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Best diet pills without exercise

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764218 tn?1234569759 1. Start with a diet + exercise. There are many online exercise programs that work. Some good review is placed here: And also on the same website, there are diet comparisons, for online eating plans, if you are not sure, what exactly to include in your daily eating plan: 2.
Avatar f tn t work by themselves - you will need to eat sensibly and moderate exercise. In addition, most often any weight lost with diet pills usually comes back once you go off them. You will need to make changes that will sustain you over the long haul. Would love to see you take twehner5's advice and check out some of the journals and posts from others who have been successful. And don't let her fool you, twehner5 has done quite well for herself too.
885701 tn?1279125728 We try to lose weight using sound weight loss principals - proper diet and moderate exercise. Usually when weight is lost using diet pills and other diet aids, it is usually gained back as soon as the pills are stopped. You might try posting your question on Weight Loss Alternatives.
Avatar n tn So realize my opinion is highly biased, but exercise and diet are the best weight control. No pill will ever come close to having the lasting effects of caring for oneself. If you want some tips on boosting metabolism without speed, I am more than willing to share what I know.
8550901 tn?1400740690 If you're breast feeding you can't take any weight loss pills or diet stuff till u stopped breastfeeding. Exercising can start after your 6week postpoderum appt if your dr okays it!
Avatar f tn just start making good choices in what you eat and about exercise and then things will fall into place ar so young, don't take diet pills, they are not worth it...
501796 tn?1253328394 Diet pills only cause you to lose water weight. Your best bet is to eat healthy and exercise which should not cause any issues with tic.
Avatar f tn Implementing a healthy diet and exercise program should bring some results, even if small ones, at first. Every ounce/pound lost, is motivation to keep trying to lose another ounce/pound. If you're not eating too much and are getting adequate exercise, I strongly urge you to see your doctor and get checked for some medical issues that can really make losing hard, but once diagnosed can be easy to treat.
Avatar f tn I do very strongly believe that the best way to lose weight is by implementing a sensible diet and exercise program that will allow you to make "lifestyle" changes; those are changes that you can keep up from now on. The problem with pills or any extreme means of losing weight, is that once you stop the pills/diet, etc, you will most likely gain back all the weight you lost, often gaining even more.
1645905 tn?1301477821 you dont need diet pills, if your not eating right that will make it have to eat..make a tuna fish sandwich with lettus. or eat some crackers with cheese.dont eat fried food and pork...girl you will see the pounds will melt away..
Avatar f tn The only way to lose the weight is eat less portion sizes of QUALITY foods, and exercise more. The best way to increase your metabolism is to exercise regularly. Have you ever tried ZUMBA?
1641357 tn?1470495393 Hi! I'm 24 - mother of two small children and want to lose some weight pretty fast if I can. I know I need to exercise and eat right, which I'm starting to do, but do diet pills help a lot? I'm debating on taking some to help me lose the weight that I've gained and then I want to get into shape. Who here has used any pills and do they work? Pros and cons?
Avatar n tn I am very addicted to phentermine (diet pills). How long does withdrawal take? Can I taper? Must I be hospitalized?
Avatar n tn Make sure you get some exercise since exercise builds muscle and muscle burns fat. Any type of exercise will do, as long as it's something you enjoy and will stick with.
Avatar f tn The only true way to lose weight is through healthy nutritional food, moderate exercise, and making a lifestyle change. Diets and diet pills simply do not work. There is no quick fix but weight loss is most attainable. If you'd like support in losing weight naturally, would be happy to be of assistance. Best wishes ... to your health ...
Avatar f tn When ttc you should always be cautious. If you are trying to pregnant, act pregnant. As in do not take or do anything that could harm the fetus. I know it is frustrating at times but it's what's best for a potential child. I'm not a dr though but I do know that diet pills are not safe in pregnancy. Additionally many contain caffeine which over 200mg per day has been suggested to increased rates of miscarrige. While eating healthy and exercising is a great idea, diet pills are not.
Avatar f tn Hey,i am sure it is possible also without any pills but if they work as motivator for you it is great.there is one problem about pilss,if you stop taking them,the process stops as well so better to do weight loss by yourself.and this app is great!
Avatar m tn When i take my diet pills (oxyelite) i get like that idk why! Maybe your case since you are over 40 it might be signs of menopause or a hormonal imbalance.
Avatar m tn may I know what causes insomia? How can it be treated without using any pills? Will exercise help? The person having sleep problem is a 49 years old father of 3. thanks.