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Avatar f tn I am awaiting histology on a suspected ovarian cancer. I have bilateral cysts one is 10cm the other about 5cm. They are complex cysts. My ca125 is 133. The specialists have told me that they cannot tell me if the cysts are cancerous until they have the histology. I can see no logical reason that the cysts could be anything else. I do not think I have endometriosis (mispelt) can you give me anything hopeful to indicate this is not cancer or am I clutching at straws?
Avatar f tn // On a side note, PET/CT is rarely used to stage bladder cancer. On a PET/CT, the urinary system including bladder normally appears black (metabolic uptake), obscuring everything within it, making it difficult to detect underlying pathology. PET/CT is used more for staging/restaging lymphoma, breast cancer, etc.
Avatar n tn I just got my wire-guided excisional biopsy results yesterday. the tumour is located way back near the chest wall: invasive adenocarcinoma tubular, 1.1cm, grade 1, excision margins clear, estrogen pos+++, greater than 90% of invasive cells; progesterone. pos+++, approx. 10% of invasive tumor cells; HER/2 neg. Ductal and lobular carcinomas are in situ. The breast surgeon plans to do a sentinel node biopsy at the same time on May 5th.
Avatar f tn // If this is so, it would be helpful if you would add additional related posts to the same thread, so that all of your information is in the same place. That way it is easier for answerers and readers, to follow the discussion. Thanks!
Avatar n tn 8 lymph nodes removed including sentinel lymph node all negative. Cancer found in only one breast. The other was completely negative. The AJCC classification is: PT2.PNO (I-).PMX. We do not understand this classification. Also there was no other tumors anywhere else. A PET and a CAT scan was done and the one tumor was it. There is a disagreement as to whether radiation and chemo should be done. We do not see the point since everything else was fine.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am sorry to hear that your sister had to battle breast cancer at the age of 28. Breast cancer in younger women tends to be more agressive than that occuring in the older age group. The fact that she had bilateral synchronous cancers at a young age is worrying. However, if a full oncologic surgery is complete, along with chemo and now radiation, then I can assume that she is being treated with a curative intent. Also, you mentioned that she will be put on hormones.
Avatar m tn Even if it was confirmed previously as malignant, likely little could have been done other then you being more prepared. Likely this is a mammary carcinoma (breast cancer) and treatment success is difficult to predict. These cancers are commonly seen in dogs who are not spayed at 6 months old. By spaying them at a young age you essentially remove any chance at all at breast cancr, as well as other reproductive based illnesses.
Avatar f tn The risk for a woman with atypical hyperplasia is 4 to 5 times higher than that of a woman with no breast abnormalities. (See the section, “How Benign Breast Conditions Affect Breast Cancer Risk” for more information.)"
Avatar n tn First of all, I would like to clarify that the FEC regimen is commonly used not only when breast cancer is confined to the breast and nearby lymph nodes, but also when it has spread to other vital organs like the liver, lungs, or bone. However, saying that FEC is useful in treating metastatic or Stage 4 disease does not automatically make it the appropriate choice for your mother's case.
Avatar n tn Hi, I wasn't sure whether to ask this in the community or forum section, so here goes anyway.... Two questions, I guess. 1) If a vague hypoechoic 6mm area with some spiculation was seen on ultrasound last August, (an area of increased density had also been seen in 2005 but was less prominent), and nothing has been done since August, till now (March), is this a significant delay, since August?
Avatar n tn I examin my daghter and she has a small lump on her breast by the far side of her left breast by her armpit kind of I can't tell if it's cancer or if it's just a muscal she is 11 years old and I don't wanna take her to a docter to figure out it's nothing (happened before very imbarressing) what should I do
Avatar f tn Hi There so what I understand is that you have an unstaged ovarian cancer You need to seek a consultation with a gynecologic oncologist The big question is , do you need a second surgery to sort out what stage your cancer is. If all biopsies are negative and you have a stage I cancer, your prognosis is excellent. For a tiny cancer within a confined benign tumor, it is unclear whether the addition of chemotherapy reduces the risk of recurrence.
135691 tn?1271097123 I have taken care of many wonderful women with advanced ovarian cancer who have a low grade histology. I would say their therapies were all individual. As a general rule, I try surgery when feasible. I have seen good response and stabilization of disease with tamoxifen and arimidex when the tumors have been estrogen receptor positive. I have not been impressed that antiangiogenesis agents are helpful for these types of tumors.
Avatar n tn Asians, women, non-smokers, and those with adenocarcinoma histology. This drug still has been found to benefit males, smokers, and those with squamous cell histology, but to a lesser extent.
Avatar f tn and i wud like of anyone whose expert in breast cancer stage 3 or had a similar condition please i need 2 know everything i wana know anyone of you who survived from this dsease ..
Avatar f tn My wife 31 years old operated for OV cancer and Total removal of organs including pelvic / para aortic Lymphnodes is done and on histology the Tumour was Stage 1a / Grade 1 endometrioid adenocarcinoma with tumor reaching very close to capsule but capsule intact. All other biopsy are negative. Tumor weighed 270Gms and was found adherent to posterior peritonium.
Avatar n tn The next thing to do is to look for the organ from where that squamous cell carcinoma might have originated. Primary liver cancers usually present with a histology of adenocarcinoma (not squamous cell carcinoma), so your mom's liver mass must have come from somewhere else. The most likely candidates would be the lungs, the head and neck area, and the uterine cervix. It's important to first determine the organ of origin so that treatment will be more focused.
Avatar n tn after 20 days thedoctor done again the test of CA-125 and the digit is 21 and doctor also gave one kimotharapy.then tell me can the cancer is spread in the lungs also and which type of test we done for knowing the that cancer has been spread or not. thanking u............
Avatar n tn on thyroid scan, the next step would be to do either a fine needle aspiration biopsy or an ultrasound-guided biopsy to determine its histology (whether cancer or not).
Avatar f tn Three years ago, my sister,age 35 at the time, was diagnosed with breast cancer. When they found it-she too was stage IV. The cancer was in the 22 lymph nodes they biopsy'd, and also in her spine. It quickly spread to her thyroid, ovaries, humerus and eventually to her liver. She lived 3 years after she was diagnosed. (1 year after it spread to the liver.) She did great for the first two years. She fought strong and hard. She only had a hard time for her last 3 months of her life.
Avatar m tn It is papillary cancer, that is the type. Pap cancer is the most common form of thyroid cancer and highly curable (around 99%). I have never heard of a columnar variant, but I am not a doctor, only a patient. If your tumor is 1.5 cm or more, it is highly suggested that you undergo RAI, any smaller they do not recommend it. If you have more than 1 tumor, it is suggested that you undergo RAI.
Avatar m tn he also says stage 3 is not reversible w/increased chance of developing cancer. he also says i will not progress from stage 3 to 4.i am not overweight and have no complications yet. i do not drink or smoke or use sugar and have a very healthy diet. my question is; can i realistically expect any reversal of stage 3 and to what degree and any suggestions on what supplements can possibly help? thnx for your concern!