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Avatar f tn A second occurance of cancer in the same breast isn't by any means a death sentence. Even metatistic cancer from the primary breast involvement isn't that either. There are many Stage IV survivors on a forum I visit. I must say that looking "fit" doesn't have much to do with having cancer though. It seems to strike the "fit" as well as the "unfit'. The forum I mentioned is BCSUPPORT.ORG ... you might ck. it out and read the posts from the many survivors.
Avatar f tn As stated by japdip, breast cancer is serious, but the survival rate is much better. Stage only has to do with lymph node involvement and the size of the tumor. THis helps the oncologist determine the treatment for your particular cancer. It was after my surgery that the surgeon found lymph node involvement plus the size of 1 of the 3 tumors was larger. 6 wks after surgery, I was healed enough to begin chemo.
Avatar f tn I am looking for the true survival rates for stage IIB breast cancer. I have been on chemo (a study including Avastin) since March '10 and have one more treatment left prior to surgery. Now I understand the FDA is withdrawing its consent to use Avastin. My axilla tumor was nearly 4cm while the breast tumor was 2.5+/- . My question is: What are the true survival rates when you are comparing lumpectomy vs complete bilaterial mastectomy.
Avatar f tn t seem to get a straight survival or recurrence rate from docs, just said I got it bad and will try to kill it...Please clarify recurrence or survival rates for me.
Avatar f tn I am a 3 year survivor of breast cancer I was diagnosed with t2n3mo stage 3c breast cancer in 2007 I had a mastectomy followed by chemo and radiation I took tamoxifen till I had a hysotectomy now I take Arimedex I would like to know what my survival rate is
Avatar n tn I am worried as she has been diagnosed for over a year now and has a small child. What are the survival rates for someone with this type of cancer. I am concerned as she does not seem to think this is going to shorten her life in any way just that she will have to live with it. The specialist has not given her any indication of life expectancy but I am premusing this is because she has not asked.
Avatar n tn Hello, My Mother did not want to know her prognosis so she could give cancer a good fight, however, I want to spend as much time with her as possible. I know that survival rates are only an estimation and it does not hold true to everyone. I have included the path report below that will give enough information to gain the scientific data to gain an estimation. The other websites I have googled are vague in the least.
Avatar m tn Yes, they have statistics, but the last thing we need is a number in our heads. I had a lobectomy for lung cancer, and was told at the wonderful cancer center I went to that the assumption is that the cancer is gone. When it is operable, that is good! I had only 2 chemo treatments and decided the poisonous sickness from that was not worth it. Focus on living a healthy lifestyle, do the things you love to do, and laugh a lot.
Avatar f tn Hope I am not too late in replying but re survival rates they seem so reluctant to tell us anything. I had a second opinion and for my specific situation which is similar but not identical to you I was told the following. I just turned 41, was dx triple neg in May 09, grade 3, stage 3, had a lumpectomy (3cm lump) followed by a re-excision and removal of infected lymph nodes 17/17. Also told I had significant vascular invasion plus extracapsular....
Avatar f tn You might want to discuss recurrence rates and mortality rates with your oncologist. The website adjuvantonline allows you to input all your information (age, diagnosis, stage, grade, node involvement, etc...) and shows you those rates based on the different treatments you decide. I can tell you that, given your positive node, you may want to consider the treatment being advised to you.
120574 tn?1240767840 Terrin, Unfortunately the stats have not changed much and for the very reasons listed above. But you must remember though the stats may say that there is only a 25 % survival rate to 5 years, each and every one of us has the chance to be in that 25%. (Actually for stage IV I think it is something a little closer to 17 %, I am not sure about IIIc) Dr Dean is right, it is hard to be heard when there are so few of us when compared to how many thousands of "the others".
Avatar f tn I've had 3 surgeries for breast cancer. Lymph nodes were 8 out of 12 positive but the last 3 were microscopic. Can Neupogen be used in place of Taxol? I've read that Neupogen attackes the cancer cells more with better results. Whn my cells were tested they found that the good cells were really attacking the bad ones. I'm just afraid that reg chemo will mess this all up and I won't have anymore good cells to help fight. What is the best thin to do?
Avatar n tn I have triple negative breast cancer with mets to sternum and both lungs. My doc said 2 years more or less when asked. I have friends who tell me that they here of women surviving well beyond 5 years. Is there anyone out there with Triple negative metastatic disease who has survived beyond 2 years? If so, can you please share your experience. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Those of us that are fighting ovarian cancer do not look survival rates. We know they are low, but we also know that each and every one of us has the same chance to be that 1 in 10, so that is what we look towards. Hope is a very important part of the fight along with a positive attitude. It does take several months for the effects of chemo to wear off. But I am curious, is your sister still under Drs care?
Avatar n tn My wife has just been diagnosed with high-grade DCIS. We are now making arrangements to see a surgeon as soon as possible. I am worried. What will happen if she is "among the few who show the spread of cancer from a DCIS"?. What are the percentages of a successful treatment? Survival rates?
Avatar m tn The 1 year survival rate for patients who have a liver transplant is 85% in the US (University of Southern California’s Center for Pancreatic and Biliary Diseases) The 5 year survival rate for patients who have a liver transplant is 70% in the US (University of Southern California’s Center for Pancreatic and Biliary Diseases) 81.
Avatar m tn HER2 is a gene that sends control signals to your cells, telling them to grow, divide, and make repairs. A healthy breast cell has 2 copies of the HER2 gene. Some kinds of breast cancer get started when a breast cell has more than 2 copies of that gene, and those copies start over-producing the HER2 protein. As a result, the affected cells grow and divide much too quickly. If your breast cancer is tested for HER2 status, the results will be graded as positive or negative.
Avatar f tn GCC has been noted to have a 50% response rate to the FOLFOX chemotherapy regimen. The 5-year survival rates for those who received adjuvant chemotherapy (for combined Stages II-IV) as opposed to those who did not receive any were 32% and 27%, respectively.