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Avatar f tn The values you cite are quite abnormal, including the RDW (red blood cell distribution width), that is a measure of the variation in size of your red blood cells. A high RDW indicates that the red blood cells are more variable in volume than normal. You are definitely anemic and the elevated RDW is consistent with an iron deficiency anemia, possibly of recent onset.
Avatar m tn Eos means eosinophils-the type of blood cell that usually is responsible for allergic response.You might have some seasonal allergy going on or some other type of allergy. Some people have them high without any consequences to their health.
Avatar n tn Hi i got a blood test done and it says that my MCH is 26.3 and my RDW is 16.0 what does this mean?
Avatar n tn I have had lymes for years and recently have developed abnormal blood tests where my RDW is high and my hemoglobin and hematocrit is low. anyone have anything to say about this? why the high RDW with the low hemoglobin and hematocrit? anyone have these exact symptoms?
Avatar m tn I have been dealing with this situation since November of last year and the Infectious disease doctor is stumped. My blood work is normal except the RDW is high 15 % Sed rate is 68, and since May of last year, when I delivered my daughter due to toxemia, I have gain 66 lbs since. Now I have swelling in my feet and lets. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/Low-vit-D-and-Sed-rate/show/1735100">Low vit D and Sed rate?</a>.
Avatar f tn Your body does fight off things even when you feel okay and your white count can be high without you knowing it. So you could go to get a random blood draw and it could be high without symptoms. the RDW is normal and is often raised when you have a variety of odd shaped cells such as during anemia. So since yours is Not raised you are okay.
Avatar m tn I got my blood results come back and it says RBC 5.
4939681 tn?1361299299 and one mentioned high RDW as a possible sign, as well as B12 deficiency. My RDW is always high, but the doctors always just said that it is because I'm anemic, however according to my most recent endo I'm not anemic and my ferritin is "normal". I don't get it... *WBC 4.2 (4-10.5) *Hemoglobin: 12.1 (11.7-15.5) *Hematocrit 36.8 (35-45) *MCV 80 (80-100) **MCH 26.3 (27-33) *MCHC 32.8 (32-36) **RDW 17.6 (11-15) Platelet count 224 (140-400) MPV 9.1 (7.5-11.
Avatar n tn Just had blood work done the rdw-sd was high and mpv was low. Is this a problem I should be concerned about. I am constantly tire, achy joints, chills, night sweats & one side of scalp is cold.
Avatar m tn Hate to say it but the low plus the high RDW leans to a type of anemia.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor he did all kind of test say they found I had high blood prusher dibetic asthma but I am not feel good at all my my cought get worset and my blood test show rdw high(15.5) mcv low (76.8) mch low (25.6) what's that means what's going wrong with me.
Avatar f tn RDW, is a measure of the variation of red blood cell width, which is caused by defeciency in iron and vitamin B12. About the triglycerides, if you are taking any medicines for reducing cholestrol in your body, than it can have a side effect of an increase in cell content of triacylglyceride.
Avatar f tn I also had high monocytes (8.7) and high RDW (14.9). I had bloodwork again in February 2017 and my WBC were 5.1 and RBC 4.0. My RDW has dropped to normal range at 13.0 and monocytes were not tested again. Should I be concerned or is this an insignificant change?
254714 tn?1316613355 wbc 12.40 high, hgb 11.3 low, hct 34.4 low, rdw 15.7 high calcium 8.0 low, bun 6 low, alb 2.
1413627 tn?1281837531 A high RDW and low MCV is seen in iron deficiency anemia and thalassemia trait. A high RDW and normal MCV is seen in Vit B12 and folic deficiency. A high RBC count could be due to high demand as in anemia or due to polycythemia. You should repeat the tests after a week. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral to a hematologist. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar m tn wbc- 6.1, rbc-5.47, hgb-16.0, Hct-47.3, Mch-29.3, mchc-33.8, plt-254, rdw-sd-13.2, rdw-cv-13.2, mpv-10.2, p-lcr-26.1, Neut - 54.8, lymph -35.4, eo-0, baso-0, MONO - 9.8 - IS HIGH PDW - 13.