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Avatar f tn What I did was relaxed in my car and took naps in between blood draws. The whole process took three hours for me. All the girls that were there got sick and had to reschedule. I say just nap in the car and set timers. Good luck I hope you pass! Liquid tastes like melted jello. It's pretty sweet.
8467907 tn?1407411342 So im suppose to get my glucose test done 2day...
Avatar n tn I am 23 wks preggers and last week I saw my consultant, who has said in mid sept I have to have a glucose test. I have low blood pressure all the way through pregnancy, high BMI because I am overweight and the consultant put me on clexane injections daily. Can anyone tell me why I have to have this glucose test and what it's for please? I have had a poor diet because of bad sickness. I was losing weight up to 3-4 months preggers and I still have sickness now just not as bad.
Avatar f tn Hey you guys..I will be six months on Tuesday and my next doctors appointment will be when I'm 26weeks and one day....I should be having my glucose tolerance test soon....I was wondering how was it for some of you? Like what was the process you had to go through? I'm just really curious before I have mime..
10389360 tn?1410823968 So for the first test you drink some juice, wait an hour, and have your blood tested. If that comes back positive, you have to fast overnight and go to the lab in the morning, where they will test your blood over a period of a few hours. I had gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy. It's a tough diet to follow, but not life ending.
Avatar f tn re a healthy weight. It is called the one hour glucose tolerance test because your blood is drawn one hour after drinking the glucose drink. If you fail and have to do the three hour the draw your blood first, make you drink the drink, and then draw blood at specific time intervals throughout the next three hours. The purpose of the test is to see how your body responds to and processes a large amount of glucose.
9634886 tn?1405819605 That's crazy, I've never heard of them scheduling it so late in the day, knowing that more than likely they want you to fast.... I couldn't do the fasting thing lol, so my doctor skipped the whole process and just took my blood be tested.... I didn't do the whole 2-3 hour waiting game.... I had only had a half of bagel with strawberry cream cheese that morning and my results came back negative....
10798067 tn?1431550433 They will draw some blood, like a normal Blood test. Then you'll have to drink a sort of juice, which is a glucose solution. Then you'll have to wait for an hour and they'll draw blood again. And that's it.
Avatar f tn m up because baby is kicking like usual so i just want to ask some questions my doctor told me at my last appointment that this appointment (thursday 23 weeks 6 days) that i would be have my glucose test. what should i expect? what will happen? will i need someone to stay with me and drive me home? i hear a lot of ladies get sick from it and thats what I'm scared of.
Avatar f tn I've always fasted before my glucose test. Didn't eat anything after 10 and I always made sure to book my apts early in the morning g bc you'll have to sit there for about an hour. I suggest not to eat anything until after the test and drink lots of water.
Avatar f tn Stay away from sugary items, including fruit (they have natural sugars) and starchy foods (bread, pasta, potatoes, etc.) because the body will process it into sugar. These foods can elevate your sugar levels in your blood which may cause your test results to be elevated, although some people don't fast at all and their results come back fine.
Avatar f tn So i just sat here n had to drink da glucose drink. Now let da waiting process begin.. Gotta wait an hour b4 dey can draw my blood...
Avatar m tn //tinyurl.
1813627 tn?1337722375 Had about 10 viles of blood taken which I gather is normal the first time. They also had be do an hour blood glucose test done which I thought was done later in pregnancy. So today I had to go for a 3 hr test sinces yesterday my number was 141 and they wanted me to be under 135. Anyone that can shed some light on this would be wonderful.
1117137 tn?1345227905 Results turned out fine but later that week I took the regular urine test and fingertip blood test and my glucose was high, don't know what is going on but remaining positive. Dr. visit tomorrow will get some clarification hopefully.
Avatar n tn without any glucose. I underwent a fasting blood glucose test which showed a level of 5.3 mmol/l (95.4 mg/dl). today on testing my urine about 30 mins after 250ml of coke and 3 sweet biscuits there was NO glucose in the urine. Can anyone explain why the first test was positive?
Avatar f tn He said I could have breakfast like two eggs and so i did maybe that made my test high.....Now I have to make an appt. for the 3hour glucose test.....I hope I don't have gestational diabetes that scares me....I have never had that with my other pregnancies....I'm scared! What happenes when you do have diabetes? Does it go away after birth? What should I do before taking this other test? Can someone advise? Thanks!
11533887 tn?1422330747 I take my glucose Test in the morning along with a whopping cough vaccine. <<that's probably spelt wrong LOL Does anyone have any advice on the glucose test? Would I have shown signs already if I were to have developed diabetes?
Avatar f tn If the test, which screens for gestational diabetes, reveals elevated levels of blood glucose (sugar), a glucose tolerance test is then given to confirm the gestational diabetes diagnosis
Avatar f tn And also said Ill have the glucose test my next apt. What would they have taken one more vial of blood for?
Avatar f tn Everyone is required to do it now. They just draw blood from your arm, like normal blood work. Mine came back negative, so my little boobear is ok:D and in a couple of weeks you'll get blood drawn again for glucose test...takes about an hr...lame. and then a few weeks after that, they do blood work again...but i forgot why this last time lol cow brains... haha or maybe this lastime was just me because im anemic and my platlets are very very low. Hmmm ..
Avatar f tn I just got home from by blood glucose test and feel really sick and tired. Is this normal? Does it mean something is wrong?
Avatar f tn I'm so pissed my doctor sent to do a blood glucose test gave me instructions not to fast and now that I got here the nurse told me I have to fast for it to be correct... like what the f***... has anyone had to take that 3 hours test cause of not fasting??
Avatar m tn I will have checked blood and not to bad potential dehydration. Thank you.
Avatar f tn So you really shouldnt eat candy or drink soda. Because the glucose test is to see how your body process sugar so if you eat all that stuff and then drink the drink you will have an enormous amount of sugar and you will fail.
341551 tn?1266980730 Luckily, my dr's office let me bring the bottle of glucola home with me. So even if I didn't have my ultrasound, all I had to do was drink it about 30-45 min before my appointment then go in and tell them I needed my blood drawn 'cause I'd drank the glucola. I hated the waiting in between my 3 hr glucose test ... so, if you're going to be stuck doing nothing for an hour or more, bring a book, some music ...anything to keep you busy and keep your mind off the time.