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8398640 tn?1398042546 That being said, my grandmother died of breast cancer, my only aunt had breast cancer, my mother died of breast cancer she contracted in her 30s, and my father died of glioblastoma multiforme (eg brain tumour) contracted in his twenties. Yeah. I'm not having kids. Whether or not *they* get it, *I* might get it and speaking as an orphan, it's not fair on my hypothetical kids. Autoimmune conditions are a challenge. No two ways about it.
Avatar n tn It feels similar to when I was preganant with my children and the child moved or pushed out from inside my womb. Apart from being overweight I am in good health and do not have a family history of breast cancer. I also went for a routine mammogram in January 2009 and not heard anything from them so presume everything was negative.
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Avatar n tn They then claimed that a premature delivery before 32 weeks doubles the risk of breast cancer because it leaves more places in the breast for cancer to start. They said abortion also stops the progression of breast lobule development and prevents the development of Type 4 and subsequently Type 3 cancer resistant lobules.
4756437 tn?1358790419 Hi. Breast Cancer runs deep on both sides of my family. it did not even skip a generation. so i was wondering. would it be clever to have a double mastectomy? but im only 21 and really want children(breastfeeding). What should i do?
Avatar m tn that poster is a 19 year old male and his issue is not similar to yours. Now .... you need NOT have breast fed or have had children to have some type of breast discharge which comes from the ducts located beneath the nipple area. Since this is an ongoing problem I suggest that you see a Breast Specialist for a second opinion. I do not think that this has anything to do with Breast Cancer. Problems involving the milk ducts are not all that unusual and can be treated by various methods.
Avatar n tn In the mean time, just remember that if your mother had breast cancer, you will not necessarily get breast cancer. The key to self exams and annual mammograms is early detection. Any type of cancer that is diagnosed early gives a better chance for survival and even cure. So keep up with your self exams and get annual mammograms even if you have to pay for them yourself.
Avatar f tn I am 34 y.o, and have 2 young children. What could be causing these changes? Breast cancer symptoms? My grandmother had breast cancer...very worried. Please help. Thanks so much.
Avatar n tn There were just a group of 3 sisters in the news, all tested positive and all decided to have breasts, and hystos done. All were in their 40ts and had children, alot of OVCA and breast cancer in their mothers, aunts and grandmothers. A woman’s lifetime chance of developing breast and/or ovarian cancer is greatly increased if she inherits an altered BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene.
Avatar f tn I do personally know anyone who has had a baby after the C word in saying that I do not know many people who have had cancer. I do have a friend who discovered breast cancer while pg she was 7 months, long sotry short she and her 5 year old son are great! Best of luck. My sister is a nurse and works with cancer patients at Johns Hopkins hospital she has mentioned people freezing the eggs of children before chemo to preserve fertility.
Avatar n tn It does make breast feeding more of a challenge when you wish to have children. I tended to pump and bottle feed breast milk to my three chiildren rather than try to breast feed after many attempts and not being sure the baby was feeding. You are different and special, but that does NOT mean you should not be watching for breast cancer. Early detection is always the best way to make breast cancer curable. HAve the finest of days!
Avatar f tn In your initial post you didn't mention pain in your axillary area. The Ultrasound could also include this area if that is also involved. It could be related but also could be due to something entirely different. Lymph nodes can become enlarged for several reasons one being an infection somewhere in the body. It is true that women who have not had children have a slight increase in risk for developing breast cancer but the cyst wouldn't increase the risk.
Avatar f tn I have previously had Breast cancer in my left breast and now after a mammogram and ultrasound they have discovered a fibroadenoma in by right breast against my chest wall. What should I expect them to do about this seeing as I have had cancer before?
Avatar f tn if my breast moves, it is painful. I am on the pill and have never had children. We have no cancer in the family. I have been on the pill for 7 years and NEVER experienced such discomfort in my breast. It feels like i am being stabbed. Sometimes it is around for a while, sometimes, just for a few seconds. Please help!
Avatar n tn No, she does not have breast cancer, but you should have it checked out if this continues.
1174003 tn?1308160819 I learned that her mother had passed on due to breast cancer. While my grandmother has had breast cancer I am curious on a few facts that she wasn't able to answer. My concern is my friend hasn't been proactive in her own life to going to get a wellness exams and so forth (being she 28 and never even had a pap). I started looking around and my question stems from her mothers previous illness. She is the daughter of 4 children and second to last one.
Avatar f tn I have a friend that lives only a few minutes from me and they found a nodule in his right thyroid, he is 10 and it was cancer. We also have found out that 3 women in our church and that live in our area also have thyroid nodules (they are all under 40). None of these people had thyroid problems before and we all moved to this area 5 years ago. Do I need to worry that there is something in our environment that is causing these nodules. Two out of the five so far are cancerous.
624160 tn?1224082480 If breast cancer runs in the family, breast cancer screening should be started 10 years earlier from the age of the first degree relative diagnosed with breast cancer. About 10% of breast cancer is hereditary. The Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) data showed that the incidence of breast cancer is about 1.9% in the age group of 20 to 34 years in 2001-2005. I agree with your decision to have the lump examined by your doctor.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm 20 years old and I've been experiencing sharp pains in my right nipple for the past few months. At first, these pains didn't happen that often, about a couple times a week, and now, the pain has worsened and it happens daily. If I don't have these sharp pains, my nipple is still super sore. My breast doesn't look different and there isn't any discharge. Extra Notes - I don't have any children, if that matters.
Avatar n tn I have a strong family history of breast cancer and have, in fact, had breast cancer myself. My grandmother, mother and sister have all had cancer. My mother and sister have had it twice, in one breast followed 15+ years later in the second breast. 16 years ago, I was diagnosed with the exact same type of breast cancer as my mother and sister (we don't know what type breast cancer my grandmother had).
215220 tn?1191456864 Is it breast cancer? There is breast cancer in the family. I am 33 and breast fed both my children. I am overweight. When I do breast exams it's hard to tell if I have any lumps because of my large breasts. I don't have insurance and don't qualify for medicaid. Is there a free screening in colorado I could go to? What do you suppose this could be?
Avatar n tn The problem with this statement, is that male breast cancer seems to be such a rare occurrence in medicine, how does anyone really know? Breast cancer in men is a very slowly progressing disease, since it is encouraged by estrogen, men have little, therefore if they should get breast cancer it may well be a long time before symptoms occur. Two things: My surgeon said that my tumor was 7 years old, that was her guess.
2996663 tn?1374169076 I was born without my ovaries so I couldnt get ovarian cancer thank God. My mother is the only one in her side of the family that has had breast cancer. I also have 2 other older sisters. Are they also at risk?
Avatar n tn Indentation can of course occur from benign causes,like a cysts or a fibroadenoma which can cause the pain you are describing.Also keep in mind that breast cancer is rarely associated with pain,but you are doing the right thing by having your breasts evaluated by a Doctor. Best wishes and good luck!
Avatar n tn I have a long history of breast cancer in my family. I cannot have children, I have adverse reactions to hormone therapy and birth controll. I have an IUD right now but am in severe pain. Non latex condoms do not offer enough protection. I am 28 and thinking about having a hysterectomy, but am unsure if that will increase my risk for breast cancer, and other hormone issues, any feedback or help would be great!
Avatar n tn Her right breast only appears to have a slight bulge. There is a strong family history of breast cancer including myself and two of my sisters. I am so scared right now I can barely type. I cannot find anything on some one this young with breast cancer. We are seeing her pedi Monday morning but could use some advice or direction.
Avatar f tn Please do not worry about the scar, your life is more important. Additionally, if this solid mass turns out to be cancerous the possibility this may spread to your lymph-nodes will be great if you delay. Your chances of living a life free of worry...of having or carrying children in the future is better if the cancer doesn't spread to your lymph nodes. I just had surgery. I wasn't given the information as you with much regrets.
Avatar f tn First of all here in this community we deal with the specifics of Breast Cancer or symptoms of same for those who have questions or concerns regarding the subject. I can see no connection between your taking Bendectin and your Daughter now having Breast Cancer since birth defects were at the time the main concern regarding the drug rather than far reaching complications.