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Avatar m tn I'm 45, my top lip gets dry for a few days then a tiny bump shows up, then my lip swells pretty big, for a few days mostly at night. swelling subsides a little during the day has a tingling in it after several days my lip cracks and drains this happens a few times a year. All together from beginning to end it lasts about 2 weeks.
Avatar m tn I'm 21, two nights ago I had sex (sorry for being explicit, but I was dry and the sex was pretty rough) and the next morning my right vagina lip was swollen and very dark purple (the entire lip). It hurts to walk and touch and looks sort of like a horrible bruise or possibly a burst blood vessel. Swelling has decreased a bit but I want the bruising or blood vessel or whatever it is to go away.
Avatar f tn Hi about a week ago I was shaving and had a bit of dry skin on the lip of my vagina (right side). The next day or so I notice what looked to be a pimple where the dry skin was...I'm sure I was scratching at it too. Now I have what feels to be a mass of fluid under the skin and it is swollen and somewhat painful. I'm sure I have been irratating it since I have been working and I'm a waitress so I'm constantly moving.
Avatar n tn what do you do for a swollen vagina lip that is kida hard and hurts really bad?
Avatar f tn Thinking it would be better in the morning, but its not, The tiny-est bit less swollen although irritates to walk and is black coloured...
Avatar n tn - It's only my top lip and its stinging also a bit itchy, and its dry around the lip but the lip itself isn't. Its happened before when im nervous i rub my lip which makes it swollen and sore like it is now, But i haven't touched my lip at all, My Mom thinks i might have been rubbing it without noticing it but i don't think so. Another thing is My Mom think it could be is i always had itchy skin and the other day i had a itchy arm.
1945970 tn?1324215554 just noticed my cat's lower lip to be a bit swollen. I does not have any puss, I touched it. Nor does it has any pimples over it...just faint lines. It does not look too swollen, thou. She eats properly and more than the time when I bought her a month back. She also licks herself normally. But then again today is the first day. Her lip is more colored or maybe I am being over protective. She is 11 months old and has not had a chance to mate yet, late bloomer, I guess.
Avatar n tn The next day, today, it is very swollen. I ruled out the pimple because it is just about gone now,but the swollen lip remains. I've never had a problem like this before. Why is this happening?
Avatar f tn hi i have my bottom lip a little swollen on one side, not real bad but a little bit and it tingles a bit and hurts but not bad just more of a tingle and burning feeling. there is no sores that i see. It started yesterday. What could this be, its only on one side. I don't think i ate anything that i haven't eaten before and no other symptoms.
Avatar m tn I have a bit of a swollen lip which I wake up to, reduces during the day bit is still always there. It has been there now for about 4 weeks. when it first came, it was obviously visible and intermediate size, but now there is just the bump. I cannot find the problematic area, there is no discolouration of my lip in that area. It is not noticeable unless I smile, even then it just looks like a bump in my top lip on the right hand side.
Avatar n tn we were a little rough but nothing out of the norm. but now my right vagina lip has been swollen for 2 days like swollen!!!! it doesnt itch or anything doesnt smell doesnt even bother me except the fact that its pretty big and i can feel it rubbing when i walk!! i just dont know what to do! can someone help me! im going to try to ice it for the swelling but what else can i do??
Avatar f tn I just took creatine with glucose in water for 2 days and my upper lip is little swollen, I have not taken it since then its been 2 days and the swelling comes and goes. Please let me know is this gonna impact too much on my health (taking just 5 grams of creating for 2 days.)? I am not gonna tke it from now anyhow but i believe the swelling will go away in few days coz the intake was minimal. please let me know your thoughts. thanks.
Avatar n tn doctor, about 4 years ago or so I was bit by an insect on the lip while sleeping on the floor... THe next day, my lip was swollen and took appropriate medicines to reduce swelling etc... unfortunately, the bite on my lip resulted with the right side of my upper lip being enlarged (i guess scar tissue). what treatments do u recommend to get an even upper lip pls? I am desperate to get my upper lip even again...
Avatar m tn When it does happen then I take vitamine C and drink quite a bit of water and that seems to help a bit. And I need a fan in my room for constant aircirculation which helps. If anybody has the same or happens to know to what I am allergic to, that would be great. The hives are way too itchy and the swollen lips just look hideous =). Thanks!
Avatar m tn About some 12 weeks ago I went to the dentist to have a crown put on my lower rear right tooth. A couple of days later the left side of my lower lip became swollen. My left cheek has a slight swolleness to it too. I have no pain, blistering, ulcers or numbness on my lip area whatsoever, however, on that day I first noticed it, I did initially feel a tingling sensation on the tip of my tongue when I noticed my swollen lip.
547836 tn?1302836432 had some fast food last night, and this morning woke up with my lower right lip swollen twice it's normal size. yeah talk about looking weird. weird thing is that it doesn't hurt, it's not soft and not firm either, i only noticed it after i got out of bed to get a drink of water and i thought my lips felt uneven pressed to the cup. does this happen to anyone else? i did some research it could be called a mucocele, sometimes goes away on it's own but may also require surgical removal.
Avatar n tn It has now been just over one week and her ears have stopped itching and eyes stopped watering - but her lip is actually getting a bit worse. I have stopped all of the human snacks (breaks my heart to see her begging for them) watched cross contamination and started eliminating things from her diet. I am grateful that such a forum exists!
Avatar n tn hey i right now have a reaction to advil and my lip is swollen but something my sister told me that would help is fish oils and flax seeds so look for flax seeds and mix it with your food or drinks and also look for liquid gel tableds that are naturally fish oil its helped me and im starting to feel better
Avatar f tn Next day - eye got worse (swollen but dry) and entire upper lip was swollen (still weeping). Also noticed an itchy rash in my hand with fluid in it. Doctor #2 told me it was all an allergic reaction and prescribed antihistimine. Next day - eye and lip kept getting worse, and the sticky/weeping rash on lip had spread to bottom of my nose and left ear. Doctor #3 said I had a combination of allergic reaction (the eye) and impetigo/skin virus (the sticky rashes/swelling that was spreading).
Avatar n tn I accidently bit my inside lower lip several weeks ago and the wound is slow to heal. The wound it self seems to have a purple and white color to it. The area around it is also swollen and I've applied ice to it but this doesn't seem to bring the swelling down. It really isn't painful but it looks like I have a huge growth on my inside lip and it looks weird. Any thoughts on how I can get rid of this.
Avatar m tn Several days ago, I woke up with about a one centimeter in diameter patch of skin that looked to be infected. The skin appears to contain puss; in an act of disgust, I bit down, and now have a noticeable scab ontop of the already infected area. I can't tell if the skin is dead, or contains puss; I can only say that the area is swollen, and painful.
Avatar f tn To keep it short, my boyfriend came to see me on a Monday and gave me a kiss and a couple hours later I noticed a bump on my lip. I didn't think anything of it til the next morning when I seen it had inflated into a very small oval shape and what felt and looked like pus inside. It was confirmed pus when my finger nails accidently tore it open on the bottom a bit when I was playing with my lip.
Avatar f tn Then last week my lips started burning again and a day or two later the insides of my lips were all red and maybe even a little swollen. I did eventually get slight cracks in the corners of my mouth. I kept using lip moisturizer but they still burned. I used petroleum jelly for 2 days and it may have helped a bit. I then tried the medicated Carmax which seemed to work, applying every 30 min., but after 24 hrs I think it dried them out even more.
Avatar n tn Soon lymph nodes in my neck and groin became swollen, and several days later I developed a fever. I then awoke one morning unable to swallow without severe discomfort, my gums were tender and red, and I discovered one small lesion near my left tonsil and one on my hard palate. These symptoms faded over the next few days. I then developed what appeared to be two cold sores on my inner lip. Days later, I found one painless yet ulcerated, small lesion on the inside of my labia.
Avatar n tn I too have had a lip problem for the last 2 1/2 weeks. My lips have been red, swollen and very painful. The doctor is not sure what it is and has me on multiple medications that don't seem to be working (Zyrtec, Zantac & Prednisone). I'm not sure where to go from here. Anyone have advice?