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Avatar f tn I’m on day 10 of cold turkey withdrawal. Only thing I have is a very mild twitch in my right arm. Other than that, I’m just praying to God it will be a fine recovery off them. Today I was sitting, talking on the phone, next thing I knew I was waking up. Is sleepiness a sign of withdrawal? Other than that I’m going great, I feel better, more motivated. I was controlled by ATIVAN because of my negligence.
Avatar n tn Been on ativan 2mg x3 a day and quit cold turkey 2.5 months ago. have terrible rebound effects and couldn't take so went to a clinic. Was put on klonipin. Guess I was in the window of vulenrability cuz it didn't help and after a week of taking them so I quit that cold turkey too. Wondering how long the rebound symptoms will last and is there anything I can do. Thanx for any help.
Avatar f tn Hi my name is aj. I just recently went through a tough cold turkey withdrawal from takin ativan 1 to 2 mg a day for over a year for anxiety. It was super horrible I had all the common withdrawal symptoms but most common was the bad moods suicidal ideation and just bad thought and depression. I have been off for about three months and I feel like I'm ok one minute but the next I can't control myself and I'm just super scared about my future.
Avatar m tn I've been taking .5 mg of Lorazepam for at least six months now, maybe longer, every other day. It's the only thing that helped my sleep and I thought by taking it every other day I wouldn't get physically addicted. I decided to stop taking it, probably 4 nights ago. My sleep has been horrible! Waking in panic first night,slept three hours the second night, up since 2 am last night. I'm starting to suspect it's withdrawal.
Avatar n tn Not to mention stopping Xanax cold turkey can be deadly. The risk of seizure stopping it cold turkey is very high. If I had to do it all over again I NEVER and I mean NEVER would have gotten near any benzo.
Avatar n tn Very dangerous to quit either of these drugs cold turkey. Although only one month on either isn't very long, you still probably have a mild dependency. I went off Cymbalta cold turkey (not knowing I'd deal with withdrawals), and had symptoms like yours, and quickly got back on and did a taper. I would imagine these symptoms will have passed by day 4 or 5, but again, it can be dangerous to quit these cold turkey....seizures etc.
Avatar m tn re at a high risk of seizures and possibly even death if you quit cold turkey. benzo and barbiturate withdrawal is nothing like opiate withdrawal...these are things that you can't predict, and just because you're successful once in quitting cold turkey doesn't mean you'll be successful again without experiencing severe side effects.
Avatar f tn Going cold turkey off of Ativan after being on it for years can definitely produce tremors and seizures, especially if that was a pre-existing condition. The nursing home should have found out which medications your grandmother was on and made sure they continued the dosage. An abrupt stoppage in Ativan can be life threatening after being on it for so long.
398624 tn?1266269449 My story is long but I will try to give u a summary. I have been having anxiety problem for about 9 yrs now. Always thought something was really wrong w me and went to every type dr possible. Everything came back normal each time. I lost my mother 2 1/2 yrs ago and all my symptoms got worse. Dr put me on paxil and klonipin. Stopped those after 8 mos. Didn't feel a dif. Started one .5 mg Xanax a day for a yr. Stopped working. Dr then put me on 1mg, 3x's daily.
Avatar f tn m just afraid that the doctor will not prescribe me the ativan to ween due to opiate use. I have been taking 1.5mg ativan for close to 11 years and going cold turkey on just the ativan is not the best thing for me since I have to get out of where I am staying. Has anyone been in this position? Will a doctor listen and understand that I just need a little time with a clear head and then if I'm not weened off the ativan at that time I will go to a inpatient center for help.
Avatar f tn Hi,I was on 0.5 mg of klonopin last year and was stopped cold turkey and put on xanax i didnt have to much of a problem, but recently after being on klonopin this time since april i was stopped and put on having awful anxiety wierd thoughts and dont feel well and it seems like the ativan is not working,i was on 0.
Avatar f tn And at the end I took 180 bars in 2 weeks, 2 months worth. Then I quit cold turkey, on the 5th day I had a seizure and ended up in hospital for 3.5 weeks with kidney failure. So as far as I know, if you quit cold turkey there is Definitely the potential for that, and cardiac arrest. However, xanax being alot stronger than klonipin, I will say for the first 2 weeks in hospital, they were injecting me with lorazepam, ie ativan .5mgs...
Avatar f tn 6 weeks is not really long enough for you to experience an actual "withdrawal" from the Ativan, typically a "short term" course of treatment is considered 3 months or less. Those people who are on Ativan short-term won't typically experience a withdrawal, but there IS a possibility of some rebound anxiety, which is probably what you're dealing with. The increase in anxiety will evebntually subside, but it may take a few weeks. Same with the sleep symptoms.
358304 tn?1409709492 My doctor did not believe I was going through benzo withdrawal last year. In fact it was last labor day weekend and I didn't get my script filled and was out of xanax. I was taking 1.5mg(.5 3x a day) a day for about 2 months. The withdrawal I experienced was pure hell.
Avatar n tn I get prescribed benzo,s diazepan for sezures and im not allowed by my doctor to stop them. But she hastold meif i did stop them cold turkey Its very dangerous indeed.
Avatar f tn how long has your mother been on benzos? also is she coming off cold turkey? if she is thats not good, she should be tapering off her dose. if she is having suicidal toughts then she absolutely needs to go to see her doctor if they are that bad then she should go to the emerg room asap.
200277 tn?1214663674 Namaste Leslie, I take 40 mg of valium a day as an anti-anxiety agent and have been doing so for 4 years now. On a couple of occasions, I stopped "cold turkey" with all my medications because I didn't think they were helping me and I was depressed, etc. The point is that I did not suffer any major withdrawal symptoms even after taking such a large quantity for a long period. I don't think you would experience any major withdrawal symptoms if you stopped taking 2 mg.
Avatar f tn I have been taking 1 mg of Ativan for one week now. I have to quit cold turkey how long will the withdrawals last?? I'm really nervous about it can anyone help me please answer ASAP??
Avatar m tn Wow. That's alot to just stop taking... The withdrawals will be severe - it's possible to do it but it will be pretty bad. Honestly? I hate to say this, but I wouldn't recommend going cold turkey like that. You're taking 2 very strong opiates... If you really want to stop them - is tapering an option? You could definitely ask your doctor to help you plan it... The ativan alone you really should not be just stopping, that's supposed to be tapered due to side effects.
Avatar f tn I would definitely recommend not discontinuing this medication cold turkey. Speaking from experience, cold turkey withdrawal from benzos is extremely difficult and painful. Information on Dependency is pasted below: Physical and Psychological Dependence The use of benzodiazepines, including Lorazepam, may lead to physical and psychological dependence.
4701409 tn?1358137605 I was taken off xanax after many years and suffered withdrawal cold turkey at home. i am still not well and my body shakes inside constantly after a month. Hydroxyz and Buspir (spelling not right) were prescribed by ER to help but they don't. My primary dr will not help and I heard of A2X a natural remedy but unsure if safe or effective. What can i do to help my shakes and confusion? PLEASE can u help?
Avatar m tn 25MG of Xanax as needed, i have been on Xanax since august and i take maybe 3-6 pills a week, my question is if i stopped taking xanax cold turkey would i experiance withdrawal symptoms?