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Avatar n tn Hello cdc29, Just reading your question with regards to blood type. If the father is O pos and the the mother is A pos you can NOT produce an offspring that is B neg. Here is why, we will deal with the blood groups and leave out the Rh factor for simplicity (will explain that after).
Avatar f tn my blood type is o+ and my husband believes his is o-. i am 24 weeks and see my dr on the 14th... im just wondering would i have to take the shots like someone with rh- blood bc the fact im a pos blood type and if he is a neg type??
Avatar f tn The different is the positive or negative blood types. The dif. being if you have a positive blood type and the baby has a negative, your body might try to fight the baby because it thinks it is an infection. There is a medication they can give you to make sure your body doesn't fight the baby. I hope that was what you wanted. I may be wrong but I got that from an ER dr. Good Luck.
Avatar f tn So im A + in blood i was wondering will my baby have my blood type or my boyfriends blood? I keep forgetting to ask my doctor.
Avatar f tn Does the baby's father have an RH+ blood type? Then you would need the concern over the shot. But if not, then you would be fine. Here, I am A- and my husband tested as O- so we are all good...
1342206 tn?1276142557 my dad is type O+ and my mother is type A2b+ i don't have clue to what my blood type might be and last time i went to the doctor i forgot to ask them what my blood type was?
2174396 tn?1337605170 Hmm, I would have said no...what kind of incompatibility? Rh? I am Rh neg and my partner pos and we managed...I have had to have lots of blood tests to check that there are no antibodies against the + factor and have had to have antiD injections (they are known as rhogam shots in the US I think) to help prevent any antibodies being made, but other than that all has been fine, I am not even classed as medium or high risk.
Avatar f tn We generally know people are RH neg or pos. But some people are RH neutral. Meaning sometimes the RH seems opposite. There is also something known as a universal donor and a universal recipient. This can also affect a babies blood type. If one of your parents have had a bone marrow transplant it might seem weird. I have a condition known as chimerism. This made my own blood type odd. I've had a daughter with A neg and a son with B positive.
Avatar f tn They only give you O type blood if they have to because its a neutral blood type and your body wont reject it.
Avatar f tn m b neg too and got anti d injection at 30wks only because i bled a tiny bit.but didnt get one after she was born cos she was o neg blood type. Im due second baby in 4wks and have had an awful lot of complications this time.i asked them do i need the ante d and they said none of the complications are to do with my blood and i havent been bleeding so i dont need it. My 1st child turned out perfectly healthy and as far as i know this baby is, shes just huge though.
Avatar n tn Sorry I read wrong, the shot is for negative blood group mums. I think if your a positive group your all good!
Avatar f tn I am o negative blood type as well and i didnt miscarry i only got my first shot at 28 weeks. i dont why they said its your blood type. my doctor was more concerned about me then the baby.
3198629 tn?1367038423 Umm, my sister had to have a needle when she was pregnant with her first because she had a negative blood type and the father was a positive. My question is, I don't know what blood type my fiance is and I'm O+, but I was under the impression that if you were positive the fathers blood type didn't matter, is that true? I don't want my body to attack the baby..
Avatar f tn Im also a neg blood group I found out with my 1st 9 years ago so ive researched alot on it. I know your first pos blood group baby will be fine and aslong as you have the shots when needed and also if you have any bumps where the babys cells could pass through the placenta (as thats what causes a neg womans body to recognise the pos baby as a threat and attack it) any other pregnancies where the baby is pos will be perfectly fine.
Avatar f tn You mean Rh negative. This means your Blood doesn't contain the Rhythm protein. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with your Blood type.
5889951 tn?1380316047 I was discussing with my sons father who is o negative blood type and I am o negative blood type would my son be o negative as well? If anyone has any info they could share with me I would be very appreciative.
1230912 tn?1273492770 I am always reading about symptoms and connections. I think that the RH negative blood type is a clue or something. Have you read the crazy stuff about Rh positive blood some folks call it monkey blood and the negative blood they call reptilian blood....uh, ok...they say that folks from the Basque people (spain which was infiltrated with vikings) that they have the highest amount of the o neg types.
Avatar f tn From what I understand (and I could be wrong) its not about being o negative or a negative or whatever, its about lacking the rH factor making you rH negative. If they had found that your blood was rH negative, they would have tested dad's blood too. If he is also negative. No issues. Negative is a recessive trait so if dad was positive, baby would be positive and the difference in you and baby is what would cause issues. Hope this helps a little.
8274643 tn?1406141596 Well the father is O+ so would it affect the baby that much if we're both an O blood type?
Avatar f tn I had my doc appt today, and they had to give me a shot becuz im o neg blood type. My question is what exactly does that shot do?
1204700 tn?1271948852 I was wondering the same thing since your blood is separated from the baby so it shouldn't be an issue what your blood type is unless your rh negative.
Avatar f tn m rh negative and my doc said that there are antigens on red blood cells, true for moms and babies and everyone. But my blood type is o- abd my husband's is b+. So the mixing of genes in the baby can make it so my body's immune system thinks the antigens on baby's blood cells are dangerous because the baby might have positive blood. Only we can't test that really til the baby arrives. The shot makes it so that your body doesn't try to attack the baby's cells.
Avatar f tn Anybody else have a o negative blood type and pregnant? I'm 5 weeks and had to go to er yesterday because I was bleeding.
Avatar f tn Reason why, the only reason why having o- blood type is a problem is if your baby has a different blood type then you and for some reason your blood is mixed during pregnancy then your body will not recognize it and try to fight it off like an infection. It will create antibodies but those antibodies only happen in second, third, or any other pregnancy in the future.Your body won't make them during your first.
Avatar f tn m 6 weeks along. I found out my blood type is O neg and my husband is A pos. He is so paranoid that he wanted me to look to see if we are comparable. Come to find out, I am among the 15% of O neg blood type. I stared reading that Rh incompatibility could be an issue for me giving birth or even having a second child in the future. Has anyone dealt with this, and if so, is it something to worry about? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I had it before and will need it again with this little one. I'm not gonna lie the shot hurt a lot lol. Other than that your baby will be fine.
Avatar f tn Anti A1 with rh neg treated the same as any rh negative mom you will need rhogam to protect your body from attacking your fetus. Otherwise A1 is A with a a positive anti lectin 1 on it.