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Best diet energy supplements

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2192208 tn?1346525832 I wish I could find a single or just a few supplements for thyroid support, as I really get tired of taking my handfuls of pills. There are some that I try never to skip, and when I'm neglectful I notice the difference. Have you been tested for Vit D and Vit B12 ? I was extremely deficient, in fact was diagnosed with pernicious anemia before I was diagnosed hypo, so I really notice if I skip those two, energy-wise.
1042487 tn?1275279899 The best way to balance your hormone is a good lifestyle with healthy diet and exercise. Exercise lowers stress hormones, boosts your energy, builds bone mass, and increases immunity. Choose an activity that you like ( walking, dancing, yoga, sports ) and do it several times a week. Healthy diet and good water intake is also important and as for what is a healthy diet i think i was clear above but i will be more clear. Eat whole, organic, unprocessed foods.
1054484 tn?1255113567 By making these 10 simple steps part of your daily routine you can efficiently increase your energy naturally, without relying on heavy caffeine and toxins that can be detrimental to your body. 1. Eat protein at every meal: One of the most important ways to keep your blood sugar balanced and energy levels high is to include protein at every meal, breakfast and snacks included. The best protein sources include fish, organic meat, chicken, eggs, yogurt, and whey protein powder.
Avatar f tn My doctor mandates a yeast free and sugar free diet. My naturopath said no wheat and dairy...I really try to limit it the best I can. Sometimes when I am starvin Marvin, I have a wrap sandwich or something with wheat. I now see how addicted to sugar that I was. It was a risk -benefit thing for me. I want my health back so badly that I am willing to give stuff wasn't so bad once I made the commitment. For bread you can get Ezekiel bread...
1925135 tn?1323307656 What are the best supplements to take while trying to control or even reverse Type II diabetes
Avatar f tn As the above post notes, energy supplements are tricky. Yes, they do supply energy, usually, but how much and how well depends on you and the quality of the product. This product is really not an energy supplement alone, however; it's actually a theoretical testosterone enhancer mixed with caffeine containing herbs, such as guarana, and other energizers that act on the adrenals. Does guarana work?
Avatar f tn I understand i have to take my Synthroid but i want a healthy cocktail of supplements as well to compliment the thyroid replacement as well as diet and excercise... Any suggestions with dosages? I try and eat a variety of things and I take omega - 3 as well as womens one a day vitamin, I just don't think it's strong enough... Thanks for any advise..
219363 tn?1189755821 I am dieting and exercising not only to feel better, but also to lose weight. I have done a very strict low calorie diet with 1200-1500 calories, and exercise everyday. I might lose 1 lb in 3-4 weeks that way. I have recently started a low carbohydrate diet with calories maybe 1500-1800 daily and 20 carbs maximum. My intake consists of vegetables, lean beef, chicken, pork and fish. I also eat eggs and 4 oz of cheese daily. I am losing weight on this plan.
Avatar f tn I wanted to get some opinions on here about taking some kind of diet supplement that is suppose to help with energy. I think caffeine is a main reason these are effective, but I haven't researched them too much, so I was thinking I could find one that isn't mostly caffeine at least, since I can be sensitive to it, especially in the afternoon and evening because I won't be able to sleep.
637356 tn?1301924822 I have heard people say they lost wieght without the supplements just following the diet. I do believe it works because I lost 4 oz from yesterday to today and I didnt' take the supplements yesterday. Anyway, I am finally seeing success with a diet program and I am happy about it! I hope anyone out there that is frustrated and not seeing a success in weight loss, look this program up and join!!!
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed 3 months ago depressed, no energy pain all over, so I decided to change dramatically my life style im workig 1/2 days every day , I change my diet, and im doing exercises 5 times a week ,im taking all natural supplements, so far i feel a little more energy, no more joint pains, im still working in my imsomnia but I know i will get better, Ah and the most important NO STRESS..........
Avatar f tn I think that's one of the main reasons I abused pain pills...for the energy. I could run 10 miles, and then re-shigle my house and still be full of energy! I have to say....that's the one thing I miss most about the pills. Here is some information I posted a while ago about energy. It really does help.... 1.
1382889 tn?1505071193 My son is on gluten free, dairy free diet along with numerous supplements from his doc, and no longer has the extreme behavioral problems he had with his autism. The diet worked better than powerful medications, of which he no longer takes any! More docs are starting to recommend trying gluten free for 4 weeks if you have certain ongoing medical issues and see if you feel better. Search "gluten sensitivity" and you'll find all the conditions they're linking it with.
1700643 tn?1464846682 Im wondering what supplements,vitamins etc I should get to help w/energy,anxiety/stress,sleeping... the things that I assume all of us want LOL.Been off lortabs now about 45days+.Thanks2this forum and all the support.I feel great compared to what I did but ironically taking up to 15of those evil things a day and I dont take any vitamins(silly huh).I honestly have no idea what to get.
5283093 tn?1379164447 Anyhoo, one of the best quickest ways to boost energy is meditation. Twenty to thirty minutes of meditation will give you the equivalent of several hours sleep, at least until bedtime. Foods that are very concentrate in nutrients can help if you'd rather do that, such as spirulina or bee pollen or combinations of them. Adaptogenic herbs can also help, such as siberian ginseng or rhodiola or a combination of adaptogens -- they work on the adrenals so you don't deplete your energy.
Avatar f tn This is my 5th pregnancy and I'm just so worn out and only 9weeks. My other 4 were not like this. What can I do, eat, take that's safe for the baby to give me some energy.
Avatar n tn Try your best to go organic. I did raw for 2 weeks and felt the change, I had energy again and my headaches went away. I am just given you the beginning if you want to know more contact me. It doesn't mean you have to go raw permanent, you can have cooked food now and then after you have gone raw for a while.
Avatar n tn Many of the supplements on the internet are IMHO just marketing ploys to make money for someone and to take your money. Start with the basics of your diet and lifestyle.
Avatar n tn 1) vitamin supplements, b vitamin smoothies, amino acid complex supplements and eating an overall healthy diet. 2) I only drink 1 cup of coffee all day 3) exercise every day whether you feel like it or not (outside in the sunshine is the best) Basically, just try to take care of yourself by giving your body all the nutrients it needs to heal. It has also helped my mood a lot- hope this helps!
Avatar f tn My Dr said to "research the diet aspect" and by that he meant to look at a lot of different info about diet and MS and find what works best for you. I don't personally believe that staying strict to one person's diet in a book works for everyone, but learning what ideas have been approached and what works for others is the first step in the right direction. Alex is right, eating healthy, lots of water, whole grains and nuts, no processed foods etc.
Avatar m tn Due to stomach problems, I have decided to try a Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Has anyone experienced relief on this diet? So basically, this is what I got from it- fresh vegtables, fresh fruits, lean meats, most nuts, NO LACTOSE, NO SUGAR (except in fruits and honey), and NO STARCHES. Is this about right? Also, what is the policy on yogurt and coconut milk?