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Avatar m tn Too much protein is not good for organs and can do damage. Usually, if the protein is high, the body excretes protein through the eyes. People who wear contact lenses, will see their lenses turn yellow due to this. Concerned, but not overly worried.
Avatar f tn High blood pressure is th main culprit. kidneysOrbit could be you have an infection and your kidneys aren't filtering properly.
Avatar m tn For weeks I had really bad chronic abdominal pain on my right side. I couldn't laugh it hurt so bad. Then I had a MRI they said they saw stool. Now I went to the plasma center my protein levels were high so I couldn't give blood. They say my protein was high because fatty foods. Is this reason I feel tired and don't have regular periods, breast milk dried?
Avatar n tn I ask him about the PTH level being 46 with the high calcium levels. He just said that the parathyroid was not the cause of the high calcium. He said the best case scenerio would be MGUS. I guess my question is twofold. First, even though I have this monoclonal protein would it still be possible for the parathyroid to be causing the high calcium levels? Second, If it was the monoclonal protein or myeloma causing the high calcium levels wouldn't the PTH level be very low?
1713150 tn?1314467342 the amount of protein in your diet should not effect the protein level in your blood that much, unless you are taking extra protein like Body Builders use protein supplements. I don't have MS, but I don't think this sounds like an MS thing either. Some illness causes the body to make too much of certain proteins that can then show up in the blood.
1756475 tn?1330538713 Which is high levels of protein in ur urine and it also cause high bp. They will do many cath samples of urine and if it gets to bad the will induce labor. but they monitor u because if ur bp becomes a problem they can give u meds in ur iv when u deliver to bring it down.
Avatar f tn Gastrointestinal bleeding - blood cells are hemolyzed in the intestines, releasing protein. # Muscular exertion - muscles produce ammonia when active and absorb it when resting. # Tourniquet use - ammonia levels can be increased in the blood sample collected. # Drugs that can increase ammonia include: alcohol, barbiturates, diuretics, valproic acid, and narcotics. # Smoking" See: http://www.labtestsonline.org/understanding/analytes/ammonia/test.
Avatar f tn I went back to the doctor a few days ago, and everything else turned out normal except now I had high Calcium and High Total Blood Protein. My Total Protein was 10.6. I am worried about the possibility of Cancer or something serious. Do you think it would be Cancer if just a few weeks ago my Calcium and Blood Protein was normal and now it is not. Could medications like Omnicef cause this increase? Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
1756475 tn?1330538713 Has anyone else been told that their protein levels were high? My blood pressure was still fine but they are concerned that my proteins were higher then what is the normal. I'm trying not to stress out over it because that makes your blood pressure go up but it's not helping out too much at the moment. I've actually been told most of my life that my protein levels were higher, any ideas how to reduce them too?
1305271 tn?1320984748 Sometimes, when your body is under some type of stress, they can malfunction and let things like protein and glucose sneak through (which they should not). Protein in the urine is something they monitor in pregnancy esp if there is high blood pressure because it can indicate pre-eclampsia (along with high BP) or some type of stress on the body.
Avatar n tn Did your husband have a growth or something on his kidney? or just high protein levels? What were the symptoms of what he has, if there were any? It sure scares me to think that something could really be wrong with me. I mean, the diabetes was a shock...I have 4 little ones and i want to be around for them! :( I am going to try to get into the doc today and find out something. Keep your fingers crossed for me! (please) and I hope your hubby is ok.
Avatar n tn my son is 7 years old and every time they do blood work his complement 4 and ch50 are high. they even tested him when he was not sick and the levels are high. he complains of right leg pain at night also not every day though. should I be concerned? I went to a orth and he said it was growing pains bu I still dont know why his blood work is abnormal all the time.
Avatar m tn ur bun, gfr, among others account for the creatine levels...do you have foam in ur urine thats a sign of protein in urine...you need to recheck this at least 2 times then waite 3 monthes to see whats going on..if urs is that then others will follow like ur gfr rate anything below 59 is to be watched for a 3 month period...im a advocate not a m.d.
Avatar m tn What I look at is the difference between the protein and the albumin level. If the difference is greater than 4, then there are extra proteins floating around from somewhere. There are a few things I think about in this scenario -- HIV, Hepatitis B or C, and paraproteinemias (such as multiple myeloma, amyloidosis, etc). Some people have a difference greater than 4 and none of these are the cause, but they are usually things that I check, especially if the person has risk factors.
Avatar f tn It depends how high...with my first my pressure and protein levels increased slowly from wk34 to wk38, by wk38 they induced me because my levels got too high for comfort...Baby was considered full term, So there was no reason to risk me going into full eclampsia.
Avatar f tn Hi. There are very many causes for high protein levels in a dog's urine, the most common being diet - though other causes can be more serious. I would start writing down everything you are feeding her, including all treats, and then pass this information on to your vet when you next see them.
Avatar f tn I have high levels of protein in my urine @ 35 weeks. anyone else? what has your doctor told you about it?
1837090 tn?1328040121 ve been showing a lot of protein in my urine, the first time it was 2+ and the the pat two times it was 3+ the last one was just today at my drs. My Dr is concerned because my actual urine analysis showed no signs of infections or illness at all besides this ton of protein always in my urine.
432737 tn?1358549432 I am about 23 weeks pregnant with my first, due in late June. A few weeks ago, my doctor pointed out that I've been having high blood pressure readings in the 140's over 80's, but I have not had any protein in my urine or other signs leading to pre-eclempsia (other than occasional foot swelling). On Feb. 18, my doctor put me on a week of bedrest and a medication called Methyldopa. When she checked me a week later, Feb.
Avatar f tn Im just curious as to what they will have to do if they cant get my blood pressure down? I dont have preeclampsia because my platlet levels are normal and there is no protein in my urine. I did have elevated liver enzymes, but those are now back to normal. Its just my bp thats high. Today it was 151/90 and im 35 weeks 2 days along. Anyone go through this?
Avatar n tn I am not sure if this is any help to anyone else, but I am at late stage 4 CKD. I had followed the diet advised and my blood urea nitrogen remained in the 55-60mg/dL range for 2 years with decreasing eGFR. My Nephro suggested trying a protein product some of her other patients were using called HumaPro. It is a complete protein made up of certain ratios of essential amino acids and semi-essential amino acids. I guess its the ratios optimal for people. It claims to have only a 0.
Avatar m tn I had high blood pressure and protein in my urine and the doctor said i had severe preeclampsia. Not saying that you have it but it is deff something to look into. Here is some info that i was given... Mild preeclampsia: high blood pressure, water retention, and protein in the urine.