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Diet energy and stamina

Common Questions and Answers about Diet energy and stamina


Avatar n tn There really is no "magic" diet. Get proper nutrition and eat healthy will help you feel better and will most likely help you recover after sex. Stay away from energy drinks and excesive amounts of coffee, they will just make you feel more tired after they wear off.
Avatar m tn How to increase energy,strength, stamina,endurance,vigor, vitality and resistance at the age of 70?
Avatar f tn t been sleeping and after a session with her I get 2 full nights sleep in a row which is a real energy boost.
Avatar f tn As far as diet, what you want to do is change your metabolism in two ways -- exercise and eating healthy foods gives you energy and burns energy, and second, eating foods that don't metabolize quickly into sugar and that you digest well will keep things moving instead of sticking around. Personally, I think your diet is overloaded with dairy, which isn't digested well by most humans, but some people do lose weight eating a lot of it.
Avatar f tn Does any one have any suggestions on how i can improve my energy level. He really is a great guy and I just dont are marriage to be distroyed by my health issuses cause he is very patient wit me. I need help!!!!
1174225 tn?1269628721 t have to be a lot of food to stop the hunger and give enough energy to function, I learned to look at calories and portions, and that what helps most with energy and hunger is a lot of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Good carbs and good fats are helpful, too. I also learned to rarely eat out, as they tend to be high caloric and empty calories at that. On the diet I'm on, I still have some dessert treats, watching the portions and calories, and I'm happy and still losing weight.
Avatar f tn My tools were immodium and bananas and sweet tea and Gatorade and jello and any damn thing I wanted that didn't take effort. Hylands restless leg and tons of bananas calmed my legs. Epsom baths were my middle of the nite staples. But this part doesn't last ok much longer. If you are in it, let it happen.
Avatar m tn hi dro, please help me how to gain my stamina power.. i get tired very early during during sex and cant get to enjoy longer time... i used to go for workout in gym but i couldnot continue becuase of my busy schedule .. so kindly help me how to gain my stamina power so i can enjoy without any tirndess.
Avatar f tn Depression, Anxiety, cannot lose weight even though food intake is reasonable. No exercise stamina. So I have put myself back on the T4 + T3 and have a Doctor's appt. on the 25th Oct. to discuss this move. I will be asking for the tests you suggested. Right now I am taking 66 mcg synthroid once a day and 2.5 mcg T3 twice a day (one dose with breakfast and one dose mid-afternoon. Actually over the 22 years I have been dealing with Hypo my need for T4 has actually decreased.
17374700 tn?1456122444 When you are on the verge of orgasm, pause and take slow abdominal breathing.By practice, you will be able to continue for longer period. to overall improve, you may do male deer exercise, kegel exercises and anal peripheral prostate massage. All the three exercises will help you to strengthen your sexual system.Google these phrases for details.
Avatar m tn Hi, good job on making it as far as you have! It's inspiring to me. I'm sure your energy and stamina will improve a little bit each day.
Avatar f tn As always, make sure you consult your Dr. if you are over the age of 40 before starting any kind of diet and exercise program....Good luck and God bless!
Avatar f tn This has also effected my mental health and well as made me loose a lot of stamina and made me get thin arms.
Avatar n tn It make me gain more energy. Especially during workout. Its like, I gain more stamina.
Avatar m tn Recently in the pass 2 months, I have gained a lot of weight due to busy schedule, lack of exercise and improper diet. I think I have gained about 18 pounds or about 7 KG. I recently noticed that I have been losing my libido, unable to have intercourse with my girlfriend. It's not that I cannot get an erection, I just cannot maintain it while having intercourse with her. Halfway through, I find myself panting as though I have been running and sweating a lot.
Avatar m tn Good for you for doing your workouts. Hopefully with time your stamina will build. Exercise and diet are very important. A few of the biggies for diet are NO alcohol, no salt, low fat, protein (the less red meat the better) protein is good for muscles...I forget what else at the moment, but those are the big ones. I agree with mike that you should see a specialist to find out exactly what is going on. He/She will be able to answer your questions and give you the best treatment.
Avatar f tn I will watch how I eat more often and Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate it.
535882 tn?1396576685 you can increase you metabolism through exercise/diet so when that happens, exercise/diet. some weight loss. how does that effect the thyroid levels. and how does that effect you? symtoms wise. ok i'l ask the doctors on my next visit on the 12th and get a big blank stare back at me. lol thanks for listening.
20244062 tn?1497357808 What can I do for energy? I'm so tired and out of energy all the time,I'm 15weeks. Doctor told me to go easy on caffeine but I work at a hospital and I have nothing to me up I am so exhausted.
Avatar f tn Not a drinker or smoker. Does anyone have a diet guideline for someone with end stage liver disease and Hep C?
Avatar n tn Stamina and endurance are different. Endurance allows you to exercise longer. Good stamina levels usually means better circulation, energy levels and overall health. Some people are naturally better equipped to handle endurance exercise. To increase your stamina and endurance, you need to enlarge your lung capacity, build the muscles around your heart and strengthen the muscles used in endurance activities. The key is gradual increases in your daily physical activity.
Avatar f tn Also the diet should contain more of green leafy vegetables, fruits and protein and less of spaghetti, potato etc. I suggest you eat frequent small meals and stop counting calories. It is best to eat lots of fruits and non-starchy green veggies, go slow on fats, eat carbohydrates in moderation and increase your protein intake (lean cuts, whites of eggs etc). Drink plenty of water and non fattening fluids such as clear soups etc.
198504 tn?1195158059 The phenetermine will make you jittery, cause sleeplessness etc., especially during the 1st 2 weeks of use. I think the energy drinks are not so good, either, and the diet red bull just tastes awful. You shouldn't need it with the phen. If you are taking phen and a water pill, you will need to replace your electrolytes with potassium. If you do not get potassium or forget to take it, it can make you tired. Good luck. V.
Female Consult a doctor before taking these energy bars.For both weight gain and weight loss diet and exercise play a very important role. Consult a nutrition expert. Do keep us posted. Best of luck and regards!
1990784 tn?1331871778 We jumped from nearly identical doses of ox and I gained alot of energy and stamina around the 40 to 50 day mark.
Avatar f tn Eat breakfast and a balanced diet..
12033218 tn?1423011288 it may just be that addingor increasing energy is not the factor wich needs attention.many people take energy drinks and cafinated beverages wich deplete vitamins in the body eventually wich can worsen situations rather than addressing the root cause . healthy diet plenty of fruit and vegetables and antioxidant foods berries. nuts for protien or healthy snack .by boosting immunity you may enable your body to control ebv better .
745152 tn?1233144003 If you 've got villous atrophy and fat malabsorption, have you considered the possibility of celiac disease or problems with the pancreas? Have you been tested for either?