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Best diet to cut stomach fat

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Avatar f tn m 14 and I have been now working out for 2-3 months and my main goal was overall to lose weight but I mainly want to lose belly fat. I have done morning workouts e.
Avatar f tn So I've done tons of research about stomach fat and the best way to burn it is by a balanced diet and by drinking a lot of water and engaging in both cardio and strength training, but is there anything else? i workout usually everyday, at the least 5 times a week, very rarely 4. I eat quite heathy, taking in a lot of fruits and vegetables and trying to watch my serving sizes and portions.
Avatar m tn s Program for Reversing Heart Disease and am trying to adopt his vegetarian low fat diet but have questions about its conflicts with current heart healthy diet recommendations. Please advise on the value of moderate amounts of walnuts, pistachios, extra virgin olive oil, coffee and fish/fish oil in a heart-healthy diet. I have lost 15 pounds following his diet and cutting my alcohol intake to 2 drinks per day (I am 55 years old, 6' tall and now 175 pounds).
Avatar f tn I'm 19 i weigh 147 i want my stomach to go away I want to get down to 120 and flat stomach what's the best way to do this??
Avatar f tn What are the best exercises I can do to lose weight in the abdomen (stomach) area? Just by walking with the correct eating habits, I won't have any problem losing fat in my legs, arms, face and neck. I need some advice as to how to lose weight in my abdomen (stomach) area. Can someone help with this issue?
Avatar f tn Stomach fat or visceral fat is very insulin sensitive. If you want to get rid of belly fat it would be suggested to cut down on sugar and carbs and eat a low carb diet. All carbs and high glycemic foods will spike insulin. If you didn't know a slice of bread will spike you blood sugar more than the same amount of calories in pure sugar! This is because wheat has and carb called amylopectin type A which is only found in wheat. This is a super carb. Most foods have type b and c.
1661682 tn?1313135396 im 15 weeks and since i been pregnant my diet has been really bad as ive have been eating a lot of junk food but i have been asked to be maid of honour at my dads wedding 6 weeks after my baby is due so i want to keep my wieght quite low so i only have baby fat after the baby comes.
Avatar f tn I am a fan of the Southbeach diet and in the past have lost over 20pds on the diet. I just wanted to know if anyone has any tips for me or any good diets that will help me out? I am 27 anf have been batteling with my weight every since I was 20 yrs old. I was so thin before I had kids and now my kids are 10, 7, and 5 and I still have the weight on me.
Avatar f tn You may also be dealing with water retention, which can make you appear heavier than you really are. So try to cut out sodas and aim for a lower sodium diet. This is really hard, by the way! But it should help with any potential fluid retention and help reduce the appearance of bulges around your body. Last of all, good luck, be patient, and try to enjoy your new healthy lifestyle for what it is.
Avatar f tn 1TBS of fat. You need to make sure you are getting your fat in to make sure your diet is balanced, so I used Blue Bonnet Light. 2-3TBS of Light Dressing (I used french to curb the sweet craving) THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS: 80 OZ OF WATER A DAY!!!! IF YOU CHEAT DO A WATER FLUSH: DAY 1 85 OZ, DAY 2 90 OZ DAY 3 85 OZ AND TAKE OUT A FRUIT AND A STARCH THEN BACK TO NORMAL ON DAY 4. IF YOUR ACTIVITY LEVEL INCREASES: FOR EVERY 30 MINUTES YOUR ACTIVITY LEVEL INCREASES INCREASE YOUR PROTEIN BY 1 OZ!
Avatar m tn Okay so I'm 16 turning 17 in 4 months. I'm a girl, 5.7" 185 pounds. I carry almost all of my weight in my thighs. I have a pretty small stomach but I would like it flatter and toned i really want abs. My best friend is 15 200 pounds 5.3" and she carrys her weight in her stomach she has no thighs. she just wants to loose her stomach an tone her flat butt lol. So we that if by Sep. 20 (my b-day) we are both around 140 we are going to get our hips pierced. But we need help.
Avatar f tn Can women with PCOS loose the belly fat and keep it off? It's so depressing to deal with this.I wear a size 22in womens pants, because of my stomach.But am able to fit into a size 14, without fastening my pants.Just want to fit my clothes comfortably.
Avatar f tn i am 32, 5ft., 117lb, i used to weigh 126. I'm trying to lose my stomach fat. How can i lose fat and not weight? I'm happy with my legs and arms but just not my stomach. I'm doing workout for my abs but my fat is still there. I'm on a no carb, no sugar diet. It did help me lose weight but not the fat on my stomach. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn OMG are you serious..? I mean what is it with "dieters" trying to cut out certain food groups that are necessary for our growth and repair. We need breads, pastas , grains in our diet they also serve a purpose and it's definately not to make us fat! pls i advise you not to cut out any food's in your diet that is unless its for health or religous reasons.
Avatar n tn It may also help to cut down on foods that are high in fat (which slows emptying of the stomach) and foods high in fiber (which is difficult to digest). Some high-fiber foods, such as broccoli and citrus fruits, should be avoided altogether, since they are only partially digestible and will remain in the stomach. Liquid meals, which pass through the stomach more easily, may replace some meals containing solid foods. _______________ Here is some more info.
Avatar m tn Hi I'm hispanic I'm 18 years old,5'5, and weigh 215 and I am trying to lose weight and body fat but need some suggestion I on what to eat and how much cardio to do I'm quite muscular and very atheletic.
Avatar n tn I'm 16, and I weigh like 135-140 I want to loose weight well just get my stomach in shape, and get toned for the summer what are tips that could help me on a diet?
Avatar n tn The best way to find a diet that you will stick with is by googling diet plans. Read up on each one and find which one you will like the best. Personally, I couldn't go without some carbohydrates in my diet. Maybe you are stronger than me though. I have seen it work but usually the person breaks and goes back to carbohydrates and gains all the weight back. Some carbohydrates can be good for you.
Avatar f tn but I have a little belly fat and I want to get rid of it. I want to have a flat stomach. Someone know what I can do to get rid of my belly flat ? Im not sure if i have to do cardio or ab workout.
Avatar n tn But please be careful, you're still very young. What's suited to an adult isn't suited to a 15 year old. You're still developing in every way. Also know that not everyone is going to ever be able to get a flat stomach, though it's a lot easier at 15 than when you're older, but if you diet too much at that age to get it, or overdo protein intake, or do the other things older people do to get some idealized body you might interfere with your development.
Avatar n tn You also need to take a long look at the Ensure. It may be a bit high in fat content and that is a contraindication for someone with gastroparesis, since fatty foods are emptied out of the stomach in a slower fashion than others.