Breast implants after pregnancy

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Avatar f tn This is my third pregnancy. I breastfed my first 2 children. I got breast implants after my second. I'm curious if anyone has or knows of someone that has successfully breastfed after getting implants.
Avatar f tn Does any one have implants. And if so how did ur boobs look after pregnancy. How big did they get during ?
Avatar f tn Actually, if your nipple still has feeling, the chance are high. Breast augmentation (breast implants) isn't a reason alone not to be able to produce breast milk. Most likely, it depends on the kind of surgery you had, but most approaches are compatible with breastfeeding. Incisions made under the fold of the breast or through the armpit shouldn't cause any trouble. A "Smile" incision around the areola increase your risks of breastfeeding complications.
7928796 tn?1396351929 Its really different for everyone... I know one woman who breast fed three babies a year a piece with implants and I know another that breast fed her first, got implants and couldn't breast feed her second or third...
20851297 tn?1536988232 Women choose this surgery for a variety of reasons including correction of a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy, enhancement of body contour for women who feel their breasts are too small, and to create symmetry between two breasts. Recovery time-breast augmentation over muscle 3-4 days, under muscle 5-7 days, breast lift 3-7 days, breast reduction 7-10 days.
Avatar f tn I have them. It's went OK. I bought nursing bras because my regular bras felt to tight & my breastfeeding felt smushed. they got probably 2 cup sizes almost 4 weeks out & I'm producing milk not as much but I'm bottle & breastfeeding feeding.
Avatar f tn Typically it implants on day 7 to 9 after conception. A positive pregnancy test could happen 2 or 3 days after the embryo implants, but it is more likely to happen once you've missed your period. I hope you get the news you are hoping for, I'd give it another week at least before testing again.
Avatar f tn Mine didn't with my daughter (14) I was a C after breast feeding DDD. My son (8) DDD after breast feeding GG. They never went down. This is my 3rd pregnancy and scared to see how big they'll get.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if you can breast feed because of the implants but as far as I know that's the only thing it effects pregnancy wise
Avatar n tn I have a 6 year old daughter that I wanted to breast feed, which was obviously before the implants but I never produced milk. So if you are unable to produce, it probably has nothing to do with the implants, maybe it's just your body. I'm trying to be hopeful that this time around I will produce but so far I haven't leaked anything so I'm just thinking there is something wrong with me, lol.
Avatar f tn I am 50 and recently had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with an expander and then saline implants. If I had it to do over again I would not do the reconstruction. I have not been comfortable in my own skin since the mastectomy 7 months ago. There has been a lot of pain involved with the expander and also with the implants interacting with my pectoralis muscles. The implants don't look or feel like breasts and they get in the way of my arms.
Avatar n tn How bad will radiation be on my implant-would I get new implants after all is done? will the breast getting radiation look lik ethe other one? if I get cancer in the other one can you do a masectomy on the both even thouogh one has been radiated?
Avatar n tn I have a situation that is similar to you. In the last year I have had two separate lumps that don't show up on mammogram or ultrasound. I have been to three separate sugeons for second and third opinions, since I'm the paranoid type. These doctors all feel that they don't warrent a biospy at this time.
Avatar f tn I had to have drains for about a week after my implant removal because one of the implants was actually ruptured (the smaller breast that is most like my original breasts before surgery was ruptured). In the past 4 months, I have had to go back to my plastic surgeon twice for him to extract fluid that was still in the larger breast. When he extracts the liquid it does go down a little and looks more normal. But now it just is looking really bad and I am concerned.
6918915 tn?1395932871 I've seen this question before but I don't think anyone ever answered it. I have silicone gel, under the muscle implants. I've been told I can probably still breast feed but my boob haven't started leaking yet and with my first they leaked at 29 weeks (I didn't have implants then.) So now idk if that means anything. But also I want to know about the after effects of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Do they sag and shrink?
Avatar f tn People say that breasts will b big during pregnancy and even after labour but my breasts r still the same does it some how effect in breast milk will I have milk for baby
Avatar n tn If you get pregnant, your breasts will grow, or at the very least, they will change. I would put off getting a breast job until after you see what pregnancy does to them. It's not the saline that is the issue, it is that the saline is in a plastic sack, and the whole thing could interfere with ducts that produce milk.
Avatar f tn I got them done last year. So happy I did it. It made me feel better about myself. Im now pregnant with my 3rd. This is my 1st pregnancy since I got breast implants and I'm hoping they stay the same size lol I went from a small b to a DD. Im thinking they should stay the same size tho since I deff don't plan on breastfeeding.. too much work lol. I deff recommend getting them done. Just make sure u research all ur options before u commit to a surgeon. Make sure he is board certified.
Avatar f tn You should not have gone for breast implants. See, not everyone are good candidates for breast implants. The surgeon will conduct some physical examinations and then only he allows you to get breast implants. I think you were not a good candidate. It might be the problem while conducting the above mentioned physical examinations that made you a good candidate. A dear friend of mine has had breast augmentation few years back.
Avatar f tn Hello, Tubal ligation and tubal implants are not 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. The failure rate depends on method used and several other factors. There is a slight risk of becoming pregnant after tubal ligation. This happens in on an average in 5 out of 1,000 women after 1 year. After a total of 5 years following tubal ligation almost 13 out of 1,000 women can become pregnant.
Avatar m tn However, there is also a possibility that this represents a new breast mass unrelated to the implant removal or the capsule left in the breast. You should go back to your breast doctor for re-evaluation. Take care.
Avatar f tn Well, pregnancy can increase your breast size. But as far as I know, no pill is going to make fat magically grow in your breast. The only sure-fire way is implants.
Avatar f tn I had implants 3 years ago (crease incision) and have been going to specialist preparing to breast feed classes for mom's with implants, because some have lost nipple sensation or have had areola incision it may be more difficult but not necessarily impossible to feed.
Avatar n tn ------------------------------------------------------- Vacuum-assisted biopsy (brand names, Mammotome or MIBB) allows physicians to perform accurate breast biopsies on women with breast implants. Prior to the advent of vacuum-assisted biopsy, women with implants typically had to undergo open surgical biopsy if breast cancer was suspected. Unlike surgical biopsy, vacuum-assisted biopsy is a percutaneous ("through the skin") procedure.