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Avatar m tn The question is: did Wellbutrin work for you in the past? Any experience with Wellbutrin? Wellbutrin is a rather stimulating antidepressant that will not cause weight gain but usually not prescribed for anxiety due to it's stimulating effect which can be strong. Surely, in my book, benzodiazepines (like Ativan) should be for occasional use and a more proper long term treatment should be antidepressants and counseling.
630798 tn?1222313714 can i take wellbutrin and ativan? Is it a good combo and does it help for major depression and anxiety. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Hub is starting week eight of the triple with Incivek, and has had trouble with the anxiety, mental roller coaster etc since the beginning. He had similar problems when he treated with riba/pegasys in 2009, so not sure if the incivek is magnifying the side effects or that he's just older and the treatment is so rigorous. He really wanted to avoid using an ssri if possible, and was on wellbutrin, then added ativan for acute anxiety.
1226489 tn?1267201838 With regard to the Ativan and Klonopin, yes, you should start taking the Ativan as your psychiatrist prescribed this evening. The idea is to ween you off of the Klonopin and the Ativan was likely prescribed in order to minimize any withdrawal symptoms you might experience from the weening process. The dose of Klonopin that you have been on is quite low, however, it is still very important that you do not abruptly stop taking it since you have been regularly taking it for more than 1 week.
477608 tn?1238527958 Back in 1993, I was diagnosed with Post Partum Depression. I was on Wellbutrin and did very well. Off meds in late 1994. Then...2005 hit. My son went into the military and was facing his first deployment to Iraq. I went to see my doc who diagnosed me with depression and anxiety. I began taking Wellbutrin and Ativan. Forward to August second child passed away. Doc doubled/tripled my Ativan. Another forward to July 2006...I moved out of state.
Avatar m tn ve reduced my daily in take of Xanax by 1/3 and started slowly with the Ativan. Some withdrawal symptoms crop up with taking less Xanax so I am being careful. My doctor's directions were "take it slow and just play with it". I didn't expect him to give me a precide "how to" pamphlet, but I'm looking for some coaching on what to expect and what I should be aware of as I proceed. I also take Wellbutrine and Dexedrine. Advice is welcomed. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any first hand experiences with Wellbutrin? I have had really really bad anxiety on this medication. However, I had very severe depression that was relieved by only this medication. I have tried other SSRI's and they don't work. I am guessing that since Wellbutrin attaches to the dopamine receptor, this is what I was lacking. Anyhoo, only Ativan will relieve this anxiety. I worry from the time my eyes open until they close (when I get sleep).
563659 tn?1310517917 Has anyone had any withdrawal problems with stopping wellbutrin ? im currently on 450 mg a day as well as 200 mg trazodone for depression and 0.5 ativan (as needed) for panic attacks personally i would love to throw the lot of them out but am scared of any withdrawal issues.
Avatar n tn I have been on a combination of Wellbutrin (300 mg XL 1x/day), Cymbalta (30 mg 1x/day) and Geodon (20mg 1x/day). I also take 1500 mg Tyrosine 2x/day that has worked wonders. I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety lately that stays with me all day, and a little depression and irritability. I have been taking .5 mg Ativan as needed and I seem to need it almost every day.
870215 tn?1242954724 Do you think you may feel sick from the anxiety of going to the Dentist and it's not the med. Do not stop taking a drug without consulting your doctor. I would see your doctor and see if you can get something for anxiety for your visit. I have to take ativan. We're not dentists, I am sure your dentist will give you info to take home with you. Just a FYI, please don't use caps, it's considered yelling, thanks.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the input. I have been reading other Wellbutrin threads and a lot of people take anti-anxiety meds along with them.
Avatar m tn Are you on a very slow taper with Ativan? It has to be slow or you won't feel good at all. Have you let the doctor know how you're feeling?
695983 tn?1242774124 A year ago I was in a depression that only meds could bring me out of. I went on Wellbutrin for 2 months, and got only mild relief (while taking ativan in the morning and afternoon) until about 4 pm each day, when the fog would come in a rush and there was no way to fight it without more ativan. Celexa gave me a break from my depression, and as my doctor predicted, it allowed me to remember what it felt like to be happy again.
Avatar f tn klonopin makes me worse depressed and ativan causes dizziiness so im stuck with xana was on it for 17 years and it was like a miracle drug and then i stopped cold turkey havent been same since
519035 tn?1348275773 I am looking for something that is not going to make me a complete zombie, but I need help with the anxiety as well as all of the mood swings. I have many friends that are on prozac and has done wonders for them. Just wondering any personal experiences. i am on xanax .5 daily for right now. Short term until these other meds kick in. The only other one I have heard of is wellbutrin. Any thoughts or ideas thanks!
Avatar n tn Hi. I take 60mg cymbalta. 1mg Ativan. And 150mg xl wellbutrin. I'm kinda not happy cymbalta is very impossible to get off of. But. It's the only drug that worked and no side affects. I've been on everything over 20 yrs. suddenly developing panic attacks ,anxiety and depression. Maybe Iam wrong but would like off the cymbalta but how ? Plus I do suffer scalp issues and hair loss and it drives me nuts.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking ativan when needed. Not all the time. It really helps with the anxiety, but makes me tired.
Avatar m tn This is why this should be done with an experienced psychiatrist and not a general doc, and even with a psychiatrist, one needs to question the person to make sure they know what they're doing. Some homework is also advisable -- all this info is probably on the website of the company making both drugs and on the info given with each prescription. Then, when you do start a new med, it's generally tapered up slowly, not just starting with 40mg.
Avatar n tn All meds come with side effects. It's wonderful that we have them to help us but we could sure do with those side effects. Wellbutrin is different from Effexor, it's a stimulating med. I took Effexor myself and was sleeping way too much just like you. I think that's why your Dr prescribed the Wellbutrin, to give you more energy. Are you only taking the Ativan once a day? If your still feeling agitated and irritable at this dose don't be afraid to tell your Dr.
Avatar f tn you should try cymbalta. it decreases your appetite and it helps with anxiety. i also take ativan. i love it. it's the only thing that helps me. but i hate the fact that it's addicting. i haven't gotten to that point. i take one about once a week. i use to take it twice a day. so i'm doing good. but definetly ask your doctor about cumbalta.
Avatar f tn I stopped ct from 5mg of Valium 1 x d been on it for 30 days off 5 days now, my Doc switched me to the Valium after .5mg Ativan for 30 days and I have been on Wellbutrin for 4 months for cessation of smoking 1 month 150 mg xl then 100 mg sr for 60 days to 75 mg 1x d for 30 days and now 1/2 75mg once a day for 1 week. Then I will be on 1/2 75mg wellbutrin every other day for 1 week and finally 1/2 pill twice a week for 1 week then no pills at all. How long will my Valium withdrawals last?
397118 tn?1219762250 I just started taking wellbutrin xl on Thursday. First day felt great, jittery but good. The second day I noticed increased anxiety. Sat and Sunday I was anxious all day and today at work I flipped out! I thought I was going to have a seizure or something. My anxiety level was so high. I ended up taking an ativan and eventually calmed down. I do not plan on taking the medication any further.
358304 tn?1409709492 I have been on Wellbutrin, Effexor, Trazadone and Ativan for two years. Prior to that, some form of Prozac, Wellbutrin, Depakote, etc etc for 35 years. Within two months I tapered off and am now off all medication and feeling way better from the nutritional supplements I'm taking now than I ever was on the drugs. You do not have to wait to stop taking the Effexor now. At two weeks you're not even on a therapeutic dose. It's toxic and it doesn't work.
Avatar f tn Hi, my psychiatrist just put me on Wellbutrin, and Topamax as a mood stabilizer. I know that weight loss is associated with both of those, especially the Topamax. I was ok with that, I've been wanting to lose about 30 lbs. anyway. But I'm on low doses of both, so I didn't expect to see much weight loss, if any, and especially not so quickly. My appointment at the psychiatrist was on October 7 and when they had me get on the scale there, it read 131 lbs.
Avatar m tn 5mg-1mg 3x daily for six months and the only effect I experienced was feeling extremely tired on top of my attacks. I have also tried ativan 2mg 3x daily for six months and experienced no relief of symptoms; but I wasn't nearly as tired on the ativan. Why doesn't the medication help me, is it normal for someone to have to try many different anti-anxiety medications before they find one that works?
Avatar m tn i know am takeing lexapro lamictil wellbutrin ativan ativan helped but way to low of a dose .50 doctor is a younger doctor i may look for old wiser doctor for medications also take prilosec 40 mg daily but that still was not working until i changed my living situation and reduced my daily stress majorly stomach is better now in the morning but due to eating times being a very stressful interaction due to so many people in our home 7 kids from 5 to 16 and four adults.
Avatar f tn Has your doctor ruled out all organic reasons for the chest pain? If he is positive it is triggered by stress and anxiety, then Ativan would be a reasonable start in dealing with the pain. Ativan is a benzo, NOT a pain med, but I'm guessing his thinking is that if you can lower the anxiety/stress level, the pain level will also come down. You say it has helped, but the pain is still there. It may be time for your doc to try a something else.
Avatar m tn Too much serotonin caused by the Zoloft. The Ativan should help reverse that. Is Wellbutrin an SSRI? If so, that may be what is keeping your setotonin levels high. I don't think you will have permanent damage from the Zoloft. I think I read on here that most start Zoloft at 25mg and then bump up to 50mg if necessary, so you started out on a higher dose than normal. Did you tell them at the ER that you were taking Zoloft?