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11083698 tn?1415151204 First, pharmacists don't know anything about natural remedies. They don't get trained in them. Second, yes, if you're on Ativan, don't take GABA -- the Ativan is already targeting GABA. Don't take the taurine either. There are ways to take natural relaxants along with benzos, but if you're not expert in natural medicine I wouldn't play around.
Avatar f tn Just being on Ativan for three weeks will be quick and easy. It's when you've been on it for, say, six months that it's hard to get off. The basic way to get off any drug is to cut the dose by a certain amount, usually by 1/4 of your total for the day. Stay right at that dose until you start to feel normal, which is about three or four days. Then cut by another 1/4, stay on that until you feel normal.
Avatar f tn How safe is ativan really. I have a prescription to take when I'm anxious. But when I take it I get freaked out about side effects and it makes me feel worse.
1744083 tn?1311265441 Hello there! I also doubt Vani's experience was with Ativan, but even if it was, you have to remember that every person will react differently to medications, everyone is unique. I have been on Ativan on and off since I was 18 (I'm 39 now) and have nothing but wonderful things to say about it. When used properly, on an "as needed" basis, or for short term periods until the anxiety improves, it works wonders.
Avatar n tn I'm worried about the weight gain with Zyprexa, is there something else that could be used with the Prozac instead? Also until now I've also been taking 1 mg. Ativan in the morning and 1 mg Ativan before bed. Is it safe to use Ativan with the Zyprexa?
Avatar f tn After I cant take it any more I take a Ativan .5mg somethimes twice a day. Just cant seem to shake it. I really dont want to be on anything anymore. Any suggestions?
737515 tn?1252552423 I have been hospitalized for food poisoning in that time and they ruled out anything being phyiscally wrong so that leads me to believe that it is a result of my anxiety. I am treated with Zoloft 50 mg and Ativan 1 mg as needed. The ativan seems to take away the dizziness. Is this common to feel light headed and faint?? Also when i was in the hospital they had me on morphine for days and now i can't help but think im having some withdrawal.
1325672 tn?1290084214 Hi Grampy, I was told to take OxyContin or any narcotic with food. However as Jaybay said you should check with your pharmacist. He/she may also have additionally suggestions for you to help ease your stomach issues. If you weren't told, the literature says you should avoid grapefruit and grapefruit products. That's a given with most all narcotics. If effects the action of the some medications and narcotics are generally one of them. But again check with your pharmacist.
Avatar m tn My doctor gave me a prescription of 1mg ativan (he said to take half) and I'm currently having a anxiety but I'm scared to take it.
Avatar f tn Is Ativan safe to take with a heart condition? I do not have any known heart problems but I have been having pain, tightness, tingling in my chest, left arm and sternum. I have also been feeling "flutters". I am hypothyroid with hashimoto's thyroiditis and I don't know if the flutters are thyroid related or not. Drs have run tests to rule out gallbladder, ulcer, hiatal hernia...they don't know what's causing the pain. Could it be stress related?
Avatar f tn m on klonopin with ativan as needed. I used to take just ativan as needed but as life got more stressful and my tolerance built up I found I was taking what I felt to be way too much ativan (2-3 mg / day). Right now I take .5 mg klonopin 2x/day and and .5 mg (or 1 mg) ativan as needed, which is once every 1-2 weeks.
1448936 tn?1363206346 I have taken Ativan twice in the mth or more that I've been having ibs symptoms .... And YES it has completely taken the pain away both times ... I suffer all day and finally take an Ativan and it's gone ! ... I had Ativan fir other purposes but used it very sparingly ... Just thought I would try it one day during a bad bout ... I will be asking my doc for more of those ... Unfortunately the make me sleepy .. But the cramping is harder to bare than the sleepiness ...
Avatar f tn Was prescribed 1 mg of Ativan per night as a sleep aid following broken ankle. 6 weeks later I am hooked without realizing how addictive these drugs are. Thanks docs! Reduced by half over a week and am on day 5 c/t. Feel ok most days - high anxiety and some nausea. The nights are terrible I assume because this is when I took the med. High anxiety, racing heart rate, tingling hands and arms, stomach pain and severe insomnia.
Avatar m tn I am supposed to begin by taking half of a pill of of the zoloft for the first week then to go to a whole week after the first week. I was given the Ativan to help me with my anxiety attacks and also for insomnia. I was wondering if anyone has ever had this combo and had any luck and also wondering of any kind of side effect issues i may have until i adjust to the drugs? I was previously on Lexapro and .5 of ativan and switched today to the Zoloft and bumped up the mg of ativan to 1 mg.
870215 tn?1242954724 Do you think you may feel sick from the anxiety of going to the Dentist and it's not the med. Do not stop taking a drug without consulting your doctor. I would see your doctor and see if you can get something for anxiety for your visit. I have to take ativan. We're not dentists, I am sure your dentist will give you info to take home with you. Just a FYI, please don't use caps, it's considered yelling, thanks.
Avatar n tn or should I say gave me my life back, allot of people with tell you about the addictiveness of xanax, which is true, but It is a GOOD drug for short term or as needed so one can work on reasons for Panic. hope you have better luck with the ativan. keep us posted.
Avatar f tn actually the dr i had before this one the one thatput me on the klonopin (i was on ativan) told me to use ativan as needed..........so since a medical dr. told me this back in Jan,i thought untill my dr calls me it wont hurt.I have a friend that is on both talked to her tonight and she told me.
Avatar n tn I think I will only be able to live with the anxiety if I take the Ativan as well. It does sound like a medication switch might be my best bet.
Avatar m tn if i am tapering off of ativan and down to the last week is it possibloe that i would feel better when the drug wears off then when i take it. anotherwords when i take it i feel anxious and bad and after it wears off i feel good.
Avatar n tn I take Ativan as needed (for super-serious PAs, which is rare). Ativan and Xanax are both short-acting benzodiazepenes that are useful on an as-needed basis (just like how you are taking it right now). If Xanax is working for you, then don't switch. I didn't think there would be much difference in how each works but one worked for sejjajsmom and one didn't so if you have one that works then stick with it.
Avatar m tn I also have hyperthyroidism--when I was very hyperthyroid and had shakiness and panic attacks the beta blocker worked--in the ER they wanted to give me ativan--as a matter of fact they insisted I take the ativan and were going to give it to me intravenously when I asked what the nurse had in the syringe she told me it was ativan--I flatly refused--she was "concerned" because she wanted to calm me down from all the shaking and my rapid heart rate (170 bpm) .
Avatar n tn I already take xanax, which is similar to ativan, at night and the first time I took them together I felt very weird and spacey in the morning. I so feel for you.....I've had insomnia since my teens and sometimes will go for months with only a few hours of sleep a night too. I'm sure lack of sleep is a huge contibuter to how bad your feeling.
Avatar f tn my Dr. then switched to ativan for my anxiety. Now I was told to get off of the ativan and all anxiety meds as I loose sodium. I'm happy about that because ativan does not help me as much. My dr. is trying to wean me off but am having a lot of shakiness and some anxiety with the weaning process . She said in 3 months I should be completely off. Hope, so.
1549468 tn?1345468736 Once, a seizure left me too weak to walk unassisted, yet they sent me home in my stocking feet at 5 am., with a walker. I did not have any money on me and our cabs here will not take you unless they are paid up-front. So I had to walk the 3 miles home. These are the problems I am concerned about. And I believe they are from stigma and fear of the unknown. I'm sorry if I sound angry, but I'm tired. I don't know what else to do? Anyhow...thanks for "listening".
Avatar f tn I've taken ativan on oand off for 2 years. If I feel an episode of anxiety coming on I pop one 5mg pill immediately. It seems to work great for me. I have used it to fly, (which I hate doing) it calms me so much. What will you be taking it for?