound of the clicking of the core biopsy needle grabbing the tissue. After that, I was left with significant bruising of my breast. Now I am having a mastectomy, so I guess that procedure is insignificant compared to that.
Avatar n tn I am 42 dx 8/03 with rt. invasive ductal 1.6cmx1.5cm with intraductal present and lobular in situ present and multifocal, SBR 6/9, intermediate grade, ER pos-PR neg, HER-2 neg. 9/03 had wide re-excision(with clear margins) with axil lymph node disection (one sentinal pos- 22 removed). My lump was self detected-mammo and sono neg due to very dense breasts. I went for bx. due to fam. hx. of breast CA (mom died at 49 and maternal aunt died at 42).
Avatar f tn in the other breast which is full of cists,lump with microcalcificatoin with BIRADS 4 score and immediately done Core biopsy, Now I wait for results .My new doctor said to me that there is no chance to not have surgery, but depense of results he will know what kind of surgery.That lump he said that exist on mammo since 2007 but the other doctor not seen .To whom to believed?To find third?Oh, no again!
Avatar f tn Nine years ago as I mentioned I had the biopsy and following that, about six to eight months I felt a lump in the left breast and was diagnosed with grade 2 tumour. I had a wide local excision and axillary node clearance followed by radiation therapy and Arimidex for 5 years. I was fine with a few concerns which came to nothing until November 2008 when a mammogram revealed unusual calcifications in the right breast.
Avatar f tn Be without breast for months? Have to stop running again. Then what if I hate the way I look after the reconstruction. And B tells me he’ll support me either way, but then tells me that he doesn’t want me to be sad and depressed about being flat chested. Of course I’m going to be sad! This is a HUGE deal. Then there’s the part of me that’s so afraid not to do it. The insurance will pay for it now, they may not later.
Avatar n tn This was 6 years ago when I was diagnosed. I had a mastectomy on the right which was the infected breast. After 6 months of chemo and a few months of recovery I had the left breast removed profilatically. My questions is, would they have left breast tissue in the left breast under the armpit? I now feel a lump in that area and I am concerned.
341137 tn?1287308643 Two days after, my breast swelled up like crazy where the internal stitching etc had been done, now that is all calming down a bit, I felt around to see how it was progressing and found a lump. Is it possible for a cancer lump to have grown so quickly or could it have always been there and they missed it. At first I thought it was the edge of the swelling, but that seems more flat and angular, where this feels round.
Avatar n tn I had a bilateral mastectomy after being diagnosed with stage 1 BC, triple negative & BRCA 1 gene. I had chemo and have been healthy for 1 year since. What is the appropriate type of breast exam at this point? What do you think of the value of an MRI in my case?
Avatar n tn My Aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer just over a week ago after finding a small lump in hone of her breasts just before Christmas and is due to have a lumpectomy/possible mastectomy on the 1st Feb which will then be followed by radiation treatment every day for 3 weeks. My Mum went to see her GP last week about getting her HRT tablets and whilst she was she there mentioned to the Dr that she thought she'd found a small lump.
Avatar f tn And if its some consolation, while another lump may still possible even after mastectomy, I believe the risk of this happening is very low. Regards, Flo.
Avatar n tn Highly suggestive of malignancy- appropiate action should be taken. I am 73 years old I can feel the lump on the bottom of my right breast. It feels hard and kind of like a chord I discovered this 3 weeks ago. I had a breast exam 3 months ago and nothing was felt. based on the size could it be this was caught early? I also have been taking premarin for many years. My questions are how likely is this to be cancer. could it be a fibroid tumor or is that unlikely?
Avatar n tn 3, cribriform. Found after surgery a cyst in inside quadrant 9 o'clock deep behind nipple. Aspirated cyst did not collapse. FNA path came back as insuffient tissue. I want to make a decision that is going to serve me best long term. I am 12 weeks past surgery and my surgeon wanted to speak to me about the oncologist report and final pathology before we proceeded with the other area in my breast. He is away until Sept and I have an appt on the 11th.
301354 tn?1211814120 I haven't said anything, but for the last few weeks, I have felt a lump on the insde of my left breast. It continues to increasingly get larger. It is sometimes tender, but not always. Most of the time, it just feels like a constant throb like someone is repeatedly poking me with a needle. To touch it, is not tender.