Can i take ativan with vicodin

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Avatar f tn I am taking the Vicodin for anxiety and my doctor DID prescribe it for that because I told him that when I took it when I had my wisdom teeth out, I found it helped with my social anxiety. I did try SSRIs but they made me feel really weird, spaced out and I couldn't focus at work. I agree with your advise to seek psychiatric help. I know I have coping problems. Thanks so much again for talking to me.
Avatar f tn I relapsed on the vicodin and am now wondering if I should just continue to take the Ativan and slowly taper off of it? I don't know what to do. I don't want to get hooked on the Ativan and end up with a worse problem, but I haven't eaten or slept in days. I don't know what to do. Please someone help me.
Avatar m tn m craving, But I know that in the afternooons I have to take something to get rid of the jitterbugs. I have an appointment with another doctor (addictionoligist) in a few days but if anyone could offer some advice here I would surely appreciate it. Thanks!!
Avatar f tn Hi I am knew to this forum, and i have been taking ativan for anxiety for a few months now, I started to take this because I was addicited to Vicodin. Now that I am clean i have horrible anxiety with occasional panic attacks. I just ordered some 5htp and wondered if anybody else has tried this and if they like it?
Avatar n tn m 12 days clean and I was taking 20 to 27 Vics aday plus I was taking ativan and sometimes ambien. I would go into such a deep sleep I would catch myself fighting for a breath This was going on for the last 3 years! I could not go to the bathroom sometimes I could'nt pee all day.Your body slowly shutting down just like I was!!! PLEASE GET HELP! If your feeeling this way I'm afraid for you. Your life is worth more than a pill. This web site has help me so much so keep talking.
Avatar n tn I had ativan first and felt perfectly fine when I went to the Er which was three times. The fourth time I went to the Er they gave xanax. I took it bc they gave it to me. It was late that night so I just went to bed. The next day I had a horrible headache and was still extremely tired. Later that day i felt panicky again and took it. I was fine that night and was able to sleep. When i woke up the next morning I was very confused and was having the inner shakes it felt like.
Avatar n tn All I did was sleep a lot. I did not feel the flu like symptons. I have ordered Ativan online so I can do this myself at home. What I need to know is what dose should I take. Can anyone help me out?
Avatar n tn She needs all the support she can get right now. I am to with everyone in saying i would definetly get a doctor involved. Especially with her age. Best of luck to you and your family. I will say a prayer for you all.
Avatar f tn After I cant take it any more I take a Ativan .5mg somethimes twice a day. Just cant seem to shake it. I really dont want to be on anything anymore. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I also am taking a regular routine of Ativan. So I can tell you with the Tramadol and ativan I have felt pretty good. I did find out that if you just go cold turkey on Tramadol you can have withdrawls as well and I'm terrified because that will happen with me tomorrow when I run out. Tramadol also does "cover" The Vicodin addiction and withdrawls but I personally believe that you you are on Tramadol long enough without Vicodin, this will get the vicodin out of your system.
Avatar f tn o yea and i tie it to everything like most do with cigs. if i want to clean i take them, if i wan't to write a letter i take them. when i'm going out to do something fun i want to be more social and take them. when i'm bored i take them and get all kinds of creative ideas. and shopping is the worst. i will buy everything and then when my buzz goes down i get mad at myself for buying banana hammoks and ****.
941046 tn?1250638829 Since having my gallbladder removed in May of this year, I have had chronic gallbladder type pain and nausea to the point that it has taken over my life. I haven't been to work in almost 3 months and on most days I barely leave my couch. I have had every test there is, endoscopy, colonoscopy, hida scan, ct scan, ultrasounds, mrcp, ercp with manometry, sphincterotomy of 2 of the biliary sphincters leaving the pancreas untouched.
Avatar f tn I hope you can keep it up. Do you take the trams alot or on occasion? I know every body responds differently to meds and withdrawls and I'm just hoping mine aren't as bad as the perc and oxy? How could they be?
Avatar f tn seems like I messed up real good!!!! I should of knew better.. I take xanex also from a dr.. Now I only take one a day.. Just had a back procedure with no relief... I am not the same person and am ashamed.. TenD to drink some beer makes depression worse.$.. Ya I am a mess.. But will nOt give up..
Avatar f tn Hi! Congratulations! Yes, it is safe to take Vicodin while pregnant. As with anything else during pregnancy however, the less the better. Take only the minimum dosage that alleviates the pain, and take it only when plain Tylenol and other methods haven't worked. One other thing about the combination of Vicodin and pregnancy is that it is a real set up for constipation! So watch out for that! Good luck!
Avatar f tn i am going thru the worst withdrawals cold turkey after taking percocet, vicodin, ultram and ativan for over two years. No one will help me thru this and I am all alone. I have not slept, or eaten in three days. I am about to give up. I am looking at a full bottle of muscle relaxers and they are looking pretty good right now. I I just cannot do this. Help???
Avatar f tn actually the dr i had before this one the one thatput me on the klonopin (i was on ativan) told me to use ativan as since a medical dr. told me this back in Jan,i thought untill my dr calls me it wont hurt.I have a friend that is on both talked to her tonight and she told me.
Avatar f tn i am having a horrible tooth ache its my wisdom tooth it needs to be pulled but it cant be extracted until wednesday so this morning i took a vicodin 750 mg but i dnt have any left when the pain kicks back in can i take a percocet 10 mg and it want interact with the vic in my body thanx for your time
Avatar n tn Hope someone can help me. Two & 1/2 weeks ago had tooth abcess. Dentist gave Vicodin 5/500. A few days later he did root canal & said root of tooth was cracked & would have to pull it. Gave amoxcillin and more Vicodin so inflamation would go down & he could pull tooth. At first I was taking 6-8 Vicodin/day for about a week. Then got down to 4-6/day for several days. Yesterday, very little pain & only took 1 Vicodin. Today, 1/2 Vicodin.
Avatar f tn If your Dr. said its fine to take your ativan with it, then it is. I used to mix ativan with stuff, but only after calling and asking a Dr. if it was okay, or a pharmacist. Nothing ever happened to me. However, I would recommend taking the ativan ONLY when needed. Those benzos can cause dependence in little to 2 weeks of straight use. Happened to me.
750852 tn?1254234267 I went through this withdrawing from vicodin about 30 pills a day, I was given clonidine which helped with withdrawal symptoms. I was also given ativan to help with the anxiety and nervousness. They can give you stuff for the nausea too. Just make sure you take these meds a prescribed because they can also be addicting..but they will immediately help with the withdrawals.
Avatar f tn Some how as always I think I can control it this time and only take as prescribed, but I always fail!! Now I am facing ct in a couple of days and I am so scared. The last time this happened I vowed to get off them for good but only lasted a couple days. I want my life back, I have to make it this time. I am no longer who I was three years ago before the pills. Please be here for me as I try again. When I try and stop the anxiety is so horrible that I can hardly stand it.
4753943 tn?1359934569 Oh and I forgot to mention, she prescribed me adavan (sp?) to take every 4 hours when I stop taking Effexor completely. I guess it's to help with the heightened anxiety and uncontrollable crying spells.
Avatar f tn So I'm getting off the ativan properly, I gave them to my husband to give to me on schedule...hey, even tho it is not my DOC-you never know...the addict in me might say I need a little bit never know. Anyway, I never noticed the effects of ativan when I was taking it with vicodin...I don't like it. I'm so uunmotivated and blah...could that still be from coming off opiates 12 days ago? Maybe I'm confusing the feeling of ativan to after effects of vic detox. Anyone?
Avatar f tn I have been to so many drs for pain managment, neurosurgeon, PC, PT, Rheumotologist and no one can give me anything that gives me pain relief, What more can I do? I had surgery L5S1 Jan 2007 and still have terrible pain. Im on Vicodin, robaxin, ativan, and celexa.
Avatar m tn I also have hyperthyroidism--when I was very hyperthyroid and had shakiness and panic attacks the beta blocker worked--in the ER they wanted to give me ativan--as a matter of fact they insisted I take the ativan and were going to give it to me intravenously when I asked what the nurse had in the syringe she told me it was ativan--I flatly refused--she was "concerned" because she wanted to calm me down from all the shaking and my rapid heart rate (170 bpm) .