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1714202 tn?1352672419 m on lamictal, abilify, and ativan. Does anyone know the interactions mixing those with alcohol? Any help would be great thanks!
1714202 tn?1352672419 Hey, so my birthday is coming up and a big group of us is going to the casino and I know I'll end up drinking. Does anyone know the interactions with alcohol, lamictal, abilify, and ativan? If they're too serious I'll just tell my boyfriend not to let me drink. Any help would be great!
Avatar m tn 2 beers my ativan withdrawal symptoms are worse for 3-4days I was told this is due to brain sensitivity from the ativan.? I would also like to discontinue the atarax but am afraid i will hit a wobbly, therefore if i can find a natural substitute for anxiety that will not mess with my ativan withdrawal i would use it. If i do wish to try and reduce the atarax do i need to taper it?
382594 tn?1266610613 My b/f was prescribed Lithium to help with the w/d symptoms from alcohol. I did some research on Lithium and it seems to be for bi-polar disorders mainly. I also read where it can cause shakiness and sometimes seizures. I am wondering why would he be prescribed this medication when the alcohol w/d's can cause seizures as well. He also has a script for 5ea 1mg Ativan that a different dr. prescribed for the w/d's. Neither script has been filled yet.
Avatar f tn Day 5 no Ativan and I am feeling somewhat better but a little cloudy. I spoke with my doctor today and he told me the half life of Ativan is 10 to 22 hours with it fully out of my system within 72 hours. He did tell me that I could feel withdrawl for 1 week to 2 weeks. But I have been on it for way to long. I am happy to be almost free from it.
Avatar n tn i guess i should clarify about alcohol, what i meant above is if a person is physically addicted to alcohol they should medically detox, and i have lived with enough late stage alcoholics to have seen this a number of times, if stopped abruptly they run the risk of seizure , the same with benzos, usually librium a low potency benzo is given the first dry days.......
Avatar n tn How specificallly should a person use ativan to taper off alcohol? There are nine 1mg pills and no instructions.
Avatar f tn This is because their heart can go into fatal rhythms and be fatal. Ativan will help with the shakes but they should really be given IV fluids with vitamins, a heart monitor, librium, etc. Good luck and God bless.
Avatar f tn Hi, I've taken 6 mg lunesta, 8 mg ativan, zzzquil (benadryl with 10% alcohol). I also take Luvox and desipramine daily. Any chance this is too much? Really want to sleep but insomnia.
Avatar f tn Take Ativan 1mg 3 times daily for over 3 years all my screening drug test results have been positive for benzodiazapenes which is consistant with my medication, but a GCMS confirmation came back negative for Benzo's. Is this normal? I am seeing a Dr. for pain management for 2 1/2 years, but have been on Ativan from my Physciatrist for over 3 years, take it faithfully.
Avatar n tn You do not need to see a specialist unless the seizures continue beyond a month after you finish with Ativan. But make no mistke, Ativan is nothing to fool around with, this a serious matter, and the frightening physical manifestations can be deadly. Ativan is a very good drug, but as far as I'm concerned, nobody should take it unless they're in the hospital. But that's just my opinion. Hang in, you'll make it, and soon you can go back to your drinking.
Avatar n tn hi again. ya, for alcohol detoxification a benzodiazepine such as valium, ativan or librium is often given in a tapering dose.
Avatar m tn I am beginning my battlle with quitting drinking today is my second day i already am feeling headaches and depressed and very tired...
Avatar f tn The ativan is used for wd from alcohol and other addictions and should help with sleep but that is about it. Get some OTC meds for the flu for during the day and that will help. Benedryl, Dayquil, theraflu, aleve, zicam, hang in there you can do it.
Avatar n tn My wife has been taking Ativan and has become dependent on it. She takes 10 pills a day, She has tried suicide numerous times, 4 times in the last few months, She has thoughts of killing people, and herself, she starts crying and can't stop when she doesn't take her pills after a day or two. She has something like a seizure where she can't stop shaking and panic attacks, My wife is a nurse and has been for 25 years, she has a problem but wont seek help.
Avatar n tn if your friend is willing to do whatever is necessary to stop and stay stopped, there is a solution. mixing ativan and alcohol can be dangerous on two fronts. first, in combination, they can cause the respiratory centers of the brain to shut down---a lot of people die like this. second, both of these are cns depressants that when removed can induce life-threatening complications from withdrawal. a medical detoxification may be needed to withdraw safely.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know why the Thomas Recipe suggest valium and using ativan only if you can't get valium? Is there a big difference between these two? Thanks!!
Avatar n tn Hi. Actually Ativan is more for anxiety and Abilify is more for depression but it can also help with anxiety. This is common practice, trust in your doctor. Best wishes.
1041243 tn?1375230520 It seems that you may not be taking the medication that you doctor gave you. The Ativan and clonodine will help you to sleep and the ativan will help prevent seizures and anxiety. Please take your doctors advise with the medication - you will get some sleep. Go to the AA meetings too - you will gain some valuable support. Best of luck and keep coming back.
Avatar m tn I think the Ativan calms more than agitates. Being a Benzo, It uses the Gaba receptors just like alcohol does. If the person you're referring to wants to quit drinking, we're here and will be more than happy to support them in their path to sobriety and healthy living.
Avatar n tn How long have you been taking the Ativan, and what was your "typical" dose that you were taking long term? How long have you been tapering down (hopefully with your doc's help)? It's good to know that you are requiring less of the drug to keep your symptoms under control, that will help with the tolerance issue (which you termed as being "immune"). Tolerance is when you need a higher dose to achieve the same desired effect as the initial dose.
Avatar f tn stick with it coming of ativan is hard and should always be done slowly, but you have been of it for 3weeks, but I agree with cj talk to your doctor and tell him just how your feeling. good luck take care janis.
475300 tn?1312423126 I think that their bodies are probably so saturated with alcohol, that they are constantly tipsy. Add a few beers to tipsy and it equals drunks. Some of them may also have depression on top of it. One only needs a little alcohol on antidepressants to get drunk. Just a guess from my part. I don't know if my logic makes any sense.
Avatar f tn My doctor tells me that I should think about Ativan like alcohol -- and use the same sort of standard to know when I'm taking too much. I don't really know what that means on a day-to-day basis. I take 75 mg. of Zoloft daily, and .5 of Ativan when I feel the need -- about 10 - 15 tablets per month. I never go higher than 1 mg. of Ativan at any time. Am I depending on the Ativan too much, or is this quite regular usage? Thanks for any feedback!
1443810 tn?1287151876 I have a terrible case of anxiety and I'm sick of taking Ativan,klonopin etc.Does anyone know some natural remedies?I have a bad back so yoga is out of the question for the time being,and i"m freshly sober from alcohol for 4 days( I was self medicating)I want to start fresh and get all the chemicals out of my system one at a time.Please any advice will help!
Avatar m tn I had previously been dry a couple weeks and was taking ativan 3mg/day. On July 4th, I slipped and drank. A lot. I fell and was injured, rushed to hospital, given ativan and pain meds, released 2 days later. Never took any pain meds before except tylenol or ibuprofen (I'm 50). Got home and was in severe pain. I refused the oxycodone script at the hospital. Last wednesday, i couldn't take it any more and got 40 5mg of oxycodone and have been taking 6 a day.
Avatar m tn Were you tapering to get off that drug or alcohol? 10 ativan will not set you back. Sounds like ER doc is trying to give you a safty net so you don't end up back there with anxiety. Do you have a primary dr,?
Avatar f tn More than 100 medications interact with alcohol, leading to increased risk of illness, injury and, in some cases, death. The effects of alcohol are increased by medicines that slow down the central nervous system, such as sleeping pills, antihistamines, antidepressants, antianxiety drugs, and some painkillers. In addition, medicines for certain disorders, including diabetes and heart disease, can be dangerous if used with alcohol.