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Avatar n tn I have had success switching to Armour Thyr. Synthyroid was not working for me and it has been spectulated that the Red Dye used in the tablet made me sick. It is the same dye in Kool Aid which looking back now I had trouble as a child. Simply: there ARE different meds out there. If you do not have success with one (I gave Synthyroid a try for 4 years) read up on others. Don't think though the answer will come overnight.
Avatar f tn Once we see your labs, we can determine whether or not you convert FT4 to FT3 adequately and really need additional T3 or not.
Avatar m tn 75 by cutting up my pills. Now he has decided he wants me to try armour thyroid starting at 90 mg/ day. I'm not sure I want to go this route. I haven't had any issues in all these years and it seems like people have a lot of problems with armour. What do you think?
178107 tn?1315951230 Most important is to find a good thyroid doctor. That does not necessarily mean an Endo. A good thyroid doctor will treat a hypo patient clinically by testing and adjusting the biologically active thyroid hormones, Free T4 and Free T3 as needed to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by resultant TSH levels. Symptom relief should be all important, not just test results.
Avatar n tn Is your doctor running the right labs? Armour will definately effect the Free T3 level - if you are not getting that ran - then you have no idea if it is where it should be. Usually optimal level to relieve symptoms is a lower TSH and a much higher free T3 around the upper ranges of the reference range to relieve symptoms. How are you feeling with the increase? Did you get a change to look at the Armour Health Page here?
Avatar f tn So were you on 25 mcg sythroid or 37.5 mcg? The approximate conversion for 25 mcg of synthroid to 1 grain of armour is: 1 grain of Armour = 9 mcg T3 and 38 mcg T4 OR 100mcg of T4 only. So you don't need to taper off of your synthroid at all because you are on a lower dosage. But I would suggest you start out slow on the Armour because you are going to have a rush of T3 blasting through your system. Also you should be splitting your daily dosage in half.
Avatar n tn Most commonly, If you are on adrenal support as Cortef is, then most experience hypo symptoms and Armour may not be working to it's optimal level. The adrenals and thyroid work hand in hand so if you are recieve to much with one hormones- then the other will rear up and block too. Fibro is linked to hypothyroidism for many. Most find their thyroid is not looked at - once the Dx of Fibro is established. Sounds like you have a great doctor.
Avatar n tn I was put on a combo of Synthroid and Cytomel that set me back. Getting back on Armour also was not working so well. My daughter reminded me about taking it one hour before breakfast and four hours before other meds.(I had not done this as I was getting up so early to deal with Celiac before work.) This one change made me feel like I was in my twenties before Hashimotos. I have lost 40 pounds without dieting. Cravings have vanished.
Avatar f tn Since you had a partial thyroidectomy, this may not be enough Armour! My thyroidless daughter was on 100 mcg of Synthroid and I switched her to original Armour at 2 grains per day 2 years ago. She did great on this for many months until Armour reformulated last year and the new fillers and binders used caused a sudden return of hypothyroid symptoms and lower t4 and t3 levels. She then switched to original Nature-Throid for the last year at 2 1/2 grains.
Avatar m tn Armour thyroid has been wonderful for not only me but also many others on this board. Keep in mind, we are all different; so to say nobody should try this medication is not really a good reccomendation, in my opinion. I am sorry to hear you are having challenges; it is no fun to say the least. I do hope your doctor can get you stabilized in some way. Take care...
Avatar f tn I have heard that it did not use to be this way, by seasoned thyroid sufferers. Armour used to be the top of the line, until the pharmaceutical companies got into it. Bah.
Avatar f tn After learning about the importance of Free T3 here on the Forum, I got mine tested and confirmed as low in the range. Got my doctor to switch my meds from Synthroid to Armour Thyroid. After some tweaking, I am now taking 3 grains of Armour. My Free T3 is now 3.9 (range of 2.3 - 4.2) and Free T4 is .84 (range of .60 - 1.50), and I feel best ever. For info my TSH has been around .05 or lower for about 30 years now.
Avatar n tn I know what your saying "Graveslady", the point im getting too, is WHEN i was on it why didnt it have any effect, i would think at that high dose, i would be sweating like a pig, losing weight, heart rate..ect. Hyperthyroid. Is it because "Armour Thyroid" has no effect on a healthy thyroid, or is my thyroid gland just not producing enough to even make me hyperthyroid. Which is why i dont have any effect.
Avatar n tn We went to a new doctor and she put her on armour thyroid. She has a little improvement but not much. My daughter has Hoshimottis Throidistis.
Avatar n tn May not be available for along time,who knows??? We were not doing well on the new formulation of Armour( weird HYPO symptoms and blood work off after our last refill) anyway and had already switched to Naturethroid 5 weeks ago. However, they are having supply/demand issues and it is also hard to find. They will have supplies filled in aprox. 90 days. You can have compounded dessicated in your MG to hold you over until then. Naturethroid is working great here. You should try it when you can.
Avatar f tn Yes, try the Armour, but also be aware that you may be one of the people, like me, who needs more T3, and therefor must add Cytomel to the Armour dosage. Armour stopped working for me this week, and I figured out on my own by research, that I could possibly need T3, and started taking Cytomel 25 mg Am and 25 mg PM with my 3 grains of Armour, and IMMEDIATELY felt better. This could be your situation, as well.
458072 tn?1291418786 Personally if it was me - I wouldn't go off totally but I am not a doctor. Armour does give thyroid patients a period of hyperness symptoms for 2 weeks during a med increase. I always have a heart palps and a little sleepnesses - for about a week or two when I increase my meds. But I am now at the point of Euthroidism that I know am working on my weight (lose 20 pound goal) So I am increasing in even doses to get my body moving now.
Avatar f tn This way you can find out if the past T3 medication dosage measures close or not so close, to what you are taking with the Armour thyroid. Looking at your lab report, it doesn't appear your dosage of Armour at this time is a good point for you.
1646889 tn?1301484828 What is the very best suggestion you have in getting the T3 to take me out until 9-10 pm. Obviously, I have not found a Dr. in my area who truly understands Armour. I sure wish I could find one and work closely with him/her.
Avatar m tn TSH can sometimes just tell you how well your pituitary gland is working and not reflect it's relationship with your T4, T3 levels. I would say try and get your pituitary checked out. See if you can get a complete thyroid panel blood test. Your doctor/endo with probably have a silly fit when you request this but if you save up your money you can get it done via labs like True Health Labs via the internet - that is what I did.
Avatar f tn - Then you didn't read the info about the filler changes and the effects of it not working as well as the 'old Armour'. The 'new' Armour is not necessarily a "cure all". As stated above, its best to try synthetics first based on the free T3 and 4 levels AND how you feel. Keep in mind there are several brands and generics of synthetic thyroid replacements. I am on dessicated brand # 4, it was a last resort. The reformulated ones did not work for me.
Avatar m tn There is some talk of people finding bottles with softer pills etc A newer generic version called NP Thyroid is apparently the same formula as the old Armour? Is Armour now FDA approved? I read they use organic pigs etc in their formulation however no one really knows how NP goes about their business. I've also seen many posts where people are very happy with NP Thyroid? It also seems to have the least amount of fillers compared to Naturethyroid and Armour...
Avatar f tn Even at that, we need to know what the reference ranges are for the your T3 and T4, which looks to be Free T4 - it should specify on the labe report; if not, that, too would be Total, and not as useful as Free T4, for the same reason, explained above. I doubt your adrenals are fatigued... If you're only taking 30 mg of Armour, chances are, you simply need an increase in your thyroid medication. Your symptoms are those of hypothyroidism and 30 mg Armour is a very low dose.
1296717 tn?1272722914 Last year, Armour thyroid was changed and the manufacturer neglected to tell the medical community about this change. One day, as I went to my local pharmacy to pick up my prescription, they informed me that it was no longer available. As with my entire journey with Thyroid health, I researched and found out that the medication was on "back order" due to a shortage in Pig thyroid which is the main ingredient.
393685 tn?1425816122 compounding pharmacists are available and mixing what is said to be - close to Armour. I did not like it however - but I take my thyroid sublingually and compound does not work doing it that way.
Avatar n tn I will be turning a deaf ear to anyone that tells me that the B12 with Lipotropics and Armour Thyroid are not worth messing with and don't work LOL!! Because I have written proof to prove otherwise. I now have my life back and am doing fabulous.