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1230912 tn?1273496370 ) So I guess my question is how many of you on the board have RH negative blood? Does being RH negative with MS have any cause/effect on the situation? Thank you all knowledgeable ones!
Avatar f tn I am o negative blood type as well and i didnt miscarry i only got my first shot at 28 weeks. i dont why they said its your blood type. my doctor was more concerned about me then the baby.
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy but unfortunately my first ended in miscarriage and my gp stated something to do with my blood type fighting against the baby's blood cells because my partners blood is positive. I'm scared it's going to end the same way does anyone else know anything about o neg blood in pregnancy a bit concerned !!
Avatar n tn For example B- blood type versus B+ blood type. If you have a negative blood type and your baby could have a positive blood type (from the father) you need these shots to prevent your body from creating anti bodies that will attack your your baby. Most people are a positive blood type and don't need the shot which is why you may not have heard of it. Your early on pregnancy blood work tells your doctor if you need the shots or not.
295954 tn?1235347286 I am Rh-O- blood type. I has a miscarriage 2 years ago. They gave me a Rogam shot after i lost it. I am pregnant again Due Ma 25th 09. Im scared! Are you supposed to get a shot again before so many weeks? i dont know what to do some doctors say yes, my doctor says No....My hcg levels were 407 at 4 weeks 5 days is that low?
552853 tn?1278409503 we found out that my husband is also negative blood really we dint need the long as you guys are both neg. you are fine! its not a big deal like they make it seem.
Avatar f tn I dont think baby will need it if its +, o- is the universal donor which is why transfusion centres want our blood so bad, we can donate to anyone and our blood wont harm them however we can only accept o- blood and I think 1 other blood type. Its maybe different for the other blood groups with the neg factor.
1352892 tn?1338221505 ( ive had 2 miscarriages but this was in mexico so i was not vaccinated so no this baby also might not make it or be born very sick
Avatar f tn Its because im O-. I have a negative rH factor. My baby will have a postive blood type from his father so if it werent for the Rhogam shot my body would produce antibodies to fight off the baby like a virus or foriegn substance.
Avatar f tn Anyone else have a negative rh with a positive rh husband (blood type: like a A- mom with A+ husband or O- mom with O+ husband, etc...) and worried you might have to get rhogam injections? My next appt is in two weeks so I can't ask until then, but I'm a little worried bc I've been looking up the injection and it seems like its made from human plasma. This just concerns me. I don't like shots/medications bc my body always reacts poorly.
1400499 tn?1320413893 I am RH negative. Its not a disease it has to do with your blood type. For instance im O- so my blood type is likely not to react well with my childrens if there father is of a different type. I am 30RH weeks pregnant with my 3rdchildrens child as long as u get your shot ull b fine.
Avatar f tn My blood type is O negative and my husband is A positive I've heard that if you are an rh negative blood type it can cause problems when you are trying to get pregnant. Is this true and is there anything I can do about it?
Avatar f tn I'm blood type B negative. I was just curious how common the rh negative factor was. Anyone on here rh negative as well?
Avatar f tn don't feel bad I was informed yesterday at my doctor's appt that I have to get the shot because im O-, but he also told me that at birth theyll check the baby's blood type and they only give u another if the baby has a positive blood type.
795248 tn?1250690216 We have just finished our 2nd iui with femara. I have unexplained infertility. My blood type is A- and my husband is O+. My question is since I have a rh- blood type can that cause any problems with my fertility? I have had alot of tests done and they all are normal. I ovulate on my own and have a 26 to 28 day cycle, and progesterone level is great(cd 21 prog was 35). I have also had a LAP and tubes flushed and my Docs can find nothing wrong?
Avatar f tn I had to do this! Im o negative while my husband is o positive. All it is is you take 2 shots. One at 28 weeks, another after the boy is born. It stops your bodies antibodies from attacking the baby when it realizes that blood shouldn't be in your system. And the shot after the baby is to restart them so to say. I had this problem with my first and he is perfectly okay. Im going to get the shot myself in 10 weeks.
Avatar f tn I just had my first baby on thursday & im rh negative luckily she got my blood type. My doc told me its mostly to protect your future pregnancies n its not a big deal with ur first.
Avatar f tn This pregnancy I had noninvasive rh testing done at 10 weeks though so I knew the baby has a positive blood type. If your in the U.S. ask your dr. About it! All they do is take a vial of blood and send it to a lab where they are able to separate out the fetal dna in your blood stream, they can tell you the rh factor and the gender ans its 99% accurate. Best test I ever paid for.
Avatar f tn So I went for my glucose test yesterday, and they said I was rH negative. I'm b negative, the father of my child is o positive. I have to go next week for a rhogam shot :( is this something that I need to really worry about or is it just something that happens and this shot will "make it all better"?
Avatar f tn So I have A negative blood and I am suppose to get the shot but my Dr said to wait til I come in for my Apt and I'm kinda of freaking out. Moms can you help me??
Avatar n tn I am 19 weeks going on 20 very soon. I was recently told that I am RH negative was wondering if anyone else is also RH negative & how did everything work out for u?
Avatar f tn Found out today that im O negative, and the doctor is going to assume the baby is positive and therefore need two rogam shots to ensure the health of the baby. Has anyone else had this problem? How is it going for you?
Avatar n tn hi again guys sorry for making another post, but i have just found out that my partner is RH Nevative, i know that its bad if the mother has this blood type, but what happens if the father has it? I dont really know enough about it to understand what it all means, just a bit worried as my friend told me to get it all checked out.
Avatar f tn Five months ago i had a miscarriage at only five weeks because of my blood type RH neg. When i was at the hospital they gave me a shot and told me that it would prevent having a miscarriage again. Well now my husband and I think we are ready to try again. Do I have to get this shot again since its been so long since the last one? And am I supposed to wait until I know that im pregnant to get that shot? Or can I get it before we conceive?
Avatar f tn i dont have any kids just now but me and my partner are ttc,but i was told if i did fall pregnant i would need to let the doctors know so i can take tablets, this is more so if the baby turns out to be the same blood type as the father,he's O positive am A negative,i was told they wud keep i close eye on me in my pregnancy,incase the antibodies start to attack the baby.
Avatar f tn You mean Rh negative. This means your Blood doesn't contain the Rhythm protein. It has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with your Blood type.