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463595 tn?1333997222 it was not spoting but one time i wipe and the mucus had some blood in it
Avatar n tn have stomach cramps since 1 pm, mucus looks like blood in it , no diahrrea
Avatar f tn But for the past two days I hacked up mucus and it was slightly pinkish from blood and my mouth tasted like blood. Is this serious ? Has this ever happened to anyone ?and how did you prevent this ?
Avatar f tn blood in my oral mucus after OS with james, as pain with gum bleeding after OS a couple of weeks ago.
Avatar f tn My concern is that when I try to clear the roof of my mouth... like snort to remove mucus.. my mucus has blood in it. Is this something to worry about ?
803467 tn?1341934706 Got this weird metalic taste in mouth for about 2 min today....almost like blood taste in mouth. Very weird.
Avatar f tn 3 blood blisters may be result of scraping out orange peels with lower teeth or from cleaning with clorine wipes without using gloves. Also used lime away.
Avatar m tn i feel like i have a head cold it been about a week and today i went to the bathroom and spit mucus for the top of my mouth like it felt like it came from the back of my nose and it was all blood like a ball of blood and thick with some mucus after doing that i felt way better what could it have been i would like to also mention that i have constant post nasal drip its been going on for 5 years i cant go 5 minutes without spitting mucus.
715068 tn?1392933532 I called my dr & am waiting for a return call. This morning I noticed a change in my cervical mucous when I used the bathroom. It was a very light green color, which instantly freaked me out. Without being to gross, it looked like someone blew their nose. Other than that, not much else has chnaged. I had a hard time sleeping lat night, couldn't get comfy. I checked again after I calle my dr & now there's nothing. Any ideas?!?
Avatar f tn Pain in left ovary for about an hour..somewhat sharp..
Avatar n tn my son has cerbral palsy has no swallow and in the 2weeks this sticky white mucus has started in his mouth also he is gagging all the time he is tube fed
Avatar f tn Left side sharp pains for while then stopped.
171927 tn?1294023723 Spitting yellow and some blood from mouth in the night/morning. whole left leg painful (tissue? ) and joints. blood pressure heart rate problems. in bed all day.
Avatar n tn In the morning passed thick semi transparent mucus with blood spotting. Light lower abdominal cramping.
Avatar f tn clear mucus and blood spots x
Avatar n tn i have mucus coming into my throat almost daily but without blood. i have never found blood streaks in mucus before this. last month i had an x-ray of my sinuses and a head CT done which were perfectly normal. i did have a headache two days back which stayed for 24 hours but resolved after taking medicines. i am very scared. PLS HELP. WAITING EAGERLY FOR UR REPLY.
Avatar m tn Now all the time I feel my saliva comes out in my mouth with the taste of blood. If I suck a little, I can immediately see the blood. My mouth is very dry. The saliva is either very white or red. Could you tell me what kind of doctor I should see now?
Avatar f tn passed blood stained mucus again after passing stools
Avatar f tn Notice cervical mucus in shower while washing "down stairs". It felt like a blood clot, reached down and grabbed it. It was clear, stringy, long, sticky, lots of it, white in the middle. did not have sex that day.
Avatar f tn It quiet often that I taste bleed in my mouth . When I spike out my Silva I can c blood in it . This is not often .Only when sometime I drink water or gaggle my mouth . I would see any blood when I brush my teeth ..
Avatar m tn These symptoms strongly suggest that you may be having acute sore throat infection. In such cases tiny tinge of blood in sputum is common. Some other possibilities are polyps, broncheictesis, lung cancer, gastrointestinal bleeding etc. Firstly you need to start a course of broad spectrum antibiotic as an empirical therapy if infection is suspected. Send blood or throat swab for culture and antibiotic sensitivity, bronchoscopy with alveolar washing.
Avatar n tn In the morning passed creamy mucus with blood spotting. Light lower abdominal cramping. In the evening passed small amounts of thick semi transparent mucus with blood spotting. Light lower abdominal cramping. lots of nausea, skipped dinner , ate dry crackers instead. (thought my Periods started, but through out the day no bleeding at all.
4848134 tn?1360119666 C Especially on my side
Avatar n tn i have blood n my mucus everytme i pee
Avatar f tn mucus with blood after passing black and yellowish diarrhea
1230936 tn?1384267689 Lost mucus plug early this morning..and I'm 100% sure it was mucus plug this time. No blood, just yellow colored.
Avatar m tn About three weeks ago I tasted blood in my mouth, I dont have green or yellow mucus It is just blood mixed in with my saliva. I have had slight stomache pain at random times and the taste of blood in my mouth at random times as well. Earlier today I spit up blood again, it was a good amount. What is the cause of this. I was taking diet pills but stoped taking them the first time I spit up blood, could those pills be the reason. Im 20 years old and im in shape.