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Avatar n tn Hi. Actually Ativan is more for anxiety and Abilify is more for depression but it can also help with anxiety. This is common practice, trust in your doctor. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn He seem to get worse with each dose. Now this is his 6th day back in ICU. They continue to given him Haldol with Ativan and Lortab for pain. He has not made any cognitive improvement. Is this normal? Could the Haldol be the cause? Please, help ! We try to talk to the doctor's and they give short vague answers, basically saying it is not the Haldol. If anyone has had similar experiences or can give any suggestions, please do so. I feel like I am losing a little more of my Dad everyday.
Avatar f tn I have worked with developmentally disabled, dementia, Alzheimer's and regular elderly patients and what I can tell you is that xxcookiexx, can be right. It may be dementia. But you shouldn't discount your own feelings. He may be just a perverted old man, who happens to have dementia. Do some research and talk to your bf. Who knows he could have been a creeper his whole life and just recently developed dementia.
Avatar n tn Hi I am from Ireland and my mother is suffering with dementia. It sounds very similar, I think they may be testing him for Alzheimer's. They are checking protein content in spinal tap as that is a marker as well as brain scans. Symptoms are similar to my mother's, she falls for no reason. Has memory problems, has twitches and tremors. I really hope he hasn't got this disease as its awful. It sounds like a genetic form also, this runs in my family.
Avatar f tn ve researched this drug and see it is contraindicated for treating people with dementia. Essentially, what we want is a drug to give him at bed time that will help keep him calm and help him sleep so he doesn't try to climb out of his hospital bed (now in the home) causing another fall. What would be suggested for this purpose with the least possible side effects. Also, very occasionally he becomes agitated during the day due to some bizzare thought in his head.
Avatar n tn I'm worried about the weight gain with Zyprexa, is there something else that could be used with the Prozac instead? Also until now I've also been taking 1 mg. Ativan in the morning and 1 mg Ativan before bed. Is it safe to use Ativan with the Zyprexa?
Avatar f tn I do know that elderly relatives I have that were diagnosed with dementia improved with the medication Namenda. One issue the psychiatrist should look into is whether this behavior worsened when he was started on an anti-depressent because anti-depressents can worsen mania in a person with bipolar and what is generally used is a full mood stabilizer.
1831414 tn?1318858948 I did have the MRA with the MRI, both negative. Any others you know of?
Avatar m tn If anyone in your family has experienced dementia at a young age (before 65), you and other family members may be at increased risk of developing frontal lobe dementia (FTD) – also known as Pick's disease. A new blood test may reveal your specific risk. In 1892, Czechoslovakian neurologist Arnold Pick first documented a type of dementia in which degeneration of cells occurs in the cerebral cortex (the outer layer of the brain) where cognitive and behavioral functions are controlled.
Avatar f tn My mom was diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia in October 2015. Her disease has progressed a lot in the last 4 months. I found out recently that one of her sisters also had dementia. My question, am I at a higher risk to get this disease? If so is there a time when symptoms would begin to show in me?
Avatar n tn I have been taking it for 12+ years twice a day. Now I read it can cause Dementia. Just had a Brain MRI and says I have Dementia. Not yet fully affected by it What should I take in its place.
Avatar n tn I just found this on line. It could be valuable. Remarkable Recoveries Reported after Administration of Turmeric Late last year, a remarkable study was published in the journal Ayu titiled "Effects of turmeric on Alzheimer's disease with behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia.
585414 tn?1288941302 You will most importantly continue to confer with your neurologist for checkups in order to ascertain whether the dementia is progressing or regressing so that you avoid becoming a danger to your own health.
Avatar f tn I cannot mention more as I am respecting the HIPPA regulations. I posted to get some ideas of how to approach individuals with Parkinsons, dementia, and other problems such as arthritis to take meds that are needed to keep them functioning and help with pain, etc. I was struggling with whether I would mix it in with applesauce/pudding and not tell the person it was med time. My understanding of it when I went through training is in regards to patient rights (bill of rights).
Avatar m tn I am supposed to begin by taking half of a pill of of the zoloft for the first week then to go to a whole week after the first week. I was given the Ativan to help me with my anxiety attacks and also for insomnia. I was wondering if anyone has ever had this combo and had any luck and also wondering of any kind of side effect issues i may have until i adjust to the drugs? I was previously on Lexapro and .5 of ativan and switched today to the Zoloft and bumped up the mg of ativan to 1 mg.
1346447 tn?1327862572 After six months of medicine that problem is over but now she had dementia. Is it possible that dementia may be side effect of medicines? The age of my wife is 70.
Avatar n tn dementia or alzhemier <can't spell it, can also show the same signs as a reaction to medication, or a different illness that has gone undiagnosed you should talk to that family members doctors. if it is a medication problem it can stop the signs but if it is dementia or alzhiemers then they have medication that can help prolong the person lives and reduce early problems.. but there is no cure at this time.. just don't get angry or overreact..
Avatar f tn Seroquel may cause heart failure, sudden death, or pneumonia in older adults with dementia-related conditions. Stop using Seroquel and call your doctor at once if you have the following symptoms: very stiff (rigid) muscles, high fever, sweating, confusion, fast or uneven heartbeats, tremors, uncontrolled muscle movements, feeling light-headed, blurred vision, eye pain, increased thirst and urination, excessive hunger, fruity breath odor, weakness, nausea and vomiting.
Avatar f tn My question after reading some information on kindling (I currently take Lamictal) is that is there a more likelihood to a person with BP having dementia? - and if so, is it early onset, etc.? Please advise.
Avatar n tn I've had a recent history (child history of trauma, injury and other issues) of seizures. After CT's, MRI's and several VEEG's I have been diagnosed with PNES or non-epileptic seizures. I believe that this diagnosis is right since I've previously been diagnosed by a therapist with PTSD, dissociative amnesia and conversion disorder (they referred me to the neurologists for further evaluation of the seizures).