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885701 tn?1279125728 We try to lose weight using sound weight loss principals - proper diet and moderate exercise. Usually when weight is lost using diet pills and other diet aids, it is usually gained back as soon as the pills are stopped. You might try posting your question on Weight Loss Alternatives.
Avatar n tn I am very addicted to phentermine (diet pills). How long does withdrawal take? Can I taper? Must I be hospitalized?
Avatar f tn Diet pills won't work by themselves - you will need to eat sensibly and moderate exercise. In addition, most often any weight lost with diet pills usually comes back once you go off them. You will need to make changes that will sustain you over the long haul. Would love to see you take twehner5's advice and check out some of the journals and posts from others who have been successful. And don't let her fool you, twehner5 has done quite well for herself too.
764218 tn?1234569759 I'm 20 year old girl, weigh 132 pounds, and i'm 5'6. I exercise (cardio and lifting light weights) about 2-4 times a week, depending on my schedule. I want to weigh 125 pounds and have been thinking about taking diet pills to help because I can't seem to lose more weight. Is it a safe idea? I've heard rumors of girls my age taking diet pills, and later on in life are overweight and can't lose the weight because they ruined their metabolism. Is this true?
Avatar n tn So realize my opinion is highly biased, but exercise and diet are the best weight control. No pill will ever come close to having the lasting effects of caring for oneself. If you want some tips on boosting metabolism without speed, I am more than willing to share what I know.
501796 tn?1253328394 Diet pills only cause you to lose water weight. Your best bet is to eat healthy and exercise which should not cause any issues with tic.
Avatar n tn I am 6 weeks I was taking diet pills for two weeks not knowing I was pregnant will it hurt the baby?
Avatar f tn im 15 and i bought the diet pills liposlim not to be confused wit liposien and noware on the box does it say that people under 18 cant use the pills and i was wondering if its safe to use it?
1641357 tn?1470495393 Hi! I'm 24 - mother of two small children and want to lose some weight pretty fast if I can. I know I need to exercise and eat right, which I'm starting to do, but do diet pills help a lot? I'm debating on taking some to help me lose the weight that I've gained and then I want to get into shape. Who here has used any pills and do they work? Pros and cons?
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been taking the Kim Kardashians Quick Trim Extreme burn pills, I don't have any side effects but I am just worried if they are okay for me to keep taking.
Avatar n tn I have been taking diet pills for at least five years and recently (4 months ago) got on phentermine and redotex from mexico. I just found out today November 10 that I am four months pregnant! I've had no signs of pregnancy, havent had a period for at least eight years, no bump, no sickness, absolutely nothing, but did an ultrasound and found out. What my concern is, is if the baby will be healthy or if the pregnancy should be terminated?
Avatar f tn s not the problem the problem is I just started taking hydrocut diet pills and have took a few. Can that effect the baby, will it have a birth effect or die?
Avatar f tn When ttc you should always be cautious. If you are trying to pregnant, act pregnant. As in do not take or do anything that could harm the fetus. I know it is frustrating at times but it's what's best for a potential child. I'm not a dr though but I do know that diet pills are not safe in pregnancy. Additionally many contain caffeine which over 200mg per day has been suggested to increased rates of miscarrige. While eating healthy and exercising is a great idea, diet pills are not.
Avatar f tn i've been using this alli diet pills since july and i've lost 10+ lbs. i'm really bad when it comes to dieting. i dont eat right and dont excerise because i'm either bored or too tired. i went to the docs and they weighed me at 151lbs in june. and in late aug i bought a scale and it said i was 141lb. woohoo! it's now oct i losted 3 1/2 inches total. i dont know how much i weigh now cause i returned the scale. :-( but to the people who are lazy like me ;-) this pill works.
Avatar n tn What is the best way to cure an ulcer caused by too many prescription drugs the natural way? I do not want to take pills which is causing the IBS I have rite now. The ulcer I think causes the gas to back up in the upper quadrant giving me the pain?What foods will help me??
Avatar f tn Hi there, Diet pills do not interact with birth control pills and may not the efficacy of birth control pills. However it is best to ask your gynecologist for her opinion. . This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. I sincerely hope it helps. Best luck and regards!