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Avatar m tn Namenda is one of several medications that helped some family members I know who have dementia. It would be best to consult with a neurologist and discuss all this with them. You could post in the neurology forum as well.
Avatar f tn At that time he was told because of the heat generated in getting all of the tumor, he might at some later date, have some memory loss. He has continued to work but in the last two years has noticed problems with memory. The work he does /did is detailed and requires concentration and memory. More recently, when in a stressful situation (not job related ) he became confused,unable to get facts straight/sorted out. He also has a hard time making decisions. He was abt.
Avatar f tn I would think that discussing w/ your Doctor whether you can take Zyprexa with Ativan, is a must, since he/she would know best.
Avatar f tn My Dad is 73 yrs old. He has very mild dementia, mainly forgetfulness,slight short term memory loss. He was very alert and cognitive abilities were ok for his age. 7 days ago he underwent CABG x 6. The following morning, he recognized and verbalized family members, and knew he was in the hospital. He was moved from ICU to a room the following morning after surgery.
Avatar f tn We finally found a doctor who says there are 3 groups of seniors, those with dementia, those with dementia and depression and those just with depression and they all need to be treated differently. As we have gotten my mom off of these meds, the hallucinations have stopped. She takes Pamelor for depression and depakote for anxiety.
Avatar m tn Now, years later, a new doctor in a new (very rural) area added a diuretic to her blood pressure medicine (lisinopril). Her sodium bottomed out soon after and she went into a dementia state. In order to sedate her, the doctor gave her atavan, perhaps he didn't know that she could not take benzodiazepines. My other family members didn't make the connection. She went absolutely bezerk again and the doctor continued to administer atavan up to 3mg per day.
Avatar f tn Hello Im sure u are all familaar with me well the dr had me stop the xanax today and go back on ativan after a month on xanx i had been on ativan for 4 months before she stopped it So i took 1/2 mg of ativan at 9 am and felt some confusion and i made it till 2 pm proberly not long enough and i toom another 1/2 mg of ativan about one hour later my head statred hurting and cheeks kinda felt like burning and my fingers felt funny and the right side of face felt kinda numb so at 5 pm i took anotehr
Avatar m tn my mom is 93. she has advanced Alzheimer's and dementia. recently she broke her rt femer. now rehabbing in a facility. I don't think she even knows she broke her leg, had surgery and what's happening around her. now she can't eat. she chokes on food, can't swallow and it sounds like her lungs have fluid. she can't cough up anything; too weak. her doctor, not a geriatric physician just shrugs his shoulders as if to say ...she's just going to die. what do I do? what should I do?
5986700 tn?1380794980 I get so bad with the memory thing that I feel like I have dementia sometimes! For me it's just stress and anxiety causing it. Just know that it will get better with time. The more you worry about it and stress about it, the worse it will be. Hang in there and congrats on your 22 days!
Avatar n tn Hi. Actually Ativan is more for anxiety and Abilify is more for depression but it can also help with anxiety. This is common practice, trust in your doctor. Best wishes.
3166753 tn?1370061652 I actually knock the toilet roll holder off the door. I'm in customer service on the phone and with the economy most of the customers are upset. I'm having difficulty coping with stress and anxiety. Went to see my doctor who added Bupropion XL or Welbrutron 150mg then a week later after more crying and frustration at work he prescribed an additional of the Brupropion to 300 mg. He also prescribed Lorazepam or Ativan .05 mg for when I fell like I'm going to blow.
3166753 tn?1370061652 I actually knock the toilet roll holder off the door. I'm in customer service on the phone and with the economy most of the customers are upset. I'm having difficulty coping with stress and anxiety. Went to see my doctor who added Bupropion XL or Welbrutron 150mg then a week later after more crying and frustration at work he prescribed an additional of the Brupropion to 300 mg. He also prescribed Lorazepam or Ativan .05 mg for when I fell like I'm going to blow.
3197167 tn?1348972206 My hubby has been diagnosed with white matter brain disease confirmed by an MRI. He has family history of Alzheimer's. Both his Mama and older brother died of Alzheimer's in the past 4 yrs. Some of the symptoms of white matter brain disease are similar to Alzheimer's so it is hard to know the difference at this point. Just in the past 2 weeks, my hubby has had some pretty rough days; meltdowns; and also his agitation and outbursts of anger are more frequent.
Avatar f tn My husband has been acting very paranoid lately. It all started with him feeling pressure across his chest (ribcage), loss of appetite, then he began to feel that he was being watched. After the first week, his chest began to feel better and he regained some of his appetite but the intensity of his paranoia increased. I have taken him to see our family doctor but was told that his symptoms were stressed related and that he should do exercise. That didn't make any sense.
Avatar f tn Seroquel may cause heart failure, sudden death, or pneumonia in older adults with dementia-related conditions. Stop using Seroquel and call your doctor at once if you have the following symptoms: very stiff (rigid) muscles, high fever, sweating, confusion, fast or uneven heartbeats, tremors, uncontrolled muscle movements, feeling light-headed, blurred vision, eye pain, increased thirst and urination, excessive hunger, fruity breath odor, weakness, nausea and vomiting.
Avatar f tn It all became very evident after she turned one year old, she had not walked yet but was cruising furniture. It started with the loss of control to move her eyes at about 15 months of age, as time passed the Ataxia started to show itself, Then at about 2 1/2 yrs old I started seeing absense seizures (very mild and hardly noticeable) During this time she was still unable to stand unsupported due to lack of balance.
82861 tn?1333457511 She couldn't even stand to go to the bathroom, feed herself or dress herself. The day before she was positively diagnosed with blood in her stool. We had to pull a whole lot of strings to get her admitted as nobody believed she was sick enough for admission. All hell broke loose when they got the intial blood work in. Mom's hemoglobin was a 6. Yes, a six. That's not a typo. She is bleeding out somewhere in her guts. These people were ready to give her a pill and send her home to die.
Avatar n tn it lasted 2 seconds, but it brought all the fear back that i had when i was first diagnosed with epilepsy 6 years ago. i've been taking ativan and have re-started the paxil. i take 1000mg of tegretol once a day. in addition, i have been having extreme feelings of depersonalization. like i am living in a dream, feeling as though i am not real. i've always had these feelings, but they have recently become heightened. what should i do?
Avatar f tn prayers are with your mom as she goes threw this very scarey time, prayers for you as you go threw it with her.
6530778 tn?1456887401 It's like something we can't imagine so it causes our anxiety to worsen. I am also obsessed with figuring god out. I get scared and fear hell. It is anxiety disorder. Try getting Ativan maybe. It might at least help you sleep.
Avatar n tn t have these until after I was beaten by an x-boyfriend who nearly killed me. I was prescribed Ativan 1mg x3 day. If you suffer with panic/anxiety attacks, you can't just take the medication as needed because by the time you think about it you've already been into a full-blown attack. I've recently been cut completely off after going to a new psychiatrist whom I saw one day she left the practice to go back to her home state. So now only see a Nurse Practitioner.
212161 tn?1476095111 hey am now going to start klonopin tomorrow . took a ativan today . but tomorrow i start .05 mg in morn and .05 at night to help with stress. how long can you take this before your body needs it. and what are the side affects. i hope not to be on it long. am really tired today from the ativan .which it dont do that to me but maybe because am not eating stomack is really bad from all this anxiety, will the klonopin help that to.
Avatar f tn It's been horrible, of course, but now she's in a geri-psych ward because that's the next step. I read about this med and it's intended use and it's warned against patients with dementia. Not that I'd want to prolong her agony by her living longer, I guess I'm just looking for somebody in the same situation that can relate. What other meds are there to help with the bad behavior and the hallucinations and dilusional thoughts???
Avatar f tn Yes, I was there I heard this treatment, also he was prescibed zantac if the ativan wasn't helpful enough. Taking the ativan was to help with possiblity of seizures due to withdrawl. We have 3 adult sons. They all helped their Dad thorugh these times until the last one which was June 2010. By this time myself, our oldest and youngest sons felt so worn with their Dad that we leflt him on his own.
Avatar m tn Hello Marvin, I am very sorry to hear that your health is causing you worry and concern.   As I am based in the UK and am not familiar with the USA health care system could I forward your email to my colleagues in America at the CJD Foundation?  I am sure that they would be best to advise you according to the American care services. This all started during the first week of march. I have always had some sense of anxiety but it would usually pass.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone. For the past week and a half I have been dealing with unrelenting panic. I truly mean unrelenting, as it has been a problem for 10 or more hours a day. I've been fighting severe nasal congestion for over a month and I've been on a corticosteroid spray for the last three weeks, but my doctor doesn't think that the spray is producing these side effects. Something's up. My brain is sending me a pretty unspecific feeling that something is wrong and it's had dreadful manifestations.
Avatar n tn I also have minimal elevations in some blood tests, but not enough for a lupus our autoimmune diagnosis. The discomfort is daily, and continuous with ebbs and flows throughout the day. I am taking ativan three times a day and have been for five months now. I KNOW that I cannot stop it because when I try, the body trembles and discomfort becomes exaggerated. I do not like feeling like I am addicted to anything as I have a family history of much addiction.
232264 tn?1191252080 Seroquel is an antipsychotic prescribed for people with psych. disorders such as schizophrenia for the younger set and dementia with psych. features for the elderly. It's side effects (sleepiness, bad dreams, etc.) wear off in about a week of taking them. It is a good drug to keep people calm without knocking them out with stronger narcotics like valium, ativan or xanax (although those are usually prescribed along with any psych med).