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Best diet pills stomach fat

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Avatar f tn I've never tried that one but I heard some bad reviews on it! I hear that it has side effects; headaches, nausea... I tried a few others like green bean extract thing and raspberry keystone but to be honest, healthy eating and exercising had the best results for me personally.
Avatar f tn low cal, diet, fat-free, low fat, sugar-free,etc. They will just add more weight on your body in the end for sure!!! These products are designed for marketing purposes and profits!!! I purchase mostly ONE ingredient items from the supermarket, so I KNOW what's in my food,lol! If you gain weight too easily, have your thyroid checked. Ask and insist for Free T3, Free T4 and Reverse T3 tests! The standard tests miss too often!!! Good luck with your weight loss goals!
764218 tn?1234569759 I'm 20 year old girl, weigh 132 pounds, and i'm 5'6. I exercise (cardio and lifting light weights) about 2-4 times a week, depending on my schedule. I want to weigh 125 pounds and have been thinking about taking diet pills to help because I can't seem to lose more weight. Is it a safe idea? I've heard rumors of girls my age taking diet pills, and later on in life are overweight and can't lose the weight because they ruined their metabolism. Is this true?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 14 and I have been now working out for 2-3 months and my main goal was overall to lose weight but I mainly want to lose belly fat. I have done morning workouts e.
Avatar f tn So I've done tons of research about stomach fat and the best way to burn it is by a balanced diet and by drinking a lot of water and engaging in both cardio and strength training, but is there anything else? i workout usually everyday, at the least 5 times a week, very rarely 4. I eat quite heathy, taking in a lot of fruits and vegetables and trying to watch my serving sizes and portions.
Avatar f tn you can't lose fat from only one part. you have to lose fat everywhere. if you have a lot of fat in your stomach, as you said, you'll more fat from there. so,the answer is cardio!running and walking. having good eating habits. you can dance too! the crunches will help too! do as more as you can!
Avatar f tn i've been using this alli diet pills since july and i've lost 10+ lbs. i'm really bad when it comes to dieting. i dont eat right and dont excerise because i'm either bored or too tired. i went to the docs and they weighed me at 151lbs in june. and in late aug i bought a scale and it said i was 141lb. woohoo! it's now oct i losted 3 1/2 inches total. i dont know how much i weigh now cause i returned the scale. :-( but to the people who are lazy like me ;-) this pill works.
Avatar m tn How were you treated for Graves Disease? Are you now hypo? Are you on thyroid replacement hormones? If so, which ones, what dosage and for how long have you been on it? It's possible that you need to increase your med dosage, if you aren't losing weight. Typically, when thyroid hormone levels are adequate weight will come off. If you have current labs you could post, that would be helpful for us.
Avatar f tn 1TBS of fat. You need to make sure you are getting your fat in to make sure your diet is balanced, so I used Blue Bonnet Light. 2-3TBS of Light Dressing (I used french to curb the sweet craving) THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS: 80 OZ OF WATER A DAY!!!! IF YOU CHEAT DO A WATER FLUSH: DAY 1 85 OZ, DAY 2 90 OZ DAY 3 85 OZ AND TAKE OUT A FRUIT AND A STARCH THEN BACK TO NORMAL ON DAY 4. IF YOUR ACTIVITY LEVEL INCREASES: FOR EVERY 30 MINUTES YOUR ACTIVITY LEVEL INCREASES INCREASE YOUR PROTEIN BY 1 OZ!
Avatar f tn I think those pills would be pretty hard to swallow due to the volume of 20 grams of fat. A tablespoon of vegetable oil is 14 grams of pure fat so imagine choking down 1 1/2 tablespoons three times a day. There is no reason that your fat has to come in a sugary form. There are lots of options for getting that fat, like nuts and cheese.
Avatar n tn not saying at all that you shouldnt do that. my doc said with some fat and if nothing else make sure you eat Something. I have had a very hard time eating 20 g of fat 3 times a day. Lots of days I just dont feel Like I could eat anything when It is time to take the meds. I just do the best I can in a yucky situation. I do find my self justifying eating at Micky D's a little more. I have found that I am getting weird cravings. Big Macs, steaks, italian dressing, club soda, avacados.
Avatar f tn You have to go intense to melt this fat and dietary changes are required during this period. Well balanced fat free diet should be planned and cardio along with some weights should be continued with vigor for over a period of time. With increasing intensity and diet restriction you will lose this abdominal fat over a period of time. Take care!
Avatar f tn Since diet plays a part in heart disease I have been on a strict Vegan diet assuming that animal fat or bi-products are clogging my arteries. I began this diet in January of this year. Can anyone comment on this? I would like to know if anyone has tried this diet and had success. Any input or opinions would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Diet pills, injections, "quick fixes"...none of these really work, and some are downright dangerous. You have to really, really work at weight loss. It takes dedication, education about proper nutrition, support, exercise, and a plan that you can live with for life. Or, just take some pills that may work for a few weeks or months, and then regain it all plus some. You choose.
Avatar f tn You dont tell us your height. It would help us a lot. Anyway, you can start a healthy diet. Without sweets and sugar drinks. You have to start will help you a lot to lose fat from all over your body and ypur tummy. 3-4 times cardio every week will be good. Good luck xxx Text me for more advices.
5285867 tn?1365993292 Looney, although the term bile reflux gastritis is still controversial and it has not specifically implicated in 'gastritis' it is known to numbers of individuals who experience it and to doctors who are seeing it first-hand more and more frequently.
1655866 tn?1320498966 You can't just spot reduce areas of your body, you need to lose weight overall and then the areas that you store excess fat (belly etc) will diminish accordingly. So, a healthy diet and lots of interval training is the main thing. Then you can make the "man boob" problem less noticeable, by firming up and toning your upper chest area with a decent weights routine and push-ups.
Avatar f tn If your stomach is not flat at that weight, you may need to add fiber to your diet. You must be constipated or be bloated with gas. Yoga can also help these issues. When you exercise, you must work your muscles and concentrate on holding your abs flat. If you push them out, you are teaching them to protrude.
Avatar n tn If you're under 18, and your parent is willing to sign, can you get diet pills from the doctor?
885701 tn?1279125728 We try to lose weight using sound weight loss principals - proper diet and moderate exercise. Usually when weight is lost using diet pills and other diet aids, it is usually gained back as soon as the pills are stopped. You might try posting your question on Weight Loss Alternatives.
793908 tn?1294705109 m sure a little tiny bit of low-fat or fat free (?)cream cheese will be ok.ANYTHING to get the pills down her! Surely that very small amount of fat will be ok.But I wouldn't give her any more dairy after that. My dog's easy with pills. I wrap the pill in a little wholemeal bread, a tiny piece, and hold a second piece where she can see that. The first piece gets swallowed whole! then I give her the second piece.
Avatar f tn None of the pills work. Some are even so dangerous, they can kill. There is no way to loose weight fast. The faster you loose weight, the faster and the more will be back on your hips. The only way to loose weight effectively is to do it slow, and to make changes to your diet for life. There are several approaches to do this, my favourite is: think of how much you are willing to change. Make your own short term goals, which are achievable, like 3 kgs lost by the first monday next month.