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527657 tn?1214051850 I called my pharmacist and asked if i could take an over the counter sleeping aid with the ativan and she said yes. So about a week ago i started taking tylenol pm right before sleep. Within i would say ten min i am sleeping and i sleep through the night execpt for going to the rest room. Does anyone else to this? It really helps me Im just wondering if it is okay to do this for the long haul, I know when I stop taking the tylenol pms I am not going to be able to sleep again.
Avatar n tn that's a really low dose of Ativan and Ativan generally takes quite awhile to take effect, possibly an hour or two. I've tried trazodone too and that doesn't do much either - it's an antidepressant with sedation as a side effect, so they figure it will work but a lot of times it doesn't. If the trazodone doesn't work don't bother with it.
Avatar f tn t have someone with you just pick up phone and call someone or email with a friend. You can take a Tylenol PM in case you have trouble falling asleep. If at any time in this process you feel like you just can't handle it and you're freaking out (which shouldn't happen, but sometimes does), remember, you can go in and take that 1/4 that you cut, and it'll get you thru a rough patch. Take it about a half-hour before you plan to snack or eat, it'll work better.
Avatar f tn I have been on ativan 1 mg for a little over a year for anxiety, i take 1 every evening with 1 tylenol or advil pm..I ran out yesterday and missed last nights dose. didnt sleep well at all...nightmares, numb hands and feet, horrible...and today very tired disoriented and the rx filled today. but i want to discontinue the ativan but i understand it can cause problems of night was bad enough. any advise?
221723 tn?1222048147 The only benzo I can get for the recipe is ativan, how many do I need to take a day for the first three days?
Avatar f tn Yeah, I'm with you on the Ativan. Even with short-term use, the body can suffer withdrawals when cutting back on the drug. And yes, you are over the worst of it. Anytime you cut Ativan in an effort to lower dose or get off it, takes about a week to get completely past that awful experience, and then if you cut again, same thing.
Avatar m tn I had previously been dry a couple weeks and was taking ativan 3mg/day. On July 4th, I slipped and drank. A lot. I fell and was injured, rushed to hospital, given ativan and pain meds, released 2 days later. Never took any pain meds before except tylenol or ibuprofen (I'm 50). Got home and was in severe pain. I refused the oxycodone script at the hospital. Last wednesday, i couldn't take it any more and got 40 5mg of oxycodone and have been taking 6 a day.
Avatar f tn klonopin is faster acting than zanax or some of the others i believe.. as far as it being different from ambien, the ambien, lunesta's etc. are in a class called sleep hypnotics, and the benzo's are.. benzo's! personally, i'd rather take an ambien than and OTC sleeping pill so i don't have the "sleeping pill hangover." but, if you think you'll get addicted to it, then you might be better off with the OTC (altho..
Avatar n tn my 92 yr old father was place on Ativan while hospitalized and continued when he went to skilled PT, post hospitalization. He seems depressed and sleeps all the time and is confused....could it be the Ativan? He does not have anxiety issues, just trouble sleeping. Not sure why they put him on this, when Tylenol PM has worked for him for a long time. Can you help???
Avatar m tn 5mg of Ativan, 1 Unisome, 2 Tylenol PMs, and 1 benadryl. I think I am so drugged that I just sleep through with out waking up but I still have the attacks at night that cause sweating. If I do wake up I roll to the other side of the bed and pass out. It is still warm in my room, and I have two blankets on cause the temperature swings from hot to cold during the night.
Avatar f tn Hi my legs killed all night I took sleeping pils, muscle relaxers, Tylenol, naproxen, ativan everything I could think out and nothing took the pain away however I guess I took enough to knock me out because I slept for a long time and I woke up in ........ PAIN!!!! When will this feeling end? I wanna cut my legs of!
Avatar m tn I have to make my meds last an entire month so we usually snort four times a day then maybe a tylenol with ativan in between a few doses. It seems like air conditioning makes it worse. Ive been trying to use nasal spray at least hourly now over the past 24 hoursas able to avoid using my right side for almost ten hours yesterday and thrn finally the pain seriohsly made me feel like i could really hurt myself.
Avatar n tn I'm worried about the weight gain with Zyprexa, is there something else that could be used with the Prozac instead? Also until now I've also been taking 1 mg. Ativan in the morning and 1 mg Ativan before bed. Is it safe to use Ativan with the Zyprexa?
301132 tn?1201648450 I have been having some extreme pain in my lower abdomin (feels like intense menstral cramps). My doctor prescribed me Tylenol 3s to relieve the pain. (regular Tylenol or others like it have never worked for me). I was aprehensive to take them seeing as how they have codeine in them so I went to 3 other doctors for more opinions. They all told me to take the medication.
Avatar n tn I also am taking a regular routine of Ativan. So I can tell you with the Tramadol and ativan I have felt pretty good. I did find out that if you just go cold turkey on Tramadol you can have withdrawls as well and I'm terrified because that will happen with me tomorrow when I run out. Tramadol also does "cover" The Vicodin addiction and withdrawls but I personally believe that you you are on Tramadol long enough without Vicodin, this will get the vicodin out of your system.
Avatar m tn The last 6 weeks it has been more on. The max a day has been 4 with the exception of three times it was 8. I tried to cut them out and I am sick. I went to a doc and he prescribed Ativan .05 every 6 hours and take 1 fioricet every 24 hours. Is this safe? Will the Ativan calm my butt down and help me not to have seizures. I need help and since I don't trust docs, I would like people with experience to give me input. I am all I have and cannot afford to lose my job.
1198664 tn?1368647812 They're similar in action but not the same. The Ativan will help with anxiety and sleep issues. It doesn't do anything for the sweating. Do you get chills also? All this passes pretty quickly. I know it seems like forever but just hang tough. Don't take any Percocet. It will just get you back on the rollercoaster... The sweating is the body's way to rid toxins. Don't add to that. The Perc will make it worse,in my experience. Just relax with that Ativan...
1132574 tn?1271672466 I have taken ativan for years (before switching to klonopin) to control anxiety. The problem with ativan is that it only works for a short duration (about 8 hours) and has a tendency to cause 'ups and downs', even when taken regularly. This is the reason I switched to klonopin (this must be taken regularly, usually twice a day). I have found this to be my 'miracle drug', as it is 'smooth' and makes me feel normal every day.
Avatar m tn Hi, would Tylenol 3 help at all in cutting down Oxy. I mean replacing it at times with the tylenol. I would like to taper off and hopefully use the tylenol as an aid for withdrawals. I take 60mg of Oxy and 30mg of percs a day. I am so serious about getting off. It has ruined my life and I have lost everything. I am at bottom and just trying not to end it all.
Avatar f tn I'm not familiar with Seroquel, but in regards to the restless leg syndrome, I take a full dose of Advil & Tylenol at the same time. I have serious problems with sleeping when I have the restless leg stuff going, and this combination does seem to help. (A pharmacist friend suggested the Advil/Tylenol as a safe combination when you need that extra-strength solution.
Avatar f tn I'm 42 been takin Vic and Norco off and on since 2008. I have had many ovarian surgergies and one just last month. I was taken the pills 5-7 10/325 norcos a day not just for pain but somedays just to get through my day and deal with just everyday issues. I was noticing I needed more and more just to have the same effect and I refused to go anymore than 7. Not to mention I have gained 18 pounds on this stuff.
Avatar f tn Im on ativan and have sleep problems i take tylenol pm two of them before bed the antihisimine in them help me sleep. my doctor actually recommended benedral but im allergic to it so i take tylenol pm anything like that will work.
Avatar f tn I am still in a little pain but have managed in with advil 800 mg twice a day and Tylenol 1,000 mg a day since Monday. I have no choice but to be off the vics and perks, my doctor will not write me anymore. Here it is 74 hours without any opiate painkillers and my symptoms are very mild except for the bad diarrhea. I could only sleep for 5 hours last night & did toss and turn a bit. My legs were mildly crampy so this led to the tossing & turning!
Avatar m tn I am supposed to begin by taking half of a pill of of the zoloft for the first week then to go to a whole week after the first week. I was given the Ativan to help me with my anxiety attacks and also for insomnia. I was wondering if anyone has ever had this combo and had any luck and also wondering of any kind of side effect issues i may have until i adjust to the drugs? I was previously on Lexapro and .5 of ativan and switched today to the Zoloft and bumped up the mg of ativan to 1 mg.
Avatar m tn The worst parts of withdrawal are the restless legs and body and the insomnia.The rebound pain can probably be dealt with tylenol and advil.You could try robaxacet extrastrength because it contains a muscle relaxant that may help restless legs.Magnesium and calcium may as well.To help sleep the nyquil without the decongestant has helped many get thru a few nights.Always stay with the recommended doses on packages and soon the realbad time will be over.
Avatar f tn jd ... I will take it earlier and will take half. I spoke to the pharmacist who suggested same thing, it's 1mg. I think I'll only take it though if I continue to find my mind on the same hyperdrive. Thanks for that. Eric .. I have not had this severe kind of insomnia until now. Listened to music all last evening while I worked and was in a fine mood, pleased to be getting so much done...perhaps I should have not bothered but needed to do a test run with a Sunday as a buffer.
Avatar f tn I have a terrible cold and was wondering if tylenol with codeine would help? Doc gave me some for pain few months ago. Not sure if cold meds is safe during pregnancy...