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4545793 tn?1394592544 I have a pair of matching diamonds one each on shoulder blade, two stars on my feet my best friend has the matching pair of the opposite foot, breast cancer ribbon on the right side of my stomach my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor, on my leg by my ankle I have a skull with flower petals around the skull on the inside of my leg its for my pitbull daisy she is still alive and then on the other side another skull with flowers around it its supposed to be a skull and flowers deal when its
200220 tn?1361951554 There is a thyroid awareness symbol just as the pink ribbon for breast cancer, this is a blue paisley ribbon for thyroid awareness. I haven't checked this site out yet. I would like to get one of the ribbons. They are beautiful and would help to make the world a little more aware of the disease.
703858 tn?1274669802 Anyone totally over Breast Cancer month? All month I walk in to Safeway, there are a million pink bags, pink signs, I get asked not once but twice to donate to the cure of Breast Cancer. Now don't get me wrong, I am very sympathic towards breast cancer ... my grandmother died of breast cancer and I have a friend who is not even 40 with two grade school kids fighting this disease. I get it. But I also get that they have a test and a fighting chance against this disease.
1823499 tn?1370090289 Hey does anyone know the exact color of the chiari ribbon? I know its purple, light purple or dark? Im goin thurs for a tattoo and i want the correct color. Dont wanna mess it up.
136849 tn?1327321510 It's not a disease men get......I know that sounds awful, but , men , by and large, aren't affected by this's relatively rare for women to get it; so, most of their wives and daughters don't ever deal with it. If they had ovaries it would be a different story and we all know it....whether we admit it or not. If wealthy white males got this disease there would certainly be a way to detect it early.
155056 tn?1333638688 Did a segment this morning on genetics of Breast and Ovarian Cancer. They mentioned Ovarian Cancer numerous times through out the segment and one of the woman that went through testing did so because her mother was an Ovarian Cancer survivor.
173145 tn?1301700850 but i love it its not done yet i have to back in three weeks or so to get the stems finished, and a pink ribbon added.
Avatar f tn I'm 31 weeks almost time for my bundle of joy , but the question is .. I'm breast feeding & is it ok to breast feed & get a tattoo ?
11933135 tn?1422220588 What is the color ribbon for Hep C? What is the color for Cirrhosis of the Liver?
4251679 tn?1370305531 Anyone going to get their child's name or something after pregnancy? I really wanna get a toddler portrait of my son/daughter afterwards, I plan to put it on my shoulder. My other shoulder will have a portrait of my mother, rip.
414018 tn?1268611672 My mum talked about seeing silver ribbons everywhere in sydney. I found this confusing but doing a internet search through google au for "Silver Ribbon Ovarian Cancer" shows over 9000 hits with emphasis on Silver Ribbon campaign by the Ovarian Cancer Research foundation ( so perhaps this is why she has seen silver. Do a general search and there is lots of teal. Very odd that OCRF wold go silver instead of teal.........
Avatar f tn Are you allowed to get a tattoo while pregnant or breast feeding ?
Avatar f tn Im not sure. I know not on your breast if your going to breast feed and i think the risk of infection is what makes the topic iffy.
Avatar f tn My history is stage 2 breast cancer (8 years ago at the age of 35)..I also had one ovary removed about 6 years ago due to a cyst that was causing non stop bleeding. I have had no period since going through chemo for breast cancer. Recently (past 5 months) I have had swelling in my stomach. It looks like I'm 3 months or so pregnant:( I also have some lower back pain, and some pain in my pelvic area (not all the time, comes and goes) I've had some pain in my legs also.
107366 tn?1305680375 This Sunday, August 9th, Boris Said has offered to drive with a teal ribbon on his car! Boris is part of the #8 RCM/No Fear Racing team. The race is in Watkins Glen, NY. He will also be interviewed on "Trackside" on the SPEED Network Friday evening (7 p.m. ET), and may have a chance to talk about the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition sponsorship. Race coverage begins Sunday at 1 p.m. Eastern on ESPN.
Avatar f tn Most places won't tattoo you if you're breastfeeding. There is always the possibility of ink poisoning, an infection, or a reaction.
Avatar f tn First, I had a double mastectomy almost 3 years ago with just an expander and silicone implants. Cancer had occurred 3 times, 2 times on the right and once on the left, so I decided to do a double mastectomy. I am still not finished the completion of reconstruction, as the one breast is off center and lower then the other one, and also has a dent in it. I don't know if I should be satisfied with it, or if it can be fixed, before I more on to nipple construction and tattoos.
167426 tn?1254086235 Do you know which ingredients in that yogurt that are related to breast cancer? I gave away little packages of dried cranberries for Halloween this year. Those little pkgs are great easy snack to keep in your purse for when the munchies hit too!
2026902 tn?1369098398 I have my first daughter's foot print on the top of my right foot, a pregnancy and infant loss awareness ribbon on my inner forearm for the baby I miscarried. Not sure what i'm going to do for my newest. Probably another footprint. When they're older I'd like to have their names in their handwriting.
Avatar n tn No tattoos until your done breast feeding. It could cause infections in your blood and could get to the baby just as easy as it would while pregnant!
Avatar f tn This time it was 3 weeks with nothing coming out so i took miralax for a couple days and then had a lot of diarreha so i stopped the miralax and 2 days layer every morning i wld go to the bathroom but it wld be long very thin or flat ribbon like. I still feel bloated and uncomfortable. Im so scared about the ribbon stool because everything online says cancer or blockage. Im a 38 yr old female. Also i started the miralax again last night but havent went to the bathroom yet.
Avatar f tn I have a plan of getting my baby's footprints and dob tattooed on my shoulder, but I'm also breast feeding...can I get it while breastfeeding or do I have to wait till I'm done breastfeeding. I'm going to talk to my midwife about it but I dont see her till Tuesday and I want to know other moms opinions first. Its my first time getting a tattoo and I'm a first time mom.