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Avatar n tn Hi there. It is very unlikely for a 7 year old to have breast cancer since the breast tissues at this age is not yet developed. This could be a teratoma, fibrosis, or other benign growth. My brother also had a breast nodule wen he was 10 and have it resected or removed surgically. It turned out to be benign and never recurred since 20 years now. I agree with a physician consult to have this thoroughly evaluated. I suggest you relax and go on with the consult. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Technically this tissue could become cancerous, however, the changes leading to breast cancer take many years, so breast cancer in a 2 year old would be very unlikely. Information regarding normal breast development, normal changes associated with puberty and maturing would be appropriate to discuss with the young person. Part of the information is that there are also normal variations in breast development.
Avatar n tn My 80 year old mom, in great shape and great attitude, has come off 3 years of hormone and radiation therapy for breast cancer. Her oncologist read her petscan today and said she has two "spots" on her liver that appeared in the 5 mo nths since last scan and feels sure it is breast cancer in her liver. I know she's a great dr (graduated with her myself) but we were in shock and left without any info.
Avatar n tn my right breast has developed a large cyst, now I have redness,just over the lump my breast skin looks dry,also over the lump, my nipple is tender and my breast appears somewhat swollen, I have seen family doctor, have mamo scheduled for mon, plus an appointment with surgeon on thur, do I have anything to worry about? I am 53 years old, 3 grown children, minor cyst removed in 68. My internist was concerned, but would not give me any real answer.
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks ago I felt a very painful breast with a very sensetive nipple in the same breast. Then I had shingles on the same side and breast. The blisters went away but I still feel pain. sensetive nipple. I am very concerened if I have breast cancer. Pls advise me what to do?
Avatar f tn I am 47 yrs. old and breast cancer doesn't run in my family. I am having anxienty attacks about this problem. What should be done next, if these results are bad? What are my chances of having breast cancer? I'm a white woman with no children.
Avatar n tn Mother, father, and sister had breast cancer. I just received a call to have my left breast xrayed again because they found asymmetrical density on the left side that wasn't there last year. I'm really worried. Dr. can't see for two days.
8428738 tn?1400362075 Something important to consider is that there is a fair amount of research that has shown that a little bit of exercise can go a long way in helping women with breast cancer to have better health overall, to feel better, have a more positive outlook on the diagnosis and treatment and to have more quality of life during any treatment and surgery.
1730389 tn?1310071689 Cancer is genetic in my best friends family. Her sister died from breast cancer at the age of 28. Her Father has prostate cancer currently, and she lost an uncle to cancer as well a month ago. Should she get off birth control right away?? She is 27 and has been on and off since a teen.
Avatar m tn that poster is a 19 year old male and his issue is not similar to yours. Now .... you need NOT have breast fed or have had children to have some type of breast discharge which comes from the ducts located beneath the nipple area. Since this is an ongoing problem I suggest that you see a Breast Specialist for a second opinion. I do not think that this has anything to do with Breast Cancer. Problems involving the milk ducts are not all that unusual and can be treated by various methods.
Avatar f tn my friend has secondariey cancer from the breast, it is now in the hip bone rib bone and legs, she will never be in ''remission'' to me that means ''death'' she has 3 kids so i need an honest straight answer as she is saying she is ok help me to help her but also be real on what the out look will be,she is healthy non smoker ,drinker non meat eater, she is like she can kill this .....and i want her to..and will always belive she can.......
Avatar n tn This helped me have the confidence in my body i.e. one smaller scarred breast and bald. My interest in sex did decline somewhat, but that is not surprising considering the trauma my body was going through and having 2 young children. There is no right or wrong answer here. I suppose just talk to your partner and hopefully that will give you the closness to help with your sexuality. Don't push yourself for sex, you may just wants some nice cuddles at this time.
Avatar f tn Hello I have a question maybe someone can help me with ,,,my girlfriend was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast cancer a year ago. She went through all of her chemo, radiation and afterwards her petscan came up clean. Well she had some pain in her back a few weeks ago so went to her doctor...they did tests and found out that the cancer had spread to her bones, back, and spine. She right now is taking chemo medication also radiation.
Avatar f tn sometimes I feel sorry for myself but I know so many people who have fought cancer and been in remission. Infact my neighbor just beat breast cancer. But, my mother died at age 44 from breast cancer, so who knows. The good thing is I have three georgous children in case they need to take everything out. I would die if I could not have had children. so thats the good news!!!!! NOW if I could just beat these pills that would lower my STRESS and life would be better.
Avatar n tn I have done much research and found that in my situation there is an increased risk to taking premarin for more that 5 yrs. With no childbirths, and being on hrt for 20 yrs. brings up the prcentage for me. The drs. have tried to reassure me, but I still worry. I have 2 areas on my ultrasound that warrant further evaluation. After stopping the hrt I was miserable, so I have personally decided to get back on them and take my chances. I just hope that the drs. are right. What else can I do?
Avatar n tn Please would you kindly help me, my aunty who I am very close to is suffering from Grade 3 Breast Cancer Apocrine T2. Er Negative Pr Negative Her2 Negative. The lymph nodes affected were 16. I feel at a loss due to my aunty throughout all her treatment has not wanted to know what type of cancer we are dealing with and up until yesterday started to ask questions which I’m unable to answer, although I know the seriousness and the return factor estimated time.
329445 tn?1328924102 Hello, I am a 39 yo female with 4 children I had breast fed my children, I am not sure if any of this is important to tell you but I figured I put that in there too, history of no breast cancer in my family that I am aware of but other cancers have been found in familiy members in there later years. I do have a history of fibrocystics but this lump does not move at all. I do however have not went though what many people call the change of life yet.
Avatar f tn My mother had breast cancer in 2003 and is still a survivor, 76 yrs. old. In 2004 a non-cancer growth was removed from her uterus and she had hysterectomy. She also had a history of non-cancer ovarian cysts. I am 47 yrs. old, had 3 children and had no previous health issues other than this current breast cancer and a history of non-cancer cysts, both ovarian and breast. I had a brother who had cancer of the spleen and deceased at age 32. Thank You !
Avatar f tn i am a 39 year old female who has lost a mother and grandmother at 54 to breast cancer a sister age40 to breast cancer and an aunt age 46 recent MRI and mammo showed possible cassilifcations repeat mammo in 6 months i have spoken to a breast onocologist who recommened a preventive mastocotmy due to family history if this is a cancer vs calcifactions i dont want to wait 6 months cancer seems to grow quick and respond poorley to treatment after watching family members die with cancer i dont want t
Avatar n tn I've even started reading some materials about breast cancer to educate myself. Here is the dilemma. My mother in laws cancer was detected so early that the doctor told her that she has a 98% cure rate. His exact words were "Of all the cancers to have this was the best one". She had surgery and had the lump removed along with some lymph nodes, not many. Everything was a success. I've read about other woman who've had that their breast removed and had breast reconstrucction.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer 1 week ago. Cancer cells were also detected in an aspirtation biopsy in 1 lymphnode. I have a large tumor (5cm) in the right breast. Chemo was scheduled to begin in 2 weeks to shrink the tumor before surgery. 2 days ago, a pregnancy test proved positive. Chemo cannot begin until the 2nd trimester (in another 2 months) and surgery is likely to occur before chemo now. I have a Dr.
Avatar n tn I have so many pains and lumps, etc, I could have a mammogram every month to ease my mind, but I don't think it is a good idea. I only have this in my right breast. How common is breast burning pain and itching such as what I have? Is it due to changes in estrogen levels or maybe due to my breast cysts? And when should I have it evaluated again? If I call my breast doctor again she will probably suggest another mammogram, but I don't think it is safe to have so many.
8398640 tn?1398046146 That being said, my grandmother died of breast cancer, my only aunt had breast cancer, my mother died of breast cancer she contracted in her 30s, and my father died of glioblastoma multiforme (eg brain tumour) contracted in his twenties. Yeah. I'm not having kids. Whether or not *they* get it, *I* might get it and speaking as an orphan, it's not fair on my hypothetical kids. Autoimmune conditions are a challenge. No two ways about it.
1343050 tn?1278896276 My mom is 64 yrs old & she unfortunately hadnt seen a Dr in over really sick & weak to where she could eat & swelled up w/fluid so bad that she was drained 3 times (7liters, 5 liters, then 3.9) all within 3 weeks, she is in the hospital now becuz she cant eat anything, they just got her strength up so she could get a biopsy & medi port...
Avatar n tn It took two months before I felt better, I still have sensations in that breast. I saw a breast surgeon and a mammo and ultrasound were conducted, all negative. But, is the only way to know for sure a biopsy? I still feel sensations and the breast surgeon has said this is normal, maybe even for a few months. What warning signs should I look for? My nipples still do not quite line up but the redness, heat and swelling have gone down as well as most of the nipple sensitivity.
Avatar f tn In some studies, mutations in the central part of the gene have been associated with a higher risk of ovarian cancer and a lower risk of prostate cancer than mutations in other parts of the gene. Several other types of cancer have also been seen in certain families with BRCA2 mutations.
Avatar m tn My wife is 41. Last week, the radiologist found a lump under her right breast. It was biopsied and today she was told the lump was cancerous. The lump was about 1 mm. Obviously our heads are spinning, mostly on fears of what is going to happen -- not immediately but long term as our children are still quite young (7 & 11). She has had exams annually since she was 35 as her mother had breast cancer post menopause and there was never a sign.