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Avatar n tn ( I've just popped one (I figure it will be the experiment one) and put a little peroxide on it. The peroxide STUNG but I'm hoping it will kill the bacteria and all that jazz....will tell you what it looks like in the morning.
Avatar f tn One day while biting and picking at my lips I noticed that one part that I was biting on the bottom of my lip started to hurt, since I never realize that I pick at my lip and bite it, I noticed that everytime I bit that area it hurt but if I left it alone it didn't hurt well after a few hours before bed time I looked in the mirror and only saw dry lip, but I picked at that area again and it hurt so being a lip picker I ripped the dry skin off and noticed clear fluid came out, it didn't bleed.
Avatar f tn she was crying. i removed the napkin and saw that she had a bad cut on her upper lip. i took her to the hospital and they said stitches. they wrapper her in sheets incase she moves. she was quiet, and didnt move one bit. i was making jokes to make her feel better. calling her a sandwiched burrito. then they put a big cloth over her face with a hole on it just to see her mouth. they gave her bunch of shots in the open wound to numb it. she still was being brave.
Avatar m tn Hello, For a little over 3 weeks now Ihave had what looked like a red mark about a half inch away from my right lip. I did not think much of it at first. It looks like the skin is just red. It is very small, maybe 1 cm round. I can see the hair follicles inside of it and they are still normal color. In the last two days I have noticed that it is slightly raised. It does not hurt, It does not burn, It does not itch. When I press on it, the skin turns white, but the center appears to be brownish.
Avatar f tn Day 1 I left it alone , dAy 2 became lArger and a bit more painful. I thin sterilized A safety pin an gave a few pokes an a cpl squeezes. Nothing but clear came out, a few hours same, but with a lightish blood. Next day was worse, golfball size and now sore. Still using th sterile pin, picking to about marble size hole. Next day even worse, can't move or walk.
Avatar n tn I've been using it for a year and my skin has never looked better. It occurred to me the other day to try a little bit on the dry patch on my lip twice a day. In just a few days, there has been a HUGE improvement. The dry patch is almost gone! Dermal-K is kinda pricey (about $40 for a 4oz jar) so I'm not sure it makes sense to get it just for the occasional dry patch, but I told you I would come back and let you know if I found something that works.
Avatar n tn I deep-kissed a woman tonight. Tongue and all. Bit my inner lip earlier today. used peroxide on it. the cut is still there. any risk of transmission of hiv or stds?
Avatar m tn I was leaving a club after a long night of drinking and met a girl outside who was probably just as drunk. We made out for 10-15 seconds and she bit my lip hard enough that when I got home I noticed broken skin and red bite marks similar to if I had bitten myself while eating. After being offered oral I got out of the situation realizing how bad/risky it could get.
Avatar m tn Hi, For about a week i've had this red spot/lesion on/above my upper lip. I went to a medical centre and a nurse said to her it looked like a Cold Sore - and recommended me to buy some ZOVIRAX cream, which i did. I used the cream and it has had no effect, if anything it has went bigger and more visible. It is a very visible red bump and i've never had anything like it in the place before. It doesn't hurt or itch or burn or anything and it hasn't scabbed or nothing.
Avatar n tn the only thing that helped a little is washing the area with warm water, putting a little bit of peroxide, and vasaline cream.. not oitment, that would make it worse, ANYTHING OILY MAKES IT WORSE. now i am putting the nystatin, triam. acetonide cream on. and it is wonderful. it is a yellow paste, and i put it over night for about 3 nights and it clears up, and i take loratadine 10g.. and it actually works. now i have lost my insurance and can not get the cream without prescription..
Avatar m tn I have terrible fall allergies, and it appeared one morning that I was having really bad allergies, lots of kleenex and wondered if it was somehow related to that. I too have tried all of the medicated lip balms, alcohol, peroxide, even cold sore medication and NOTHING. I'm going to try the tea tree oil and Aquafor and report back. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Hi I just noticed today that my dog, 1 year old, havanese, Trixie has a strange lump just above lip and next to nose. It is crusty and at first I thought it was dirt but it is causing her a little discomfort. It is the weekend so I won't be able to call the vet until Monday. It's elevated off the skin and I picked a little piece of it off by mistake when I thought it was dirt. I am really worried about her, I'm scared it's like cancer or something. she shows no other symptoms of sickness.
Avatar f tn Through lots and lots of experimentation, I found out I am allergic to almost every brand of lip balm including Burt's Bees, Carmex, Blistex, etc. After that happened all hell just broke loose, my lips began getting tiny tiny red bumps which also had this yellow liquid seeping out. I would put Aquaphor (one thing I was not allergic to at the time) on it but it looked like it'd only get worse. so I just let it dry out and that seemed to help.
Avatar n tn and can feel like maybe a bee bee is stuck in your gums? all they are is tiny saliva glands that have been blocked. maybe you bit your lip? anything like that can cause them. all they are is little bubbles of saliva. as you said they eventually go away and if they don't you are still fine. do not be concerned.
Avatar n tn So frustrating because no amount or type of lip balm seemed to help (vaseline lip therapy, body shop lip salve, etc etc). Additionally, the skin above my upper lip became dry, red and irritated. About 2-3 weeks after that, I started experiencing swollen eyelids as well as dry, wrinkled, red, itchy patches above and below my eyes. I could not apply the most mild lotion to those areas because it would burn, but it was so dry I wanted to do something.
Avatar f tn A small but definitive localized spot above my lip (philtrum) has been red, flaking, in pain, and at times a little bit itchy since January. It has never fully healed for a long period of time, and has always required some sort of lubricant in order to keep it from drying out, flaking, and turning more red. At times, it looks completely normal....for a few hours or while being medicated.
Avatar m tn I may have ruled this out, but I would appreciate a professional opinion. Just above my lip is a small red area, a little bit rough but the texture really is no different from the rest of my facial skin. I thought it might be shaving irritation, but the blade does not hit that area when shaving. There is small amount of redness, and maybe one or two tiny tiny red spots, but I would not say they are bumps or blisters.
Avatar n tn I had a small raised area just outside the corner/edge of my upper lip, almost the same color as my skin just slightly red.. got impatient, squeezed it, and a a small amount of whitish pus & whitehead came out. I think I irritated the area because it turned more red and grew in size a bit, and also another spot appeared on the same side, just below the lower lip.
Avatar n tn However I am aware that it is still contagious when there isn't a sore visible Two days later I woke up with my lip tingling all day long, later that night it itched a little bit so i started applying hydrogen peroxide. I woke up the next day and saw a part of my lip was red and dry looking like it healed but no sore. My redness went away within a day however for two weeks now I have had constant tingling with slight itching and red on different parts of my lip.
Avatar m tn I think i had a chemical burn on my lip and upper lip cuz it began to form a blister but as soon as i bit it, it opened up and burned, so i quickly cleaned and put some vitamin E on it. But I really need it to heal up within a week. Any advice? i've been putting hydrogen peroxide on it and neosporin, should I just do nothing or is there anythin out there I can use?
Avatar n tn dear doc, iam a 22 yr man today my girlfriend notice this blister on the inner middle of my top lip, so the stress rose threw the roof at this point, well it was clear and relitivly flat so i thought it might be a healing glitch of dryed skin(been havin chapped lips) so i put some chapp stick on and left it alone because it didnt bother me it didnt hurt or nothing, then after a few hours it turned the same color as my lip but u could notice it if u were lookin, and about 2 hours later it poped
Avatar m tn Yesterday at 9am I noticed a singular puffiness in my bottom lip on the dry outer part of my mouth just before the line of mucous interior. Upon examination I saw that it had a white head and I popped it. Only a white pus column emerged- just like a pimple followed by very little clear fluid. I thought it odd since I thought there we no follicles that could form pimples there. By 4pm it pussed up again a bit. Popped it again and applied peroxide. It seems to be healing.
Avatar f tn I have a small fluid filled blister on the inside of my bottom lip. It has been there for over a month now. I am not sure what it could be. It gets really big and I pop it because I can barely chew my food without biting it. It has a clear, gooey liquid in it and sometimes a little bit of blood. After I pop it, it is small for a day or so then it puffs up again. My mother in law suggested I use allum on it.
Avatar n tn It feels rough in my inner bottom and upper lip and also in the back of my throat. My tongue is also a bit white in the middle and I have a couple of bumps. I'm really freaking out. Could this be some type of STD??
Avatar f tn I shaved my vagina a few days ago and I ended up cutting my lip and labia. The first two days afterwards nothing was wrong really, just felt a bit sore but then on the third day it looked bad. I have two cuts on my lips and a long one on my labia. I've used peroxide to clean it but that made it hurt worse in the night and I even think the cuts on my lips got bigger and tonight I used neosporin on them and at first it felt so good but not anymore.
Avatar m tn LAst Wed night i had a heavy kissing session with a woman. on Thursday my lips were chapped a bit and on Friday (<48 hours from kissing) i noticed a couple 2/ red areas on lip with white center ( looked like samll pimples w/o a big head) I tried to pop them on Friday night but nothing came out. I also put some peroxide on them and rinsed them then put some antibiotic. The two dots stayed red a couple days then dissapeared pretty much on Saturday night.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone, So long story short, I had a small bump appear just below my lip around the end of December and simply thought it was a pimple. It was painless and wouldnt itch unless I irritated it (like when I mistakenly tried to pop it). I left it alone thinking it would go away but it hasn't. I went to the doctor and was told that they thought it was molluscum and that I should just leave it and it would go away.
Avatar m tn For the last 3 days i have had a mouth ulcer located on the bottom left of my lip most likely caused by biting this part of my gum excessively while eating. almost everytime i chew a sharp tooth accidentally bites into the ulcer 8/10 times it will bleed for a very short period of time. Today i was eating a apple and i yet again bit into my gum it bled for a few seconds and stopped.
Avatar f tn The bump went down a bit and i saw a couple other smaller red bumps so i took some Hydrogen Peroxide and swabbed it entirely over my left side of my vagina lip. it burned a little bit and i took the mirror and looked and to the left side of the lump closer to my opening of my vagina it was a white line and i freaked out. i went to bed and cried because i was scared.
Avatar m tn --no problems for about a month had a really bad illness with strep-throat symptoms after I got a bit better, I noticed a slight burning sensation between nose and upper-lip I was also not eating very well (mostly tea and coffee and carbs + fast food) [I have improvd my diet 1000%, since then] at night before I went to bed I was craving sugar so I would eat a ton of sweets and chug water three weeks later I still had the burning and noticed the upper lip area looked red noticed some dryness and