Breast pain pregnancy or pms

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Avatar f tn I have been very tired,my breast r sore to touch..extremly full..i get sick at night,abdominal pain on and off...heart burn...i been peeing a lot....could i be expecting??
Avatar n tn I was on BCP for years and I always had PMS symptoms. Not as bad as before BCP, but the breast pain was just as bad and worse sometimes. I felt that they got a lot more swollen. As for the vein, I have also had this with PMS when they are really swollen. As for PG symptoms. I believe it takes at least days for implantation to occur and your homones to change, and even then it is a slight change. I would suggest you wait for your period and if it doesnt come take a HPT.
Avatar n tn it is now the end of the second week and i have a lot of the signs of PMS and early pregnancy. My nipples are REALLY tender (more than usual) by breasts seem to have grown or feel fuller (never happened before) i have cramps off and on and i am tired all the time. but on the other hand i usually get crazy emotional but i havent yet and no cravings or feeling sick. My boyfriend got a girl pregnant once before and he is really paranoid that the same thing will happen to us.
Avatar n tn For almost a week I've been experiencing usual breast pain that just seems to get worse everyday unlike pms boob pain that comes and goes. Recently I noticed that I feel a constant ache in my chest wall as well, that I've never had before. When I breathe in it hurts, and sometimes I feel pain in my arms and back. Just constantly feel like air being sucked out of me. Have any of you ever had this as an early pregnancy symptom? I'm scared I might be developing something else.
Avatar f tn They don't determine pregnancy adn can easily be signs of PMS or something else. A missed period is usually the only dead set sign of pregnancy. Otherwise, anything else like sickness, tiredness, breast pain can all be attributed to other things too.
Avatar n tn I also think I might be noticing some breast tenderness, but I might just be paranoid of pregnancy symptoms. I haven't taken a pregnancy test yet, since I am still getting the symptoms that happen, usually, the NIGHT before my period actually comes on. Plus, I'm not sure when it is best to take one (when I will get the most accurate results). I am STRESSING a ton and I know that has also been proven to prevent a period from showing. Any help?
195647 tn?1198854134 do this, ignore every symptom of what could be pms or pg. i know i made myself experience these things, or just more intense than normal when i was ttc so hard last month. this month im trying to pretend im not ttc, and hopefully will think of any little thing as just af coming.
Avatar n tn Thanks so much for your explanation about hormones unbalanced,i was just doing ok over the summer last year,but started winter this year i having so much problem with my periods,im 37 years old and im pretty much in good health (just had an early stage of Celiac),warm feelings on back of my head,bloating, a light pain on both of my breast,tightness dowm my throath weird vision,weird moods,and this shortness of breath days before period begins,sometimes i think im having a silent heart attack,bec
Avatar f tn Because the ovulation was followed by AF I would like to know if the breast tenderness is normal or the likely hood that I could have just conceived. I have 2 children so I know what pregnancy symptoms are like. Can anyone shed some light?
Avatar n tn It's normal for women to get sore breasts before their period. Sore breasts are a symptom or pregnancy and PMS, and having sore breasts or not does not affect if you can have a baby or not.
Avatar n tn This is the 1 st time I experienced so much of pain in my breast and nipples. I took a pregnancy test yesterday(day 29) and it was negative. Usually when I take clomid,I get my cycle on day 29 or 30. I am going to wait for couple of days and then test it again. I am taking the following medications : clomid,metformin and levothyroxine ( For PCOS and Thyroid problems). I have never taken clomid and metformin together before.
1939607 tn?1324292900 I had a pap smear, a breast exam and a vaginal ultrasound 2 months ago and everything came back normal. Note that my breasts are smooth, I can't feel any lumps or anything and the pain is bilateral. What could it be? A hormonal imbalance? Ovulation? PMS? A breast abscess? Cancer? I booked an OB appointment but it is on the 30th of May. I might as well be dead until then! P.S I inserted a pic of my breasts right now.
Avatar f tn I read that it's common to have cramps and back pain in early pregnancy...but is it common to have back CRAMPS in early pregnancy? Or is that my bodys natural way of pushing out another bad egg? I am new to the ehealth community...and I would really like some input or perspective...I'm just another TTC person trying not to go crazy. Thanks!
Avatar f tn It has never been any of those pms soreness or discomfort on the breast because those are nothing compare to this pain/burning sensation that I'm feeling. By the way this is also happening to my mother and her Dr is getting her a mammogram done. Do any of you ladies experience any of that before you got pregnant?
Avatar n tn I think I may have the answer, or part possibly. estrogen dominence tends to create havoc with breast tissue, and other general PMS symptoms. I suggest googling progesterone deficiencey and answer some of the diagnostic questions. I have 90% of the symptoms. There is progesterone cream to purchase, but best to get a saliva test done, blood tests tend to be inclusive, therefore saliva tests are far more accurate. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Well pms symptoms are always different, headaches, breast tenderness, stomach pain, cramps, low back pain, bloating, anxiety and etc. But if you're pregnant you'll have the other symptoms of pregnancy too (nausea, vomiting, fatigue, increased urination, constipation, mood swings, slight bleeding...
Avatar f tn I had this before I was pregnant but it went away so I never told my doctor about it. It hurts more than a pms or pregnancy soreness. Have any of you ladies have this before and during pregnancy? I have not detected any lumps but I am concerned because this is also happening to my mother and she will be getting a mammogram soon just to make sure there's nothing wrong.
Avatar n tn I took a pregancy test thru kaiser and it came out negative. I'm not bleeding but I have all my PMS symptoms. My breast are swollen, im breaking out all over, and am completely bloated. I was wondering if someone can tell me what's going on with me. I know that a missed period is normal. But im kinda worried because i get my period regularly and having pms symptoms is a bit confusing.
Avatar n tn I have read a lot of women feel the tingling sensation in their breasts when they are preggers. However, I had HORRIBLE breast tenderness last month to the point where they couldn't be touched (never happened before) and I had a BFN, so in some cases it means something and other times it doesn't! Check out Good luck!
Avatar m tn 1) I am 26 years old 2) I have had two children (Both C-Section) 3) I am on the pill 4) I do drink caffine maybe 4 times a week About two days ago I noticed this pain in my right breast. My left breast is also tender but my right is by far the worst. If I lift my breast, the pain eases. I am due to start my period in about two weeks, and I don't believe I'm pregnant, and this is not a typical sign of PMS for me. Any suggestions on what could be happening?
Avatar f tn As you get older you will notice changes in your PMS symptoms. Some will change or come on sooner or last longer. Could just be that. BUT I got PG when I was on the pill too. My guess is it's just your body changing.
Avatar n tn my period was coming but nothing than a whie discharge just that one time in that week of sex and pms sharp pain in lower back feel real moist but my period not on today the 19 no cramps or pms symtons but breast still sore period not suppose to come on until the 26 on april
613471 tn?1244205388 Since my miscarriage ( I have had 3 cycles since including this one) my period have gone from 28 days clock work to 30 to 27 days no biggie though. But now today on day 7 of my cycle my breast are so full I mean full full in the bra and have a hard feeling to them. I know darn well I can’t be pregnant I had what was a normal period. 1 day spotty, 1 day light 2 day heavy, 1 steady day and then the spotting now day 7 gone. What could be happening that my breasts are like this?
Avatar n tn Pls can anyone tell me when to start experiencing pain in nipple as a pregnancy symptom?I had a painful nipple right immediately(one day) after I ovulated.It lasted for one week and stopped.I am having some cramping and my period is due today.I have tested and it says negative.Can anyone tell me if they had such experience and later on found they were pregnant?As far as I know pregnancy symptoms don't show until after some days.So what could the painful nipple mean?PMS or what.
Avatar n tn I would not even think twice about this, and just assume it's my period if my breasts weren't so sore! I usually have very painful breast with PMS. This month is was horrible, the worst ever and a different kind of pain. Once my period it comes, the pain goes away. This time they are still sore even after the bleeding has stopped. My period stopped the day my period was due. My HPT was negative today. Could this be early pregnancy? If it was just my period, what can cause breast pain like this?
Avatar f tn The gynecologist said breast tenderness has something to do with ovulation like with your period or something but I never had pain in my breast before.
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that PMS symptoms can often mimic pregnancy symptoms. I would also advise you that pregnancy tests are pretty accurate these days. I would further recommend that you either get a blood test done, or repeat the urine test in one week if you haven't had your period yet. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Okay so I'm not sure if I'm pregnant. I had intercouse the day after my period. It's been 3 weeks (since the first day of my period) I took a pregnancy test and it came out negative... :( I don't have any morning sickness... I get headaches sometimes but I've suffer from migraines. The only thing is that MY NIPPLES AND AREOLA HURT!!! So my breast hurt but the "main" pain is nipple and areola...