How long does ativan withdrawal last

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Avatar m tn So, now she is off the butalbital - cold turkey and says the withdrawal is hell. Does anyone know how long the withdrawal lasts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
5220368 tn?1367686845 Congrats on 5 days and being able to feel again! The tears are very healing so let yourself cry. It is okay to do that. We numbed our emotions up for so long and we forget we have them. Try and get outside if the sun is shining. It does wonders for our depression. This will ease up too. You are doing great so keep going!
Avatar f tn I've never heard of Ativan causing those kinds of symptoms. I have been off and on it during different periods of my life, and have never experienced anything like that.
Avatar f tn if you go to some place really good (which will be really expensive and probably a long way from wherever you live) psychiatrists who specialize in addiction treatment are more likely to understand the less common cases of severe withdrawal problems and long term withdrawal problems. Your average psychiatrist doesn't know much about this stuff. But you've only been on it for 3 weeks, and that's not a long time, so for you, a safe taper will be fine.
Avatar n tn How long does anxiety symptoms last without taking the benzoes. I had one for a half hour last night then it when away only to return for an hour. After that it was time for ativan.
Avatar m tn were you tapered or did you stop cold turkey? How long have you been OFF the Ativan? Most people do report improvements, even if it takes some time. So, if you could tell us what you've done since coming off the Ativan, that would be great? Who have you seen about your symptoms, like have you seen a neurologist for the headaches? Any diagnostic testing? Have you tried any treatments of any kind? What have you been told? Have you been in therapy? Have you tried any other meds?
Avatar n tn Congratulations on your clean and sober time! What you are now experiencing is the reason why home detox plans usually result in failure. Detox is the easy part. It's the life, behavior and attitude changes that kick you in the arse. Those are the things you need help with. If you read through this forum, you'll see that the long-term success stories involved some form of aftercare, whether through AA or NA or private therapy.
Avatar m tn First, the second doctor is a moron. Second, your current doctor is committing malpractice. It sounds like he got busted for pushing an addictive drug on people, probably many of whom didn't need it. But he still has the duty ethically and legally to properly help you to stop taking it or help you find another doctor who hasn't abused his or her drug prescribing privileges.
Avatar n tn t want to have to deal with being on it longer. This leads me to my questions. 1) How long would it take for Ativan to leave my system after taking 1.5mg a day for a month? So far I have missed two doses, my afternoon and night time doses. 2) Was this late night anxiety attack/hot flash just a withdrawal symptom or was it a rush of the Ativan leaving my system (kinda of like alcohol does the morning after a night a heavy drinking)?
Avatar m tn Everyone is different, but for me, the withdrawal symptoms lasted about a week, and peaked in intensity about days 3 and 4! It really does depend on how much and how long, to estimate how strong and long your symptoms will be! If you haven't already done so, please check out the Thomas Recipe at the bottom of the page! There are vitamins and supplements that you can take which will help with the withdrawal symptoms! Drink tons of fluids like water and Gatorade to help flush your system!