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Best diet quickest results

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Avatar f tn Implementing a healthy diet and exercise program should bring some results, even if small ones, at first. Every ounce/pound lost, is motivation to keep trying to lose another ounce/pound. If you're not eating too much and are getting adequate exercise, I strongly urge you to see your doctor and get checked for some medical issues that can really make losing hard, but once diagnosed can be easy to treat.
Avatar f tn Forget the quickest way, because obviously the quickest way to lose weight is also the quickest way to starve yourself to death. Hopefully you don't want to do that either. The ONLY healthy way to lose fat is to do mild to moderate aerobic activity. The aerobic energy system is what burns fat. It is the ONLY thing that BURNS fat in your body. The aerobic energy system is used when you are getting enough oxygen.
767435 tn?1235759815 Eat small meals frequently( every 3 hours or so) with a lean protein(grilled skinless chicken breast, fish, tuna, etc.) veggies and complex carb (old fashioned oats, sweet potato, brown rice). Try to only eat real food ( no chips, candy, soda/ diet soda, junk food, artificial stuff). Eat breakfast. Eat more on the days that you work out.
885701 tn?1279125728 Which diet pill is the best / most effective? I have tried Relacore, loved it..but had to take too many in a day...i'm not on Dinintel...and not seeing any progress, since the 3days.
Avatar n tn my doc says to stay on for years but we all know thats how they make cash , im starting again on monday , i have been taking 9 - 12 percocet 10mg pills per day , i have been on and off sub for yrs now but i always go back to the painkillers cause i feel that when i take the sub it gets weeker after a while and dosent work plus i feel like i have the flu while on , so knowing im coming off 100mg of percocet per day what kind of subutex taper is good and whats the quickest i can do it in ?
Avatar n tn What is the best way to stop taking hydrocodone? I have been on it for over 20 yr's and getting tired of the side effects, it seems all I want to do is take the pills. I feel life is short as it is to be living just to take pills.
Avatar n tn I was just wondering what is the quickest way to lose weight after you have a baby? And yes I know eating right and excercise but I'm just wondering if anyone used diet pills or corset training that worked a little faster. I have extremely low self-esteem and I hate gaining weight it makes me feel terrible about myself so if anyone has anything that helped them lose weight faster that worked please feel free to tell me please!
1389971 tn?1280185901 I don't believe in diets to be honest.I think the only way to get thin and remain thin is to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Which means avoiding junk food, fried/greasy food and sweets and eat vegetables, fruit, legumes, fish and low fat meat. Don't skip breakfast, don't eat high in calories food after 8pm and if you get cravings and such eat a yogurt or a salad or a small bar of bitter chocolate. Also you should try working out one hour a day.
Avatar m tn Does any1 know the quickest way to gain weight?
Avatar f tn Your LDL is well above the recommended level of 130 and a statin will be the quickest way to reduce it. A statin can reduce your LDL by an average of 42% in a matter of weeks. You may also opt to make some lifestyle changes before starting a statin with exercise and diet with your doctor's guidance and retest in 90 days. Much depends on your other risk factors such as weight, BP and smoking. Personally, I take a statin and have for years with no issues.
Avatar m tn May Be your diet. Pay attention to what you eat and see if it happens and what you ate before. You are young so your system should not be to bad yet unless your eating foods that don't agree with you or are not good. Make sure you don't eat expired foods or anything not safety stored. Hope you feel better...
Avatar f tn just trying to find the quickest kind of diet to shift a few pounds and tone muscle .
Avatar f tn I know a lot of people were waiting for these results:) I'm half awake so I figure this is the quickest way to tell everyone that I just got that UND result for my 4 week test!!! Meds are working!!
1579573 tn?1297115280 The pregnancy test that gave me the best quickest results was first responce, it showed up while clearblue said negative its a more sensitive test
Avatar f tn I think its because the baby grows the quickest during this thats what ive been told by .
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia yesterday and have been prescribed oxcarbazepine also hydrocodone for pain. I know I can trigger the attacks by movement of my head but I also get attacks by putting various foods in my mouth. I really don't even get a chance to taste them since I go into pain immediately. Do you have a list of triggering foods available?
Avatar f tn the majority of that loss was in the first 3 months. diet is the best way. exercise is important for over all health, but overweight people generally see the biggest results come from changes in diet. i drink only water. i cut out burgers almost completely...i've had 3 this year. last year, i had 2 or 3 or 4 a week! cut out a lot of simple carbs and replaced it with complex carbs and protein. diets produce results, but ultimately learning to eat properly is the way to go.
Avatar f tn I just got the results of blood test after almost three months of RAI, and the doctor said I am already Hypo, these were my results: TsH 16.99 T3 1.7 T4 0.17 are they that bad? I am scared of starting to gain weight. He's going to give the med to star taking, i don't know yet what kind.