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1891031 tn?1329882337 Your blood would have to mix with a + blood type at some point for you to produce the antibodies. They always test your blood type in early pregnancies to know if you have the antibodies already and determine if you need the Roh-Gam shot. If you have spotting in early pregnancy they'll give it to you and again at about 28 weeks you'll get the shot. When you give birth they will check the babies blood type to see if you need the shot. It wouldn't make you or your baby sick right now.
Avatar n tn I'm getting the shot for rh neg.
552853 tn?1278409503 It's no big deal, but like any med, it wears off and you will have to repeat it with each child. If you know the fathers blood type then you might not have to have it.
Avatar f tn I know of a girl who had a successful pregnancy even though she had antibodies against the + factor. Baby had to have transfusions in the womb and was born early but can be done!
Avatar f tn I'm b neg too and got anti d injection at 30wks only because i bled a tiny bit.but didnt get one after she was born cos she was o neg blood type. Im due second baby in 4wks and have had an awful lot of complications this time.i asked them do i need the ante d and they said none of the complications are to do with my blood and i havent been bleeding so i dont need it. My 1st child turned out perfectly healthy and as far as i know this baby is, shes just huge though.
1230912 tn?1273496370 Yes i too have extremely the same exact story of all these ladies and have been researching the mysterious factors amongst RH O NEG blood.........
212161 tn?1537898045 I am a A- blood type and also rh negative. I had a healthy baby girl 9 yrs ago. Got a shot at 28 wks. And then another once she was born because she was my husband's blood type O positive. My sister has had 4 pregnancies 2 resulting in identical twins and she is also RH negative, babies have all been healthy. Even when you miscarry they should be giving you a shot, at least from my understanding it's every pregnancy but also depends on baby's blood type.
Avatar n tn Does any ine know about A neg blood type my doc said I will need a shot at 28 weeks but I want to know if any one else has went throw this.
Avatar f tn I am o negative blood type as well and i didnt miscarry i only got my first shot at 28 weeks. i dont why they said its your blood type. my doctor was more concerned about me then the baby.
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy but unfortunately my first ended in miscarriage and my gp stated something to do with my blood type fighting against the baby's blood cells because my partners blood is positive. I'm scared it's going to end the same way does anyone else know anything about o neg blood in pregnancy a bit concerned !!
1181036 tn?1367372240 When I went in thats when they told me I was RH neg and me and my baby blood was not compatible. The gave me the shot. To make a long story short I had a miscarriage. And here I am 5 years later and pregnant again with my first. Im 2 months pregnant and I dont have my first appt for another week and a half.
Avatar n tn The mother would pass on an O (Rh-d) and the father would have to pass on a B (Rh-d) to give you the blood type BO (Rh-neg). Any time you have a A or B with an O it is always going to be that letter (A or B group that is dominate as I said previous the O is not having nothing on your Red Blood Cells). Hope I didn't confuse you to much.
Avatar f tn Anyone else got rh factor as negative :/ . Turns out my blood type is also A negative.
Avatar f tn Does the baby's father have an RH+ blood type? Then you would need the concern over the shot. But if not, then you would be fine. Here, I am A- and my husband tested as O- so we are all good...
Avatar f tn I have O- blood and I have just found out that I am expecting. My mum suffered various miscarriages due to this reason as her body rejected the baby. I'm scared incase I do the same as it's just nature. What can I do to prevent this? Someone please help.
Avatar f tn I found out my blood type is O neg and my husband is A pos. He is so paranoid that he wanted me to look to see if we are comparable. Come to find out, I am among the 15% of O neg blood type. I stared reading that Rh incompatibility could be an issue for me giving birth or even having a second child in the future. Has anyone dealt with this, and if so, is it something to worry about? Thanks.
Avatar n tn it's "NOT" a disease!!!!! It's just your blood type, and you can only receive o neg blood. The card is a guide to help manage the shots you receive when pregnant and at delivery. it's very important that you receive these shots during a certain time frame, that's what the card if for.
665125 tn?1273027524 I have had FMS/CFS for several years, I am RH Neg A. I have never heard that there could be a connection, very interesting!
Avatar n tn I am on my third pregnancy and my blood type came back as 0 postitive on my first two pregnancies. This pregnancy my blood type is 0 negative. I thought your blood type cannot change. Has anyone ever heard of this. They want me to take RhoGAM but I am hesitant because I do believe I am 0 positive?
Avatar f tn I'm blood type B negative. I was just curious how common the rh negative factor was. Anyone on here rh negative as well?
Avatar n tn I am rh neg. and have to get the shots. I don't think your partner being rh neg has anything to do with anything. My sister is pos. and her husband is negative and they have never had any problems with their pregnancies.
Avatar n tn It's because with an rh blood type it can be harmful for the baby if he/she has a positive blood type and they don't want the baby to get sick. They told me as long as I got the shot around the 28th week the baby will be just fine. Also, there weren't any side effects for me at all with the shot just a poke in the bum haha. I read a few articles on how it could be dangerous but the doctor said that it was false, millions of women get the shot.
Avatar f tn I am o neg and have had the shot during every pregnancy. I had it at 6 weeks this preg and will have it again sometime before baby is born..I believe on 9/9 at my 28 week appointment. It is very normal because the risk of death in mother or child is high (according to my doctor) if the blood mixes.
Avatar f tn Five months ago i had a miscarriage at only five weeks because of my blood type RH neg. When i was at the hospital they gave me a shot and told me that it would prevent having a miscarriage again. Well now my husband and I think we are ready to try again. Do I have to get this shot again since its been so long since the last one? And am I supposed to wait until I know that im pregnant to get that shot? Or can I get it before we conceive?
5889951 tn?1380319647 I was discussing with my sons father who is o negative blood type and I am o negative blood type would my son be o negative as well? If anyone has any info they could share with me I would be very appreciative.
Avatar f tn my blood type is o+ and my husband believes his is o-. i am 24 weeks and see my dr on the 14th... im just wondering would i have to take the shots like someone with rh- blood bc the fact im a pos blood type and if he is a neg type??
205230 tn?1237408793 I just spoke to the nurse. She explained to me that RH is a factor in everyone's blood. You either have RH negative or RH positive. I am type O & negative RH (O neg.) Then she said we all have antibodies that are also pos. or neg. My antibodies are neg. as well and I will definitley need rhogam. She said it is around 20 weeks she thinks... she has to get back to me. She also said with neg./ neg. it doesn't matter what my DH is and I will have to have the shot. Neg.