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Avatar m tn Started Jurnal for Waleran check blood presure
Avatar f tn I really don't know what to make of this. It's such a new thing for Nick and I am worried. Should we continue on the high-salt diet or no? Am I doing something wrong? Could there be something wrong with our bp machine?
Avatar m tn My bp has been running high for some time now and cant seem to get it under control even taking bp meds. Went to doctor 2/3/2012. She changed one of my meds and added another one. It seems my bp has gotten worse. Placed a call to the doctor Monday and they increased one of my meds (lisinopril) from 40mg per day to 80 mg. Increased another one (indapamide 2.5mg) from 1/2 pill per day to 1 pill per day. Prior to going to bed my bp will have dropped from about 180 to 160.
598210 tn?1281217084 Last few days got high blood pressure with pain on spine and other parts of torso
737341 tn?1265792265 I was diagnosed with having high BP yesterday the 14th of Jan. I was put on a medication Called Labetolol. Make me a little nauseous and dizzy.
937826 tn?1261337479 I have high blood pressure It has been like220 over 110 not on medicine or anything don't know why have severe headaches passing out dizzy week can't breathe .
Avatar f tn felt Weird today thought maybe needed more sleep stayed home and slept three more hours when up still felt weird... check blood pressure... also noted had pork chops the night before... maybe a recation? Catlynn cooked maybe salt?
937826 tn?1261337479 my blood pressure was very high this morning.had headache couldn't breathe sweaty,they gave me oxygen to breathe finally got it down but kept me on oxygen for a few hours.
792540 tn?1285190597 when i got home from work yesterday i was on the verge of fainting so i decided it would to be safer to call midwife when she came she checked babys heartbeat that was perfect checked my blood pressure and it was 140/ 86 which is really high for me as throughtout my pregnancy and charlies its always around 96/69 so i have been put on strict bedrest for 48hrs back to hospital thursday to see my consultant and hopefully my blood pressure will have gone back to normal if not ill be admitted to hos
937826 tn?1261337479 I am having very high blood pressure today,headache.difficulty breathing.
5856747 tn?1403352282 What are the symptoms of raised blood pressure? Most people with a moderately raised blood pressure are unaware of it and it is only discovered on routine examination. Severely raised blood pressure may give rise to headaches and a thumping sensation in the chest and vague feelings that all is not well. How is hypertension diagnosed? : There are two blood pressures. One is when the heart contracts and this is called systolic blood pressure.
Avatar n tn I have had hep c for several years, my blood pressure has been high long before i contacted the virus,and i have been on triamzide for years. My blood pressure has been elevated on the last few vists to the doctor and he wants me to take prescriptions for it. I am concerned as most of the antihypertension drugs are hard on the liver. Is there anyone who knows of a medication to lower blood pressure and is safe, I have searched the web but cant find any help with this.
229198 tn?1208784954 My mother who is 65 yrs old has high blood pressure and her dr has her on 5 different medications for it. This seems like a lot of medicine to me. Does anyone else have to take that many different meds?
Avatar n tn i can tell you from experience (i had pregnancy induced hypertension with both my previous pregnancies starting at about 28 weeks and fully expect to get it with this one too) that if it stays up they will either put you on bedrest of blood pressure medicine. The blood pressure medicine was enough to keep mine under control. try not to worry- there is a big difference between preeclampsia and pregnancy induced hypertension.
Avatar n tn Still don't understand why my blood pressure has resulted in their wanting to check my cervical length though. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn which isnt good especially if you have high blood pressure (and are pregnant) to begin with. hope all goes well for you though. ive had a history of high bp in the past- before this pregnancy, but apparently it has calmed down because when i go for my checkups and they do my blood pressure, they say all is good.
Avatar n tn For me, i was on bedrest for 4 weeks before being put in the hossy (cause home BR didnt work). Then was in the hossy 5 weeks before Kurt was born. he was ten weeks early. i think the reason they put me in so quickly is...normal women you can check their urine for protein to see how far you can go before the baby is at risk...with couldnt because even when i was not preg...i spilled ALOT of protein.
Avatar n tn Hi Everyone, I was just wondering at my doctors appoinment yesterday my doc told me that my blood pressure was high (I am 28 weeks pregnant)and so I have to go back to see her on thursday, she told me this can lead to toxemia (which I have read about)and to be honest with you I cant stop thinking about it, which I think may be making it worse. My sis had a baby last Dec at 3 pounds so I know how serious this is. I took my blood pressure today with a home monitor and is high again.
193609 tn?1292183893 So I am worried about taking this medication that will bottom out my blood pressure, when my blood pressure is only high under certain circumstances. I thought he would say bed rest, and I feel really guilty questioning my doctor's just is not making any sense to me.
Avatar n tn I would suggest going to see a Cardiovascular specialist. I, also, have had problem with high blood pressure and having to go to the ER. I am 26/male and I had to go to the ER twice for 170/115ish BP readings. They will probably take some hormone blood studies and if anything, involving the hormones, looks out of place they will probably forward you to an Endocrinologist.
Avatar n tn HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE I had a check at home of my blood pressure ann it was 150/80 but my pulse rate was 122 and as I spoke to my GP he told me that it was a bit high since my pulse was high so there was no need to worry.But I am still a bit worried !!!!!!!
171473 tn?1224517107 Nov 13, 2006- she went undiscovered for 12hrs-Nov.14 06- dr. said she had a deep brain bleed.Caused by high blood pressure. dr. said the damage is done. 3 weeks since can't move left arm, left leg some movement. words get mixed up,can't swallow food yet,in diapers but can feel when she has to go,and she knows what a tooth brush is but not a bar of saop,can only say 4-5-6 words at a time then marbled..(nothing in the begining). Q is , does being undiscovered for 12hrs. , the dr.
Avatar n tn I am on high blood pressure pills and have been for the last 3 years. Does anyone know if these pills can affect pregnancy? If so, how? Also, can they affect the outcome of an HPT?
Avatar n tn Now that he has switched jobs his blood pressure is down and is off the pills. If you can get your blood pressure normal and to stay normal there is no need for pills they will make you sleepy and drowzy if your blood pressure is tooo low.