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Avatar f tn Dear Loretta, You have a higher risk of ovarian cancer than someone who has not experienced breast cancer. You should talk to your oncologist about a referral to a gynecologic oncologist to discuss risk reducing surgery. that means the prophylactic removal of the ovaries and tubes. this is usually done laparoscopically and is a day surgery procedure. Unless there is another problem with the uterus - bleeding, abnormal paps, prolapse, etc - the uterus does not need to be removed.
Avatar f tn I had Malignant Melanoma left back 1981,breast cancer left masectomy1994, thyroid cancer, 2005. Graves Disease appeared in 2000-followed by RA in 2001. Once the thyroid was fully removed I became my old self. RA subsided, and back at the gym-eating low fat diet. Two months ago I started to experience stomach bloating,vomiting,gas attacks,and my urination and bowel movements changed radically. 8/25/07 to ER for dehydration. 9/5/07 checkedinto to hospital for 3 days w/terrible abdominal pain.
Avatar f tn unopposed estrogen use, history of severe cervical dysplasia (had cone biopsy), elderly mother just passed away from ovarian cancer (her mother died from breast cancer). Right now I am bleeding off and on. I am afraid to have hysterectomy but also afraid of having cancer. I have read so many hysterectomy stories where women end of with other problems. How do I make an informed decision? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I had an aunt on my fathers side who passed away from ovarian cancer, two of her daughters(my 1st cousins) have lost both breasts to breast cancer, and another aunt on my dads side that had breast cancer in one breast. She passed away years later of lung cancer. I also had an aunt on my mothers side that passed away from ovarian cancer, and a 1st cousin on my mothers side had recently lost a breast because of breast cancer. I am considering a breast reduction, and my Dr.
Avatar f tn Other benign breast lesions, such as those you mention, appear to be less strongly associated with the future development of breast cancer. Your individual risk, however, depends on a variety of factors including your family history and your reproductive history. There are models available, such as the "Gail model" which can be used to calculate your risk of getting breast cancer over the next 5 years or over your lifetime.
Avatar n tn The presence of complex nodule and shadowing may warrant further evaluation, monitoring and correlation with symptoms. Other factors such as the location, presence of risk factors such as family history and presence of other symptoms like pain, swelling, nipple discharge, retraction or dimpling of the skin should also be considered. Direct breast examination and additional imaging studies may also be indicated. It is best that you discuss the results with your doctor. Take care and regards.
2085799 tn?1332453559 Breast pain can also be caused by hormonal changes, inflammation or infection. The risk for breast cancer increases with personal or family history of breast cancer, early menarche, previous chest radiation or hormone therapy, among others, ( ). If the pain persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn My recent open excisional biopsy results are as follows: Atypical lobular hyperplasia Atypical ductual hyperplasia Fibrocystic changes, including radial scar, florid epithelial hypersplsia and fibroadenoma mutitple levels examined. An E-Cadherin stain shows variable reactivity I am a 59 women who has been given different answers to the question "What are my risk of Breast Cancer"? I am being checked every six months, and now am going to have an MRI with contrast next month.
Avatar f tn Hi, First of all,no one knows exactly what causes breast cancer,but many risk factors can increase both male and female chances of developing breast cancer.Doctors estimate that only 5 to 10 percent of breast cancers are linked to gene mutations passed through generations of a family.Some risk factors have a greater impact than others, and the risk for breast cancer can change over time from aging or poor lifestyle,such as smoking,drinking and diet.
Avatar f tn Obesity, alcohol use and smoking all significantly increase the risk of second breast cancer among breast cancer survivors. We found that obese women had a 50 percent increased risk, women who consumed at least one alcoholic drink per day had a 90 percent increased risk, and women who were current smokers had a 120 percent increased risk of developing a second breast cancer.
Avatar n tn I myself was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and treated with RAI in 2001, which according to studies increases my chances of developing breast cancer by 50%. Since I now have a number of breast cancer risk factors, more aggressive treatment seems to be suggested. I am seriously considering dual prophylatic mastectomies with reconstructive surgery. My doctor will not recommend the surgeries but will support my decision to have it.
Avatar n tn The highest risk for breast cancer comes from being female. Family history of breast cancer increases risk. Obesity does too. Smoking does too. Dense breast tissue does too. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn your risk of developing breast cancer is only minimally elevated over that of any other woman. No one can guarantee any woman what her odds are, or that mammography would always find it early.
Avatar f tn It is not cancer or precancer but its presence is considered to increase a person's risk for developing breast cancer in the future. Decisions regarding how best to follow up for breast cancer will be based on what the findings of the testing, and what might be most appropriate for the individual. In your situation where MRI is not an option, that does not mean that there is nothing that can be followed by other testing such as mammogram and or ultrasound.
Avatar n tn Have been diagnosed with breast cancer 10ml stage 2 with hormone negative and her2postive am having chemo carbplatin , taxatere and herceptin but had to be taken off 2 treatments with herceptin as it effected my heart. will be having another heart check in 3wks to see if herceptin can be reintrodued on its own. Have had 6 treatments of the other two drugs.
Avatar n tn Do you have a family history of cancer or any history of radiation therapy - that are the risk factors for male breast cancer. Goodluck.
Avatar n tn (Remember that it remains prostate cancer; the cancer cells are prostate cancer cells, not breast cancer cells.) All mammals, male and female, are born with breast buds and ductal cells. At puberty girls' breasts develop and the ducts enlarge and also grow lobules to make milk. Even though male breasts do not undergo this development, breast cancer can still occur in the breast ducts.
Avatar f tn , about 40,410 women will die from breast cancer this year, making it the second most lethal cancer in women. (Lung cancer is the leading cancer killer in women.) The good news is that early detection and new treatments have improved survival rates. The 5-year survival rate for women diagnosed with cancer is 80%. About 88% of women diagnosed with breast cancer will survive at least 10 years.
Avatar f tn Hi there. Increasing age increases the risk of cancer, not just for breast. considering that you have a family history and a previous history of LCIS, these all the more increases your risk for a future invasive cancer. I believe that you are a candidate for risk lowering strategies such as taking hormonal agents (raloxifene or tamoxifen), or surgery (mastectomy). All of these should be discussed with an oncologist or surgeon. Regards.
Avatar n tn The nurse told me on the phone when she took my medical history prior to my visit, that even though there was no history of breast cancer in my family, that since my dad had had colon cancer(1985) that now there is a direct link between either parent having colon cancer and a higher risk in their daughters having breast cancer....have you heard that? Anyway, will let you know the outcome. For 2 days I felt terrible. Today I feel better.
Avatar f tn It's not only helpful for your desicion making, but can help tell all the other females in the family thier risk of acquiring heridity breast cancer. If your positive and they get the test, then thier insurance will cover a bilateral masectomy with reconstruction using thier own belly fat. Being post menalpausal and post menopausal are good factors on your side, so is bring a II. Feel free to ask whatever you want.
Avatar f tn My mother and grandmother are breast cancer surivors. My grandmother's sister (my great aunt) died of ovarian cancer, her brothers of colon cancer (great uncles) and her mother (my great grandmother) of bladder cancer. I am 43 years old. Should I wait for the gyn-onc or use my gyn who has scheduled me for a follow up this tues. Could use advice on what to ask doctor and what kind of surgery I should have.
Avatar n tn What are my chances of getting breast cancer, my mom has stage 4 breast cancer and I had a biopsy on my right breast and the doctor wants to surgically remove the calcification and the tissue surounding is this to aggressive?
Avatar f tn HOWEVER, given that my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 36, and she also had fibrocystic breasts, I would like to know the updated theory on the relationship between fibrocystic breasts and breast cancer. Do fibrocystic breasted women have an elevated chance of developing breast cancer?
Avatar f tn In the meantime, it is being viewed as evidence that soy products are likely to be safe for breast cancer survivors as well as people at high risk for BC. To my knowledge, no food has been proven to PREVENT BC.
Avatar n tn Fibrocystic (lumpy) breasts are not a risk factor for breast cancer but can make early detection of cancer more difficult. Some of the known risk factors for breast cancer are age, family history, young age at start of menstruation, bearing no children or having children after age 30, history of previous cancer in one breast.