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Avatar f tn But for the past two days I hacked up mucus and it was slightly pinkish from blood and my mouth tasted like blood. Is this serious ? Has this ever happened to anyone ?and how did you prevent this ?
Avatar n tn i have mucus coming into my throat almost daily but without blood. i have never found blood streaks in mucus before this. last month i had an x-ray of my sinuses and a head CT done which were perfectly normal. i did have a headache two days back which stayed for 24 hours but resolved after taking medicines. i am very scared. PLS HELP. WAITING EAGERLY FOR UR REPLY.
Avatar n tn If it's just flecks of blood it could be that your sinuses are irritated and/or very dry, Blowing your nose too hard can rupture the tiny blood vessels in your nose, drips down your throat and it gets coughed up with the stagnant mucus in the morning. Try a humidifier in your bedroom if your climate is dry, or use Ocean Spray during the day, wait a few minutes then blow your nose gently. If you're coughing up more than a half cup of blood see your doctor asap.
Avatar n tn was having to do nasal washes five times a day!!!! And - not to be gross, BUT on top of the nasty Mucous, there was blood, blood clots, etc. The most important thing is to clean the sink well with Disinfectant after each use for this purpose (Perhaps you could keep the Disinfectant wipes or Spray next to the sink & use it after each time you do this in the sink & rinse it down? Would this possibly satisfy your dad?
Avatar n tn I was on 30 GEN-Amoxicillin (500mg)for 10 days and where the blood ceased. Once I finished the medication the blood in the mucus returned. My mouth every morning is dry and when I clear my throat the mucus comes up followed by blood. Now is January caught a cold, same pattern mucus & blood the only thing different today rather this evening is I brought up mucus followed by blood, the reason I say different is because the blood would only occur in the morning.
Avatar f tn I have suffered from excess mucus which lodges in my throat for about 3+ years now. It causes me fatigue, and it interferes with daily life, e.g. coughing up mucus all day into sink, tissues, etc. It has not let up, except for about 2 days. I have gone to approximately six doctors and no one has determined the cause nor does anyone have any ideas. I have had a car load of tests run, e.g.
Avatar f tn I asked if it could be a build up of dried sinus and if the sinus fluid is trying to find a way out and if it could be the cause of the the bubble in the mouth. I also have some small sore inside the mouth that looks like it's being eaten up by acids. I have had all the tests done to rule out, herpes, cold/kanker sores etc. It is also not mouth cancer. Has anyone checked into this? I have yet to go to my appointment to find out about the sinus.
Avatar n tn It has started happening again recently and has been much more frequent, around 8 times over the past 2 weeks, and I often have a taste of blood in my mouth. I have tried decongestant spray and saline spray, neither seems to help. I have not been feeling sick at all and am otherwise a pretty healthy 30 year old male and have not had a nosebleed since I was a child. My doctor looked into my nose and couldn't see anything so I am going to an ENT specialist in a few weeks.
Avatar f tn its almost like I got punched in the mouth and am spitting out a mouthful of blood. It didn't look like coffee gorunds.
Avatar m tn However, today, noticed that I had what appeared to be blood in toilet and and upon wiping, bright red paper. Earlier in day, noticed slight pain on my left side below rib cage and later noticed I was gasey and burping a lot. My history, had H.Py.ori received treatment for one week and finished anti biotics on the 13th of June, felt ok for a couple of weeks and noticed belching came back and was told about possibility of candida overgrowth of which I had symptoms.
1222635 tn?1366399886 at any rate a small amount of blood in her mucus can be normal but if it happens repeatedly or seems like a large amount (especially if it's dark blood) then I would call the pediatrician to see what they recommend.
Avatar n tn The blood can come from the nose, mouth, throat, the airway passages leading to the lungs, or the lungs........................... Blood-tinged mucus in a healthy nonsmoker usually indicates a mild infection and is generally no cause for concern.......... In patients with a history of smoking or who are otherwise at risk for lung disease, however, hemoptysis is often a sign of serious illness, including cancer.
Avatar f tn I recently went for a drive with a friend and the problem was his car brings back smoke inside. the next morning i work up with think mucus in my mouth with a lot of blood. i feel feel like i have malaria and i also feel cold at times. I took some colds and flu medication but i still feel see the blood. Am i in danger? Generally i have a lot of allergies to tobacco and any pollutants.
Avatar n tn during that my throat wasnt hurting i just had a weird feeling like something was crawling in there. since im partially a hypochondriac when the mucus had specks of blood i almost had a heart attack. a week and a half later the amount of mucus had went away. but every now and again i feel a blood taste in the back of my throat. i thought i had an ulcer or sore but there isnt really any pain.
Avatar m tn in 2005, when i was 20 yrs old i had a cold and spit in the sink one day to find a tinge of blood in it. up to now i still have the same symptoms but they lessen the more liquids i consume..or maybe they're watering them down? don tknow. well, so anyway, now that you know all of this, i went to an ENT last year and he said there were broken vessels in my nose that needed to heal so he said stop blowing my nose so much.
Avatar n tn But now I have it during the day, not all the time though, it is very sporadic, it's a sudden rush of blood in the mouth and when I spit there's traces of blood in the saliva. Good luck with your ENT, let us know how it goes. I haven't seen a doctor yet, I've been having this problem over a year now. Eventually, I will see one.
Avatar f tn Almost for two years now, I've been having bloody stools (not always) and painful bowl movements and painful gas. The blood is in my stools and in the toilet/on the paper. At first my family doctor said it was nothing and it would go away. Then she thought it was a fissure. She perscribed me several medications and ointments to help it go away. Which it didn't. My doctor doesn't exactly listen to her patients very well.. Thats besides my point.
Avatar m tn very frustrated and as i mentioned earlier when i do a hand stand and bend my legs forward blood comes in the spit 4-5 times . now im taking generic protonix and does not work i do believe correct me if im wrong generic medication is not the same as brand names .
Avatar n tn After wiping, I noticed small specks of blood/mucus in his b.m., although I didn't notice any blood in the toilet. His bowel movement was somewhat loose, not diarrhea. He also had told me that his tummy hurt, and had a lot of gas. What should I do?
Avatar m tn i feel like i have a head cold it been about a week and today i went to the bathroom and spit mucus for the top of my mouth like it felt like it came from the back of my nose and it was all blood like a ball of blood and thick with some mucus after doing that i felt way better what could it have been i would like to also mention that i have constant post nasal drip its been going on for 5 years i cant go 5 minutes without spitting mucus.
Avatar n tn It did some good to reduce the pain but I still have depigmination of my penis head, skin changes on shaft, inflamation in the urethra opening, new spider like vains forming on my penis, needle like pains in my grion as well as unexplainable sores in my mouth and very sore gums, discoloration of my eyes (look aged and poor) and a minor ringing in my ears... over all my mucus membranes seem to be suffering greatly. Thankfully I have no problems obtaining an erection, ejaculating, urinating...
Avatar f tn My doctor gave me Omeprazole for 90 days I asked if I need endoscopy she said no need. then 2x in July I had blood in my spit in the mornings on two separate occasions usually when I wake up. Now after a month of stress free worry free mind I try not to focus on these matters, and I drank a 5 ml of aloe vera and honey juice before breakfast.
Avatar m tn These symptoms strongly suggest that you may be having acute sore throat infection. In such cases tiny tinge of blood in sputum is common. Some other possibilities are polyps, broncheictesis, lung cancer, gastrointestinal bleeding etc. Firstly you need to start a course of broad spectrum antibiotic as an empirical therapy if infection is suspected. Send blood or throat swab for culture and antibiotic sensitivity, bronchoscopy with alveolar washing.
Avatar m tn Now all the time I feel my saliva comes out in my mouth with the taste of blood. If I suck a little, I can immediately see the blood. My mouth is very dry. The saliva is either very white or red. Could you tell me what kind of doctor I should see now?
Avatar f tn my doctor saw an ulcer wen looking in my mouth. i have had sever pain daily in my upper left protion of my abdomen, getting worse over the past six months or so. im going to assume thats an ulcer too (though not sure). i also have blood in my stools (have for a while), occasionally blood and mucus mixed. my doctor has been wrong about a lot of things so i don't trust her. so anyway, my major problem is can bleeding ulcers lead to anything serious, such as death or cancer?
19501685 tn?1478891005 I have been dealing with seeing blood in saliva (tiny specs - one or two, sometimes streaks) mostly in the morning. I have been to the doctors for CBCs, clotting times, have had 2 chest xrays and 1 chest CT scan - all normal per the pulmonologist. Never smoked. Suffer from Gerd but started taking omeprazole when this all started after going to the ER a couple of months ago. I also had an endoscopy done as well as a nasolaringoscopy where only irritation was found.