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Avatar f tn It is wise NOT to wait for a dental implant the bone in your face where the tooth is missing will deteriorate for some dumb reason the bone begins to go away and your face will looked caved in . Look at the old people with dentures, they take out there dentures and there face looks sunken in The dental hygienist called it "face collapse. The best thing to do is if you have tooth extracted wait a month tops and if you have enough bone get an dental implant ASAP ..
Avatar n tn (1) A residual sinus infection (2) A residual dental infection Sinus infections are notoriously hard to clear up once established. Often you must end up with an ENT specialist and an extraordinarily long treatment with antibiotics and perhapd a procedure. Daily multiple irrigation with saline deeply in both nostrils are a must. The dental infections need to be dealt with.
Avatar f tn it was back and this time it went straight to dry inflamed mode. Augmentin did not help. In fact from all the augmentin I got yeast and/or BV. I was given flagyl which worked for 2 weeks then it all came back with a vengeance. I didn't just have vaginal inflammation but ulcerated sores in my rectum as well. I'm still suffering from that as medications didn't make it completely go away.
Avatar f tn In dentistry, allergic reactions to Ti implants have not been studied, nor considered by professionals. Placing permanent metal dental implants in allergic patients can provoke type IV or I reactions. Several symptoms have been described, from skin rashes and implant failure, to non-specific immune suppression.
Avatar f tn packed in synthetic bone graft to help reform any bone loss form the infection. Since that time I had been treated for sinus infections 3-5 times in a year's time that are treated w/ antibiotics. About a year after the gum surgery I start feeling the same painful symptoms & before you know it the gums swell & an abscess appears in the same area.
Avatar f tn That tooth was extracted, I remained on clindamycin, and although slightly improved, I remained ill, and the infection started flaring up again, this time causing lots of pus in the extraction site.
Avatar f tn Could long-term use of abx with steroids cause yeast overgrowth in sinuses? If fungal in nature- would something like Diflucan help empirically? He's a student with very poor insurance & surgery is the last resort (as we have read multiple times people's problems often persist?
Avatar f tn And don't worry, the removal of those 2 teeth were actually some of the easiest dental procedures I've ever had done. You heal in about a week, and it was WAY better than I ever imagined it would be. It's nothing like having your wisdom teeth pulled - those hurt a lot worse. Thanks for the suggestions on those antibiotics, I'll definitely check them out.
Avatar n tn Was treated with metronidozol (I think it's called flagyl in the US (I'm in Latvia now)) twice, which both times brought up real yeast infections. Finally went to a third gyno for what I thought was yeast from the last metronidazol. She finally did a full work-up, and it turns out the now white, burning discharge I have is not yeast, but strep (Enterococcus). I remember being tested positive for strep B when preg. with kid #2 (I have 4, am 40 y.o.
Avatar f tn My ND told me he has seen people come in wheel chairs to his office because of dental infections., many root canal related infections. I as shocked when I got so sick I was in wheel chair for one week, prior to that I was runner, super healthy eating health food, I saw over 40 MD and five dentists, four oral surgeons.
Avatar n tn Hello :) I'm a Dental Hygienist and quite often we get patients in with "TMJ" or constant headaches. Please also consider your occlusion. If it's "off"/"high" even in the slightest area(s) these symptoms can occur, but do find a Dentist who is skilled in doing occlusal adjustments as it takes good technique to alleviate this problem. Hope this helps someone!!!
Avatar n tn same here for months now started with flu like them to lungs, thought I was better after 12 weeks of flu, then the smells in my nose, sinus, lungs?..HORRID and some are very distinct and also some are multiple, some are triggered by certain smells, sometime I smell smoke, exhaust, rancid, just hard to explain, it drives me crazy! ]And my nose will burn also my lips. nothing really smells like it should and most things smell horrible, taste too....
Avatar n tn but there are many), which apparently was in widespread use before antibiotics became the dominant treatment for infections. It sounds hippie-ish to me, but apparently it was actually used with substantial success in the old days, and bacteria don't develop resistance to it like they do to antibiotics.
Avatar n tn My father is 52 y/o and just had a dental extraction today and within 2 hours of the procedure, he began to have chills and then fever. He is a diabetic. He has been on Augmentin 875mg BID. I called the dentist twice and she said she doesn't think this is related to the procedure, yet he wasn't sick prior to the procedure. His primary physician stated that he should continue with the antibiotics and anti-pyretics. I believe it is due to the procedure. Should I take him to the ER?
1099361 tn?1258665857 In my city they have a clinic for low income and they do dental as well do u have such a place? I'm down to one pill also and everything hurts I'm thinking its my brain messing with me to take more maybe that's part of it???
Avatar m tn I am concerned that throwing another round of Clindamycin at it risks antibiotic resistance (if it's not already). I'm also concerned about antibiotic resistance in the dental infections that remain. I expressed my concern to the ENT, and all he said was that he wasn't happy about more antibiotics either. I postponed taking the Clindamycin and have scheduled an appointment with another ENT who comes highly recommended. Unfortunately, I can't see him until Nov 19.
Avatar n tn I also have odd pain that varies in intensity in the ligaments and tendons below my elbows, knee, and in my wrists and shoulders. The pain in my face is worse at the end of the day and usually wakes me almost exactly at 4:30 AM each morniing but gets a little better when I get up. I have an appointment to see my GP but wonder what I could say that might help him with a correct and timely diagnosis?
Avatar f tn ) Face started swelling up, lots of nerve pain. Ended up in ER and they concluded it might have been my dental infection. They gave me three nerve blocks and prescribed a stronger dose of augmentin to continue taking. He told me to see my dentist asap. See dentist the next day. He told me he thought it was just a sinus infection and sent me on my way. 4 days later, I started spitting up blood clots. (No cough.) fluid in my nose and nasal cavity are clear. Blood is coming from my throat/ chest.
Avatar m tn Meaning I got a few sinus infections during the first year of recovery (that required Augmentin.) The good news is the infections DID go away MUCH quicker than they did pre-op.. . no more 20 day antibiotcs ! I felt better in a week. Now, after 2 years out, I have had only 2 sinus infections, and they were much less intense and healed MUCH quicker than they did before I had the operation.. . So waiting only a month after surgery to see if you are much better is WAY too soon to judge it.
480448 tn?1426952138 Actually, I had initially attributed my headache and feeling of being unwell in the Spring to the dental problems. Both times, my BP was peridically elevated, which is VERY uncommon for me. All of these things put together have me quite concerned, as I can see from researching that complications resulting from this type of sinus disease can be quite serious. I have an appt with an ENT tomorrow, I seriously hope to have more answers then.
242516 tn?1368227505 Well, you're not alone, you've got a cold like millions of other adults right now around the world. Colds are upper respiratory infections that are almost always caused by viruses in adults. They typically get better after a week to ten days. Viruses can even cause colored mucous, that thick discharge you can't see through, which many people believe only can come from a bacterial infection. Colds can even cause pressure in sinuses, when viruses affect the sinuses .
Avatar n tn It is possible that the decayed teeth can cause infections else where in the body. Your anxiety is related to the whole picture of your fear of dental treatmemt and fear of dying.Modern dental treatment is by far much more oriented to the comfort of the patient. There are dentists that can render dental treatment under anesthesia that will make the treatment possible for dental phobics. In this day and age it is a sin not to have a healthy and functional mouth.
Avatar f tn What a serious issue this is. Untreated infections could become sepsis ( go throught your whole blood stream) and cause serious injury to you. Shame on those doctors for not recognizing this. My statement to those doctors who insist you stop your antibiotics and yell at you for this would be " If I end up hospitalized due to your mistakes there will be one serious medical malpractice suit". Per my allergist -dental infections can cause what appear to be auto-immune attacks.
Avatar n tn She left the GP and called an ENT and he said she had one of the worst sinus infections he had seen in a long time. He put her on 10 days of 825mg. Augmentin. This did the trick for her. Augmentin is in the penicillan family so those allergic to penicillan cannot take this, I am told. My hubby had the same thing she did and his doctor had to give him 10 days worth of levaquin (antibiotic) and cortisone. His sinus infection went into pneumonia. We do not live in the Great Lakes Area.
19271712 tn?1479818744 It would also be something to remember for any future infections in urinary tract or even lungs. E faecalis gets in a lot of places, and even causes dental plaque and tartar. Your doc might think the previous paragraph is getting too involved. Sorry, got to go for now.
Avatar n tn I was since given a strep test,CBC (normal), mono spot test, went to a dentist, and a dental specialist. Not to mention a EET who said my ears and throat were fine. Other symptoms: 1. very slight fever(not all the time)99-100 degrees 2. jaw pain(back of jaw) 3. unilateral gland pain(mainly Parotid)on the right side 4. Ear discomfort on that same side 5. slight fatigue 6. occassional headache in right eye and face pressure 7.
Avatar n tn I learned about this through Argentina's medical practice as their approach to get rid of the biofilm, and bug that fails with other antibiotic resistant infections. If another develops in time I repeat.....What a relief to have found something that works, and is anti-inflammatory. Very good also for killing Dental Bacteria, or any mouth germ. Also good on other type infection also-----is a natural antibiotic!
Avatar m tn As you can see by the hundreds of comments, the Flip-Turn Sinus Flush works extremely well for chronic bacterial infections of the upper sinuses, replacing antibiotics and surgery in most instances. For infections of the lower sinuses, I recommend the Neilmed Sinus Rinse--available at most pharmacies--as it requires less effort and risk.
Avatar n tn First let me start out by telling you that I have had multiple surgeries on my low back and have lived in chronic pain for several years. I am on pain meds for this. I had a salivary gland removed in April of this year and this is what seems to have triggered all of my symptoms. It started out as what I would say is localized swelling in the are of the glad removal and then I started to get pressure in my head.
Avatar m tn My older child has had frequent and very persistent sinus infections, and they routinely give prednisone and nasal steroid sprays in addition to antibiotics. They still can go on for months. From anecdotal evidence on the web, I would not entirely rule out chronic sinus infection as either a driver or exacerbator of your anxiety. Who are you seeing for the sinus infection? I'd suggest at this point you need an ENT specializing in sinus.