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Avatar m tn 1) do you think I was premature to say the Melatonin was not for me - only took 3mg for 3 nights - 2) do you prefer the tea over Melatonin? - do any of the ingredients in the tea not agree with the Remeron/Ativan - I am very sensitive to medications 3) With regard to the taper - I am now back up to 1-3/4 mg - should I step down to 1-1/2, and reduce by a 1/4 mg each week. My doctor has me staying at a dose for 2-3 weeks.
Avatar f tn Talk therapy is also really important to fully overcoming anxiety. Exercising helps us be sleepy at night. What about melatonin? Agree that Ativan is not a great long term solution. So, would work on better treating the anxiety and some lifestyle things that are more of a long term plan. What are you anxious about? Is something going on or is it out of nowhere anxiety? (which does happen).
Avatar f tn I worked full-time and had been prescribed the Ativan to help me sleep. I found the Ativan helped me sleep but when I had to get up for work I felt groggy and also felt sleep-deprived. Since coffee has caffeine I realized after I was off the Ativan that coffee was making me sleep-deprived and whenever I wasn't getting enough sleep the "bugs crawling on my scalp" feeling did not go away. It's important to get lots of sleep to stop these symptoms.
Avatar f tn s suggestions will help. Also,some folks take Valerian Root with the Melatonin. Be sure to drink water and juices!
Avatar f tn Ativan, xanax, valium, lorazopram.... they are all benzos and all quite addictive so if you are an addict and are self medicating with these drugs albeit to deminish withdrawals, one might find themselves trading one addiction for another over time.
Avatar n tn I wake up many times in the night. i have trouble just falling asleep. My doctor prescribed me remeron and it definetely helped with sleep but it made my POTS worse than ever. My HR was above 100 all day. Does anyone have any suggestions or medications that wont fluctuate with my blood pressure and heart rate so i can get a good nights sleep?
221723 tn?1222048147 The only benzo I can get for the recipe is ativan, how many do I need to take a day for the first three days?
Avatar f tn Melatonin can help. There's also a brand that makes a Super Snooze Melatonin that has other natural things in it. I took ambien for about 10 years. In the end, it didn't even really work. I switched over to Melatonin and it helped, but then Vicki mentioned Allteril and I like that much, much better. It has Melatonin in it plus Valerian Root and a couple of other all natural things. It's non-habit forming and it doesn't make you feel groggy in the morning.
Avatar f tn ve been struggling for a long time with anxiety. I have tried CBT twice a week for nine months with Ativan as needed. I was a lot better but still not stable. I cannot sleep through the night without anxiety/panic attacks. And the morning is the worst. I just started 5 mg celexa 4 weeks ago and my doctor wanted me to increase my ativan to help with anxiety. It seems like whenever I take too much, I feel sick and loopy. And, it is not that effective for me with dleep.
Avatar n tn Hi~ Instead of the Ativan try "Super Snooze Melatonin". Apparently it works great! It's at Walmart and others... Just looking out for you!
Avatar f tn does your doctor fully know the extent of ur drinking?Ativan is the worst thing that can be prescribed to one with a drinking is habit forming and one has to be gradually withdrawn from this...not to be taken longer than 6 months!
1872071 tn?1320287532 I don't want to take the melatonin long term. Just to help me get back on track.
Avatar f tn Yeah, I'm with you on the Ativan. Even with short-term use, the body can suffer withdrawals when cutting back on the drug. And yes, you are over the worst of it. Anytime you cut Ativan in an effort to lower dose or get off it, takes about a week to get completely past that awful experience, and then if you cut again, same thing.
1124967 tn?1283705847 This is my second day without oxy and my 16 hour without any opiates. I am so restless and cannot sleep for the life of me. I did take 2 ativan and some cough medicine because I can't stop coughing but ended up throwing up several times. So now I don't know what to take. I just want to sleep this off and all i have is ativan. Any suggestion to help me sleep. I really don't think I can do this.
527657 tn?1214051850 I called my pharmacist and asked if i could take an over the counter sleeping aid with the ativan and she said yes. So about a week ago i started taking tylenol pm right before sleep. Within i would say ten min i am sleeping and i sleep through the night execpt for going to the rest room. Does anyone else to this? It really helps me Im just wondering if it is okay to do this for the long haul, I know when I stop taking the tylenol pms I am not going to be able to sleep again.
Avatar f tn Great advice from Paxiled. It's good that you're being proactive about these meds. Certainly, they can be helpful when we need them, but we must be cautious, as tolerance and dependency are real issues. I agree that with the Ativan, your goal should be to slowly decrease from regular daily use to just "as needed". If you take it here and there, only when anxiety is bad, you can take it for the long haul like that with no issues.
Avatar m tn I totally agree with nursegirl, you are fine. I take xanax as needed and have for 2 years, sometimes taking it daily 2 x per day.
892584 tn?1241802596 i probably will make the switch to melatonin in nthe next couple of days. (dont want to get hooked on ativan) I still am very achy(mostly in my legs) And just got my appetite back. yesterday was really weird. I was overcome with sadness for no reason at all and kept tearing up. I know its my brain messing w/ me but very hopeless feeling. I guess i was kinda expecting that. hopefully it wont last too much longer. i feel better today though and will remain strong.
Avatar f tn valium with melatonin 5mg val, 6mg melatonin. Use it for about 6-10 days max lowest dose to get sleep patterns in check. Gotta retrain your mind for sleep. I had to as well. Valium is the weakest of the xanax, klonopin etc. Trazadone workd very well to and least addictive but can be a but groggy at first in morning. 10mg of valium is about 1mg ativan comparable so 5 is very little and wont or shouldt cause you issue very short term. I would steer clear of ambien.
Avatar f tn I've never taken that but usually with expired medications the only trouble is they may not be as effective. You could also call and ask a pharmacist; they're so knowledgeable. And if you don't have access to valerian root or melatonin, maybe you could order it online? I've never tried he valerian root but I love melatonin. It works great!
442042 tn?1205707694 i have heard things about some medicine with calcium or something? and i am taking many hot baths, but i dont want to have to run any water during the middle of the night. any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I just discovered today that Ativan is a benzo, I've been taking anywhere from 1/2 to 1 a night for the last 3 weeks so I can sleep while coming off the norco, which was going very well, until this morning when I woke up having this weird pulsating feeling in my body and head.
Avatar m tn Exercise late afternoon to early evening. Melatonin can help too, but as soon as you begin to feel tired. Go to bed. don't drink any caffeine after noon or so, too. Avoid chocolate and other stimulants, especially in the afternoon or evening.
Avatar n tn t have any interactions with GABA, which is targeted by the benzo, or melatonin, or both. You might also look into meditation for some peace. Some say fish oil helps with withdrawal, it's worth a try. Good luck.