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Avatar n tn I'm now, since yesterday night with high fever, 38,5 / 39, plus heavy cough and lung back pain ( both right and left). I also have a pain below and under the rib only on my front left hand side. Is it all due to my stop smoking body reaction? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/284927'>Symptoms of quitting smoking</a>.
798555 tn?1292791151 I'd like to say I'm surprised but I'm not sad to say. I did find a bit of info that is interesting. Dr Kaslow lists "Hormone Imbalances that favor breakdown of tissue" as one of the causes of low total protein. "A prolonged high blood concentration of cortisol in the blood results in a net loss of tissue proteins and higher levels of blood glucose.
Avatar n tn If suspicion of emphysema persists, you should have a high resolution CT (HRCT) scan of your lungs. That should be definitive. Note: The diagnosis of “mild emphysema” of the lungs is often made on the basis of hyperinflation and/or increased radiolucency of the lung(s), both of which can be seen with sub-optimally controlled asthma.
1580434 tn?1378600128 I was started on oral Prednisone that tapered over two weeks (and then had to be repeated for better symptom resolution). The dose was more than twice what's in a Medrol dose pack but not anywhere close to what is used for a MS exacerbation. In the mean time gabapentin was gradually added to the baclofen I had been taking already. In the end, the baclofen could be reduced a little and I found a combination of the two drugs that controls both spasticity and pain reasonably well.
Avatar m tn On labor day, I had to drive to the ER at 3am in the morning because I was having problems breathing when I would lay down. It really felt like my throat was closing up. While at the ER, they did blood tests and a CT scan. However, everything came back fine and I was sent home. After a week it subsided slightly ( for three days), however later it came back and this time my tongue was completely white (looked like thrush or bacteria).
Avatar n tn This CT scan was taken on 05/12 as walked into the ER w/chest pain with deep inspiration, febrile, chills. My lfts were eleveated, my sed rate was 79 and my wbc's also high. The second CT scan which was taken on 07/14 sts the following: 1.) Persistent infiltration of the anterior mediastinal fat which is non specific and unchanged. 2.) A single, borderline sized pretracheal lymph node. Otherwise no signs of hilar or mediastnal adenopathy.
Avatar f tn I am seeing supposely the best neurologist in the area but it takes 3 months in between each test result and before I get to see her again. My MRIs she said were the same as before with the Brain and Cervical Neck. My sed rate is high. I have had no injuries. Other symptoms are fatique, pain in both my arms especially in my wrist joints with tingling more like a rush from too much caffeine. I have no problems sleeping because I am so tired by the end of the day.
Avatar f tn Throat culture NEGATIVE. All blood work normal except high EBV IgG titers. Treated with course of steroids and returned to work in 2 weeks. Late 2003 or early 2004: went to bed fine; woke up with severe, aching pain both sides of my face from my ears along my cheekbones to my nasal bone (2nd branch Trigeminal nerve). No burning or stinging but was a constant ache as though I had been punched in the face.
Avatar n tn I have the same problem. Blood test shows that my Bilirubin is high at 45 umol/L (supposed to be less than 21). Other readings are normal, and my urine test is all good as well. I've seen 3 general doctors and they all say I have nothing to worry. But I am worried.
61536 tn?1340701763 I can't have a conversation on this board unless I agree completely with whatever is being said?? Suddenly I need to make a resolution to be more sociable? I need to start being more pleasant? I think your dislike of me is coloring the tone of my posts as you read them, bucko. As far as being pleasant in the face of have no idea how I respond to adversity...for that matter, you don't have a clue as to the adversity I am presently facing in my life.
Avatar n tn It feels like I am just pulling air in and out of my lungs but no air is being taken into the blood stream. I can breath and feel like I am holding my breath, if that makes sense. I know that it is kind of vague the way I have described this, but it's my best jab at it. Does anyone know of anything possibly these symptoms could be related to? I just want some possibilities to explore. If you have heard of anything like this I would appreciate your comments, thank you very much!
Avatar n tn Also, there are different types of pills that work the best for acne--they are NOT all alike in that regard. High amounts of estrogen can lead to other problems. That's why the pills of the past have been largely abandoned in favor of lower doses. Taken properly and strictly on time, they are effective.
572651 tn?1531002957 I will share with you that my husband had similar symptoms and he always had high bp. After blood work and and a real scare because of low white cell count, we found out he had Epstein Barr. Like an adult form of mono, which is not good for us since we already have a suppressed immune system. I suggest you have blood work and rule out all things like thyroid and anemia. Take care and let us all know how you are.
Avatar m tn I am also puzzled over the abdominal stiffness (from a nursing assessment, MS would not have been high on the list) Is this neuro an MS specialist or a run of the mill neuro? other things than MS cause lesions and many other diseases that mimic MS need to be ruled out before it can enter the picture clearly. I think its too early to put it on the front burner. Just my opinion but no, steroids are not going to take away your O bands. anyone also with medical, feel free to chime in!
Avatar n tn (If anyone knows what I am talking about, it has to do with blood being drawn then certain part of blood is put back in and they can see this part of blood go to inflammed part of body). You mentioned that he could not continue with the colonoscopy- why is that? I am not saying that it is crohn's..I can only speak from the experience that I have had. I hope that it is figured out for you. Take care.
7157762 tn?1390866511 Forgot to pack my patches. That weekend was hell! Not sure if the withdrawal felt that bad due to my paralysis or not, but it was utter hell. Began shaking uncontrollably, non stop spasms esp on my abs, ,dizziness, cold sweats, rapid heart, etc. Ended up rushing back home and on came the patch. Several hours later, I felt better. Through this experience, I had to take a look at my medical path of my life. Not sure if my initial pain (pre fentanyl) was even nearly as painful as the withdrawal!
Avatar n tn My eight year old granddaughter has been having the same symptoms lately. Does anyone know what it could be?
4312976 tn?1371743421 It was very concerning to my neuro, and to me, that my liver enzymes shot up so high, so quickly, on the half dose. My first blood test was done four weeks after initiating treatment, second was done two weeks later, abnormal results both times so suspended treatment for four or five weeks, started up again and after only one injection levels were again too high, so my neuro concluded the earlier results weren't a fluke and had me stop and switch to Copaxone.
Avatar n tn My decision is based a lot on how I have handled tx. Other than low white and red blood counts, fairly well. I don't think 8 more weeks will be that bad and it is a slow time at work, and I think I can cruise on through. My end date was June 9th, and now it is August 4th. Think I would like to plan a big nice fall vacation.... My stats, et cetera... 58yo female, infected probably 1970, 1a, 1.52 IU/mL pretreat VL, bx G1`, S1.
Avatar n tn When using ephedra or ephedrine, you run your blood pressure high, and anything can happen, you just never know. The one problem I always worried about when using was that taking ephedra products causes the body to release norepinephrine (not quite sure about the term) but the more you take, the less your body can make and release, which leaves you ina depleted state. It's just not good for the body to be tapped of this natural chemical.
Avatar f tn My main problems were muscle tightness and breast pain. In 1994 I had two bouts of blood in my urine. Not just traces of blood but urinating blood. There was never any infection found and no pain was involved. I had scans of my kidneys and usual tests for infections and was told all was normal. Both instances resolved on their own after about 10 days and have never returned. I became pregnant with my first child in March 1999.
151263 tn?1243377877 I was getting worried, I didn’t want to be fat and I certainly didn’t want the problems of diabetes and high blood pressure that came with it. I just couldn’t believe that after all my hard work exercising and eating a fairly strict diet (with NO beer), that I couldn’t at least break into the 190’s.
Avatar f tn louis which is very progressive and I will ask them at that time if this is a possibility. Joe's blood pressure is not high to begin with but I guess lowering the portal pressure and the overall blood pressure is not the same thing. I appreciate you for reminding me of this. I had kind of forgotten and I don't want to lose my chance to ask . I will come armed with studies...they love this.
Avatar n tn well I said no because it usually takes me a few days to actually start. Well I freak when I see these pills in here.... and I go thru and look at them... and in the 3rd pack.. the last week where you have your period... it's a whole week... not 4 days like he said... so my question is.... do you have a week period... or is that just lower doses and you have 4 day periods? Is Seasonale converting to Seasonique?
Avatar f tn In the end I got a test to see how my PTH (parathyriod hormone level) was and it turned out to be way to high, implying my body was having problems keeping blood calcium levels stable, explaining the twitching. Furthermore, the only reasonable cause of the elevated PTH was vitamin D deficiency so after starting to take the Vitamins I feel a lot better.
Avatar m tn Neurologist says its not PD or MS and says that the symptoms are very rare and may just go away or it could be latent Essential Tremor. Separately, I had slightly high blood pressure and too high resting pulse rate 100bpm. For this I was prescribed Propranolol 10 mg twice a day. This not only sorted out the heart and blood pressure but also stopped the inner tremor. I know its the Propranolol working, because if I stop the medication the tremor returns.
931217 tn?1283484935 The American Veterinary Medical Association and the Connecticut Veterinary Medical Association, including the vast majority of their individual members, recommend that pet owners do not feed such diets, as the risks are just too high. I emphasize, that while a small minority of veterinarians may disagree, the vast majority of mainstream veterinary doctors do not recommend raw meat diets for animals.
Avatar f tn I used to sing please mommy dont get drunk this christmas. Only secretly changing the words to get high. Ive never had a sober christmas in eight long years. It was soo different. Too all the newbies quiting i want to give you hope. My husband and i are addicts plain and simple. But thru Gods loving grace and some hard work we are getting better and realizing how many wasted years we missed. This was the best christmas ever. No extreme outbursts.
Avatar n tn because sometimes its very hard to control my blood sugar. I am a type 2, been diagnosed at 16, and I just turned 20. My family members cannot understand me...I dont expect them to. Sometimes I just eat like a normal person..I take tablets..Starlix and metformin. Usually I can control the bs for some days...then a few days later...Im in the 200 zone. How can I really become a serious diabetic? I smoke marijuana, because for me, it combines with my meditation and yoga..
Avatar n tn I've been considering checking out an ENT or pulmonologist for further testing but from what my GP tells me, he can find no evidence for needing one. The chest CT was high resolution, super detailed and everything looks A-OK. I run around 10 miles a week, lift weights, and am otherwise as healthy as a horse other than this intermittent, nagging cough!