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Avatar n tn Car donation charity program for breast Cancer Survivors who is a non-profit organization that provides temporary financial assistance to individuals undergoing treatment for breast cancer who are unable to meet their basic living expenses due to the impact of their disease. You can donate your used car, boat and recreational vehicles for breast cancer charity for those who are suffering from this type of diseases.
Avatar n tn Since she has grandchildren in college I am going to assume that your mother-in-law is probably over 60. When we grew up, people who got cancer died. If anyone survived, we didn't hear about it. We only saw and heard about those that died. The first reaction for many over age 50 when we hear we have cancer is to think we will die like those we knew as children. It takes a lot of information to overcome that childhood fear. Depression is not uncommon.
Avatar f tn Many of the volunteers at the NOCC and other non-for-profits are survivors. Our chapter is made up of long term survivors, short term survivors, recurrences and family and friends that have been affected by this disease...and you are right, it is up to us to make a TEAL September.....people don't know about this disease unless we tell them, we didn't know until it affected our lives!!!!!
Avatar f tn A second occurance of cancer in the same breast isn't by any means a death sentence. Even metatistic cancer from the primary breast involvement isn't that either. There are many Stage IV survivors on a forum I visit. I must say that looking "fit" doesn't have much to do with having cancer though. It seems to strike the "fit" as well as the "unfit'. The forum I mentioned is BCSUPPORT.ORG ... you might ck. it out and read the posts from the many survivors.
Avatar n tn study, an analysis of medical records of almost 1,000 breast cancer patients showed that use of CYP2D6 inhibitors almost doubled the risk of breast cancer recurrence within two years after patients started tamoxifen. The records showed a two-year breast cancer recurrence rate of 13.9 percent in women taking tamoxifen along with a CYP2D6 inhibiting antidepressant, compared with a 7.5 percent recurrence rate among women taking tamoxifen alone, according to Dr. Ronald E.
Avatar m tn my girl friend has stage 3 b breast cancer & wants to talk to survivors i know she is slowly giving up & i dont know how to help her be strong
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Stage 2B, triple negative invasive ductile breast cancer (3 tumors) with some DCIS 2 1/2 years ago. I had ACT Chemotheraphy for 18 weeks followed by a mastectomy. No lymph node involvement. At the time, I was a 54-yr old post-menopausal caucasian woman. Cancer was non-palpable and did not show up on a mammogram; diagnosed thru ultrasound and needle biopsies. My mother also took DES while I was in utero.
Avatar f tn I don't usually say this, but in your case, don't you think it would be best to ask your doctor this questiion and who knows you and your history? I mean, how could any of us better advise you, or even advise you one way or another at all?
Avatar f tn When it comes to further minimizing the chance of breast cancer recurrence, Dr. Carolyn Kaelin, a Harvard surgeon, breast cancer survivor and author of The Breast Cancer Survivor's Fitness Plan, says, "Brisk walking - about 3.0 mph on a treadmill - for three to five hours per week, or about 30 minutes a day, can net big benefits for breast cancer survivors.
Avatar n tn Hello, My wife turned 33 June 13th, weve been married 7 years and have a 6 year old son the cancer has spread to the bone and brain since she was diagonsed with breast cancer 2 years ago, As i am writing you she is sleeping, we are going thru chemo again her treatment was 2 days ago, It is important to be supportive and understanding.
Avatar f tn women with breast cancer, women without breast cancer, survivors of breast cancer, relatives of breast cancer victims. You have the option of choosing to participate or not participate in any of the activities. I have been a member for about two months now and have been notified of two studies for which I didn't qualify and one survey in which I did participate. PLEASE do this...if not for yourself, for your friends, mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, grandmothers, daughters.
Avatar f tn There seems to be no solution for hot flashes for breast cancer patients. What do you think about a 48 yr old cured breast cancer patient taking bioiidentical hormones? Thank you.
Avatar f tn t know how many on this forum might be breast cancer survivors or have tried the hcg shots; and we usually recommend losing weight by implementing sensible eating habits, along with moderate exercise. You might try asking you question on the Alternative Weight Loss forum.
Avatar m tn Is it possible that unmarried young girls can get cancer of breast before their marriage ? Whether the above confirms to any lymph nodes in the breast had infected with cancer cells. Her FNAC breast reveals that the lumps are " FIBROEPITHELIAL LESION PROBABLY FIBROADENOMA " Please clarify and give me medical advise.
Avatar f tn I generally want to know the symptoms of the breast Cancer?? How it is caused and the ways to overcome them??
Avatar m tn My mother was diagnose with breast cancer this week. She has several lumps in both breast and she was told her cancer was in a stage 5. We have no clue what's this means it the first case ever in our family could somebody explain it or do I need more information?????
Avatar f tn When it comes to further minimizing the chance of breast cancer recurrence, Dr. Carolyn Kaelin, a Harvard surgeon, breast cancer survivor and author of The Breast Cancer Survivor's Fitness Plan, says, "Brisk walking - about 3.0 mph on a treadmill - for three to five hours per week, or about 30 minutes a day, can net big benefits for breast cancer survivors.
Avatar f tn Once you have been diagnosed with breast cancer there is always the possibility that you might have a recurrance or metastises to other parts of the body. Another suggestion if you want the experiences of other survivors who have had all types of reconstruction you might ck. out this website where there is a section on reconstruction. ( Good luck .....
Avatar f tn needs volunteers to help if they offer free or low cost screenings during Breast Cancer Month? Or a breast cancer support group in your area might be able to inform you of special needs they have become aware of in your community. Or maybe you could make some kind of arrangement (while protecting their medical privacy) to donate some of your poundcakes (wrapped in pink?) for women and their families to enjoy while they are recovering from BC surgery or going through radiation treatment.
120574 tn?1240767840 t have the huge number of survivors to raise it. Breast cancer advocates should join with all female cancer victims and in the process of studying some rare ovca another treatment for breast cancer is just as likely to be found as if they study breast cancer alone. I hope this made sense. It is so hard for me to complete a thought these days. Anyway, join the pink to the teal and throw in a few other color ribbons and maybe we will get somewhere faster.
Avatar f tn It means you may have ovarian cancer, very common in breast cancer survivors. You should have been tested for BRCA1, BRCA2 PALB 1&2 and P53 genetic defects with your cancer and if you weren't, you need to be as soon as possible. If you have any other 1st (mother, sister) or 2nd degree (grandmother, 1st cousin) female relatives with breast, ovarian, colon or pancreatic cancer, your need to be tested becomes urgent.
Avatar n tn Everything I hear about lung cancer sounds so there anyone that actually survives and beats this kind of cancer? My dad seems to be doing pretty well now, but we are big believers in healing. Alot of prayers and have to have faith in God. He healed us many years ago and now all we have to do is accept it, believe with no doubt and thank HIM for it!